collaborative post // If you are like most women, you are searching for a comfortable bra that is supportive and fits properly. Once you know your size, you can still find that your bra is uncomfortable or just doesn’t look good. You may also be looking for nice bra uplift and not find it with your current bra. Therefore, this is what you should know about your breast shape and why it matters.

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Why Knowing Breast Shape Matters

If you know your breast shape, you can learn which bras and clothing look best on you. For example, the wrong style of bra can be uncomfortable or not look right even if it is the right size.

You may experience straps that slip down your shoulders or ride up your ribs. The centre of your bra may also not sit properly on your breastbone or could dig into your breasts. You may also have gaping cups.

When you know your breast shape, you can find bras that have the perfect shape and fit. In addition, you can better identify when your breast shape changes.

Most Common Boob Shapes

Most breasts fall into a few common shapes. Bell-shaped breasts tend to have full bottoms and smaller tops, whereas round breasts are full throughout while teardrop breasts fall in the middle of the two, with somewhat less full tops than bottoms.

If your breasts are different sizes, you may have asymmetrical breasts. Athletes have muscular chests, so their breasts tend to be smaller and wider.

If you have a lot of space between your breasts, you may have east-west or side-set breasts, depending on where your nipples point. East-west breast nipples point outward while side-set breast nipples point forward.

If your nipples point down, your breasts are either relaxed or slender. Slender breasts are thinner while relaxed breasts have fallen a bit due to lax tissues.

Your breasts can also be close set, where they meet or nearly meet at your breast bone, or conical, shaped somewhat like a cone. Consider the fullness, location and direction of your nipples, spread or closeness and shallowness of your breasts to determine your shape.

Best Bras for Each Boob Shape

Bra styles come in a number of fabrics, from lace and satin to a T shirt bra. However, you should choose your style based on your breast shape. For example, underwire bras are best for boobs that point out because they have deeper cups. If your breasts are soft, choose a demi or push-up bra.

Triangle and moulded bras may be your choice if you have athletic breasts. Balconette bras work best when your nipples are high on your breasts. Balconette and plunge bras should be chosen if your breasts are close together, while wideset breasts look best in both a plunge and half-cup bra.

Classic t-shirt bras, contour or high apex bras work for women with breasts that have full tops. Full breasts benefit from triangle-shaped bralettes. If your breasts are asymmetrical, you may choose a padded, lifting or plunge bra that can disguise the size differences.

When you know your breast shape and find your correct size, confirm that your bra cup sizes are correct so you can find bras that make you feel and look your best.

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