ad | It’s always so exciting when there’s a new baby entering your family. A new baby can bring so much love and joy to the whole family, get people together and allow you to celebrate something wonderful (which, in today’s world, doesn’t happen enough!)

And it’s always good to come prepared when it comes to meeting a new baby in your family. Whether it’s a niece, nephew or cousin, there are plenty of cute and appropriate baby gifts out there that you can gift the new baby in your family.

Of course, the baby won’t really know what’s going on but for a new family and new parents, any help, even with items such as blankets or clothing can be extremely appreciated, especially given the cost of having a baby.

So when you have a family member who’s had a new baby, know that your gift, however small, will probably make a different and be appreciated by them in this new, exciting and stressful time in their life.

6 Gift Ideas for the New Baby in Your Family:

Baby coming home outfits

It’s one of the most special times in the families life, so it’s worthy of a great outfit to come home in! This is a great gift idea if you’re close to the family and perhaps visit them in hospital before baby leaves. Check out this cute selection of baby coming home outfits!

Baby headbands

Baby headbands are super cute and also make great inexpensive gifts! There are so many cute designs and colours to choose from as well.

Matching Mom + me t-shirts

Mom and me shirts can make a really lovely gift, especially if it’s for someone you’re close to and know well, like a sister or a cousin. There’s a large range of gorgeous mom and me shirts on beepumpkin to choose from, from “mamas girl”, “girl gang” and “besties”.

Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are great for any occasion I think, as it shows a lot of thought has gone into the gift and you’ll know that they won’t receive anything else like it. For baby gifts, there are plenty of personalization options, from ornaments and trinkets, hairbrushes, blankets, sleepsuits and more.

Blankets and crib bedding

Things like blankets and crib bedding will always go down well because it’s always going to be needed, plus, they’re never going to grow out of a blanket. So instead of clothing, you might want to consider something like this.

Cuddly toys

And finally, cuddly toys. You can never go wrong with buying soft toys for babies and children. Heck, even as an adult I love them! Babies always love new things to cuddle and play with, so a soft toy is always a good shout.

So if a family member or close friend has just had a baby and you’re stuck for ideas of what to get them, I hope this gives you some inspiration! There are so many cute items for babies that are useful and needed and will also be cherished my Mum.

What gifts did you like to receive when you had a baby? Do you have any other suggestions?


  1. It’s a thing for me & my mother to be slightly obsessed with dachshund things.. so for my bestfriend’s baby, I got her a handmade knitted multicolor dachshund plushy, along with a pink baby bracelet on one of its legs so she can wear later 🥰

    Because i’m her godmother and we live few hours apart, I really wanted something that screamed me to her to be able to cuddle with between visits.

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