collaborative post | Of course, you can’t beat finding a cozy corner and reading a book for a few hours, but people are also exploring other options in their quest to wind down. Another common option is smartphone gaming, with our portable handheld devices now offering a top gaming package that many people can’t resist.

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For women who enjoy the range of games that are being streamed and on a daily basis, while battling with male heroes and scoring goals with iconic professionals from the beautiful game appeals, sometimes there’s a need to play games with a female protagonist, particularly as there were practically no games of this type previously.

Thankfully, female characters are now becoming far more prominent in the gaming world, with a selection of standout titles emerging devices recently. Below is a look at just some of them.

Agent Alice is an exploration masterpiece

Offering a glorious virtual world to explore as you hunt down hidden objects, Agent Alice is a game that’s capable of keeping you firmly occupied as you search for what you need.

The graphics and the illustrations are impressive in this one, with Daniela Uhlig’s wonderful work being on show throughout. A game that has a strong female element to it, Agent Alice is an exploration masterpiece that you won’t want to put down.

Every decision counts in City of Love: Paris

A release that has been entertaining gamers for a good while now, City of Love: Paris is an excellent game to dip in and out of. Featuring a deadly female protagonist who embarks on mysterious adventures throughout Paris, this eye-catching release is one of the most pleasurable gaming products you can play on a smartphone device right now.

You’ll be faced with a number of tough calls to make in this all-action favorite, while the immense visuals add another positive to this engaging title.

Wisdom of Athena has an ancient Greece theme

If you’re after something a little bit different, then Wisdom of Athena is a great option. A product by Pragmatic Play, Wisdom of Athena has an ancient Greece theme and features the Greek goddess associated with wisdom, warfare, and handicraft throughout. The favorite child of Zeus stands next to the grid in the game as gamers are transported to Mount Olympus. The graphics are excellent and it’s a top title to play for a few hours at a time.

The Walking Dead features women fighting for survival

If you’ve seen The Walking Dead before, then you’ll be fully aware what exactly the game entails. A zombie-filled favorite, although the main character in the game is a man called Lee Everett, there are a number of episodes throughout the game that feature strong women fighting off hordes of zombies.

This truly tense product is one of the most engaging games around, with gamers having to fight for Lee’s life but also for Clemence’s, an eight-year-old girl who he is trying to protect. A game that is all about strategy and survival, The Walking Dead is well worth a go.

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Lara Croft: Relic Run is a fantastic endless runner

When assessing some of the most famous female protagonists in various products over the years, Lara Croft is right up there with the very best of them. In this endless runner, players control Lara as she moves at high speeds and reaches checkpoints, avoids ruins, and a selection of other obstacles that can cause serious damage. Also having the opportunity to shoot and climb up walls, this much-loved release is one of the best endless runners you can play on a smartphone device.

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