ad gifted | Sex is a big part of most people’s lives and wanting to improve your sex life is nothing to be ashamed about either. There can be many reasons why your sex life may be suffering; children, stress, bereavement, getting older, self esteem issues and many more. But luckily there are plenty of things you can try to ignite that spark once again!

I’ve spoke about sex a few times on my blog before and have definitely felt more comfortable doing so as the years went on and as I got older. I even featured sex in my post about “5 things we need to talk about more“, so it’d seem silly of me not to delve into sex-related content when the chance arises.

There are plenty of sex taboos which are actually completely normal, a few of which revolve around using sex toys. Should they be used in the bedroom with your partner? Will I still orgasm with my partner if I use toys? Will my partner feel intimidated or “left out” if I start using toys?

All valid questions of course but all of which definitely need to be debunked because sex toys can be an amazing tool for spicing up your sex life, both with your partner and with yourself. And these days, there are SO MANY different toys out there, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Which in itself, comes another problem. What sex toy do I use?

If you’re new to sex toys, it’s not hard (pun intended) to see why they would seem intimidating. With all the difference sizes, styles, colours, types, it’s kinda like going into Tesco and trying to choose a new shampoo when there are hundreds in front of you vying for your attention.

But with sex toys (not unlike shampoo actually), it’s all about finding what works for you and experimenting, experimenting, experimenting. The more knowledge you have about your own body and your likes and dislikes, the easier it’ll be to narrow down to the toys you know are likely to groove with you.

In this post today, I’m going to be sharing some suggestions on how to find the right sex toy for you, based on what you might like. Of course this is a very basic guide and doing your own experimentation is vital. But here are some tips to get you going…

Here are 6 types of sex toy to try to spice things up in the bedroom:

Clitoral stimulation toys

I have a handful of these types of toys because this is the sort of feeling I like the best, which is why I included this one first. In the category of female vibrators alone, there is already an array of different options but if you like clitoral stimulation (that’s the G spot on the “outside” of the vagina, rather than going inside) then these toys could work for you.

The first toy I chose from LoveHoney was the X Romp Switch Clitoral Suction Stimulator. I feel like this would be a good toy for a beginner who is trying out a clitoral stimulation toy for the first time. This works with air suction technology which feels fabulous. The round area that you place over your G spot on this toy is quite wide, so the vibrations have a ripple effect in the surrounding area, which is nice.

My only downside with this one is that it’s quite loud, so if you’re trying to be discreet and quiet, this might not be the one for you!

The second of the clitoral stimulation toys I chose was the LoveHoney mon ami Pleasure Air Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator. I’ll be honest, I chose this one because it was pretty. But I think it’s cool that toys that actually look nice exist as well. This is a really sweet style and if you’re one to display your toys loudly and proudly, then this would look cute sitting on a shelf, just saying.

This one took a little getting used to. First of all, due to the shape of it, it was a bit awkward to hold in position. I like having a handle, which obviously this one is lacking (because roses don’t have handles, duh). I also found the opening REALLY SMALL. So you have to be super precise in placement with this one. If you don’t hit the clit, then you won’t feel anything.

I’m still experimenting with both of these but those were my first impressions. The X Romp retails at £34.99 and the Pleasure Air Rose retails at £49.99. The rose stimulator definitely feels like the higher quality item, which is should, given the price point. But if you’re a complete beginner, then I don’t think you necessarily have to pay out high amounts for a fun toy.

Soft bondage toys

I say “soft” because if you’re new to sex toys then I’m going to suggest anything too “hard core”, especially with bondage or BDSM, it’s important to start slow and small and build up to what feels okay for you. You could start with items such as handcuffs and restraints to ease you in before you go on to something else.

Toys for couples

This is an area of sex toys that we’ve never experimented with before until now. But if you are in a couple and want to experiment with sex toys together (which is super fun and I love that for you!) then there are plenty out there available. Cock rings (or love rings) are one great option that come in many different sizes and styles. Some which vibrate, some don’t.

A toy of this nature is placed over the penis and is generally used for longer and harder erections. However, you can get cock rings that also vibrate, which should feel nice for him and her during intercourse.

It took us a while to get used to the Buzz Vibrating Love Ring as it’s the first time we’ve ever used something like this. I can definitely feel the different inside me when my partner is wearing it and the vibration sensation is a little jarring at first. I can’t actually feel the vibrations on my clitoris when it’s on, which is a shame as many of the reviews on the LoveHoney website state that they could.

Toys for him

If you’re a fella reading this, hi! This part is for you. Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect toy for your partner for a birthday or Christmas. I feel like there’s potentially a bit more of a stigma around male sex toys, which obviously shouldn’t be the case. So this is another area that was very new for us as well.

We chose the Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator, which retails at £74.99, which certainly isn’t cheap but it’s a very sleek looking piece of kit. This toy is very much a work in progress for us as we’re getting used to it but definitely a good gift option for the fellas!

Other games and toys

In this category, I’m going to include two games that don’t actually require anything to touch your body but as we’ve established, sex toys come in all different shapes, sizes and types and these games definitely count as toys to me because they’re designed to enhance your sex life and potentially make it more fun.

So first I chose the Oh! Talk Dirty Playing Cards which are really fun. There are some rules for actual games you can play with the cards or you can just pull cards at random as a bit of inspiration on your dirty talk! I also got the Oh! Foreplay Dice, which are also a fun addition to add to your sexy times!

They also do a 3 for 2 offer on adult games on the LoveHoney website, which is amazing because there are so many fun sounding card and dice games on there to choose from.


And finally, the last type of sex toy that can be used for solo sex, partnered sex, heterosexual sex, anal sex, gay sex, all the sex is the good old fashioned dildo. If you like penetrative sex then this one is for you. As I’ve said throughout this post, toys come in all sizes and dildos are definitely no different.

Take one look at Lovehoney and you’ll see their huge range of dildos. They’re a hugely popular option for all types of sexual play and come in different sizes and styles to suit various needs.

And finally, don’t forget about hygiene and getting yourself a good sex toy cleaner for when you buy your toys. I know it’s certainly not the sexiest or most glamorous thing but it’s so important. Bacteria can build up on a sex toy and spread into the body, causing infection if it’s not been cleaned before the sex use.

So as always with sex, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I hope this post opened your eyes to the different types of sex toys you could be using to enhance your sex life. Like I said, this is only a very small amount of options as it’s designed for beginners in mind. If you are a beginner, then you won’t go wrong with these.

What’s your favourite type of sex toy? Do you like using them alone or as a couple?


  1. I love this post Jenny! 😉 I too have been exploring sex toys for what feels like the first time and I’m loving it! I’m actually getting the chance to try out the new Romp Rose Clitoral Stimulator toy from Ann Summers soon and I can’t wait! I may even write a review on my blog! 🤭😉
    Love the sound of those cards too hun xx

  2. It looks like you got a good variety of toys and games! The Lovehoney rose is definitely pretty even though it does seem a bit difficult to use. For myself, the X Romp does seem nice!

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