ad | Wellness is a constant work-in-progress. From the second we’re born, we have to navigate a range of different areas of wellness, evolving and adapting each one depending on our age, needs and health as we navigate through life.

Which I think is why I like talking about and exploring wellness so much; because of the constant change around it.

There’s always something new and exciting to learn or try and whilst we all know that the wellness industry is for the most part, a huge money-making scheme to make people – mostly women – feel bad about themselves and spend more money on things they don’t need, at the end of the day, we ALL have experience with wellness.

Some good, some bad, some terribly ugly.

For all of us, even the “wellness gurus” you see online. We’ve all had to navigate times where our general well-being has been a bit rubbish, our mental health has been on the floor or even during times of illness or injury, when our physical wellness is suffering too.

So wellness needs to be taken care of every single day.

You can’t just go to a week-long wellness retreat in Bali and tick the wellness box. We can fill our wellness cups for sure but they will always start to empty again and fluctuate.

So today I wanted to share 10 super easy, small, manageable and doable things we can add to our everyday lives to improve our overall wellness. Even if it fills our wellness cup just 10%, it’s worth it.

Here are 10 easy things to add to your everyday wellness routine

Use eye drops

Eye drops should definitely be a part of everyone’s everyday wellness routine. As someone who’s always had problems with their eyes, I can contest that.

TheraTears offer a range of different types of eye drops to suit your needs. Their 5-in-1 properties hydrate, soothe, refreshes, relieves and reduces strain in the eye. Which, given as most of us are staring at screens all day, is well needed!

In fact, they even have a specific eye drop for that very use! Here are 4 types of eye drops you can get from TheraTears:

  • Screen Eye Protection: These help relieve red, tired or irritated eyes from extended screen use (who else is guilty?) Formulated with Euphrasia to support natural eye whitening, they also contain hyaluronic acid 0.1% to replenish moisture.
  • Dry Eye Drops: A common problem for many people, including myself, which can be easily helped with the use of drops These are formulated with hyaluronic acid to lubricate and replenish dry or tired eyes and also contain witch hazel to soothe and reduce puffiness.
  • 50+ Eye Drops for Older Eyes: Our eyes change as we get older and TheraTears have produced a drop which is specifically for mature eyes, which helps restore the eye’s tear film and contain distilled waters of chamomile and mallow to calm and refresh eyes.
  • Night Eye Drops: A perfect addition to your evening routine, these drops repair, restore and protect your eye surface while you sleep. They contain cross-linked hyaluronic acid 0.4% to lubricate and replenish any lost moisture.

Their drops are also contact lens friendly however it’s not recommended to sleep with contact lenses in. TheraTears is available from retailers online and in-store at Tesco, Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s, Amazon.

I love using eye drops personally. I know they’re not always the easiest things to use, especially if you’re not used to them and it can be a bit daunting putting something in your eye at first. But after practice, is can become a quick and easy thing that has ton of benefits for your eyes!

Take multi-vitamins 

Multivitamins are great for a boost in your everyday wellness, as long as you’re safe with them. There are many different types of multivitamins out there, so making sure you choose the right one for you is very important.

Whether you need something with a bit of extra iron, prefer gummies or regular tablets, a multivitamin is a quick way to have that every day wellness boost.

Do some basic morning stretches

Think about what your dog does when he or she gets up in the morning. “Ooooh big stretch!” You should be doing that too! Heck, you can even say “ooooh big stretch!” to yourself to join your dog in their morning stretches, if it helps you get up and get the blood pumping!

Some basic neck and shoulder rolls, calf stretches and arm stretches can give you that quick and easy boost in the morning when you get up and help gets the blood flowing and ready for your day. And of course, you should always be stretching adequately before you do any type of exercise.

Use an SPF moisturizer

This is a habit we all need to get into because whatever the weather and whatever state your well-being is in, the sun isn’t going to stop harming your skin. And using an SPF moisturizer is a criminally easy way to help prevent skin damage.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive either; the ones I use are always under £10! Add it into your skincare routine every single day – even in the Winter – for an extra layer of protection.

Get your 4,000 steps 

Scientists have recently claimed that actually, we don’t all NEED to be walking 10,000 steps a day. A number which I’ve always thought was incredibly out of reach for so many people.

Apparently now, just 4,000 steps a day can decrease the risk of an early death, yay! And 4,000 steps is much more doable. You can get that done in a day of cleaning the house and running errands!

A glass of water to start the day

Super quick, super easy, super simple. But hydration is key and a glass of water to start the day can help wake you up and help you feel less tired and sluggish early in the morning.

Gratitude practice

Expressing gratitude when everything is going well is one thing but leaning in to gratitude when things aren’t going great is where the real magic is and where you’ll  get the most benefits of a gratitude practice.

Check out this post on how to express gratitude for some ideas on how you can do this!

Add a piece of fruit or vegetable with every meal

This is a really easy rule and especially if you’re wanting to try and eat a bit healthier. Try and add a piece of fruit or some form of vegetable with every meal. Yes, even a McDonald’s.

Getting in your 5 a day is important but it’s not always easy, especially if you’re not that into cooking and don’t know how to make vegetable dishes that are tasty and exciting. So this is a good alternative option.

Set a social media limit

This one is for mental and emotional wellness and it’s just as important as any of the points on this list about physical wellness too. Set that social media limit. Nobody NEEDS to be scrolling on social media for 7 hours a day, absolutely NO ONE.

And I’m definitely calling myself out here as well because I am a sucker for this and especially over the last year or so, it’s got a lot worse. So Jenny, sort it out.

Sit up straight

And finally, sit up straight. This is a difficult one because almost everything we do requires us to slouch. All of us are leaning over computers, phones, small children, instruments, books – you name it.

When you find yourself slouching, sit up straight, roll your shoulders back and try and stay that way. You won’t. But then when you find yourself slouching again, do it again. And again. And again.

Wellness comes in all forms, shapes, sizes. And we all need something different from our wellness practices as well. Whilst I most definitely need a Yoga practice, someone else will need to go for a run whilst someone else will need to sit in silence and meditate.

But I do believe there are a handful of universal things that most of us can do to enhance our every day wellness, which are some of what I’ve mentioned above. Whether it’s popping in some eye drops at the end of the day or saying a quick prayer of gratitude before bed, it all helps!

How do you look after your every day wellness? Do you do any of these?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas, using SPF is one that I always to, I tend to try to get more than 4,000 steps in as I find going to long walks helpful for me esp as it gets me out of the house and in nature which is good for my mental health 🙂

  2. I always love having a piece of fruit after my dinner. I agree with SPF-I’ve been looking into getting one because the sun does way more damage than we think it does!

  3. I am guilty for rubbing my eyes when I’m tried so eye drops are something I’ve been considering. I’ll have to look out for this brand! <3

  4. I am so glad you said 4000 steps, because there is no way I’m walking 10k a day haha. The eye drops seem very interesting – the screen eye protection sounds good. SPF moisturiser is something I have managed to stick with everyday 🙂 x

    1. Hahaha same! I always felt so guilty whenever I wasn’t walking loads, thinking that I’m supposed to be walking 10k a day so I’m glad there’s been further research done on that too I because 4K is SO much more manageable!

  5. Excellent post! I think expressing gratitude every day is very important. It is especially important if things are not going well. It reminds you of how very blessed you really are.

  6. These are great ideas for things to add to our wellness routine! I could definitely benefit from the screen eye drops, and the night eye drops sound great too. I used to be terrible about using SPF daily, but now it’s a habit! Also, I completely agree about setting a social media limit!

  7. I think I really need to start using eye drops. I recently got some glasses for when I’m working because I was getting migraines and they’ve helped loads!

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