collaborative post | Most small businesses all suffer from the same problem: they lack legitimacy. However, this is rarely the fault of the business owner. It’s simply because it takes time to generate a legitimate reputation in any industry.

Customers often stick with the brands they know, meaning it can feel like a losing battle trying to reach new clients. Despite this, there are ways to make your small business look and feel legitimate. 

Register Your Business 

Establishing your company as legitimate is easy with company registrations that give you plenty of benefits and promote your business as one that is genuine. If you have previously worked as a freelancer or offered products and services as a hobby, you will come across as more serious about your business by taking steps to register your business with the appropriate bodies. From here, you can generate a professional image and enjoy significant tax advantages that non-registered businesses miss out on.

Outline A Long-Term Plan 

If you’re searching for investors, you need a long-term plan to give them confidence you know what you’re doing and understand how vital an outline is for your business. As a business owner, you should have a business plan of up to five years in place, but you’ll also need an effective marketing strategy to ensure you can handle the different challenges your company faces. Remember not to be too rigid, either, as you never know how the industry may change over the coming years. 

Pay For An Online Presence 

Companies that buy a domain name will always appear more legitimate than those that only do their business through randomly generated URLs on Shopify, WordPress, or only use social media to sell products. Your domain name gives you a specific online space that no one can take from you. It should be easy to spell and find so customers can visit your website. It may also be worth looking at other online subscriptions (when you can afford them) to increase your scope and help you reach more customers. 

Make All Your Information Current

Your information should also be up-to-date. This includes your phone number, operating hours, and your company’s address. If you don’t have a physical address, you could rent a digital PO box for any letters or correspondence rather than using your home address if you are concerned about your privacy and keeping your business and personal life separate. 

Network and Connect 

Networking with the major players in your industry is an excellent way for you to get your name and face out there. The best way to achieve this is by interacting with them on social media, especially LinkedIn, as well as sharing any posts you agree with. You can also meet them in person by attending industry events and conferences. The more you put yourself out there, the greater the chance of people knowing who you are and connecting your business with your name. 


While it can still take time to build the reputation you want, you can take small but effective steps towards boosting your business’ legitimacy. These tips can help you set up a stable foundation for growth to give your brand the best chance of success.

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