ad | Planning your 2024 trips already? In this post, we’re going to look at some convincing reasons why a coach holiday should be on your list of things to do next year! There’s plenty of ways to travel and types of holidays to go on, with coach holidays having a ton of benefits you might not have considered!

If you want to avoid the challenges like trying to find a place to park, standing in queues for hours or those inevitable airport delays, then coach holidays are definitely something to consider for your 2024 holiday.

Coaches these days are super roomy, with plenty of leg space, air conditioning, drinks dispensers, curtains for when you want a kip and onboard toilets. Some coach holidays will provide refreshments along the way as well, if it’s a particularly long journey.

Coach holidays have come a long way from what they used to be! So here are some convincing reasons why you should consider one for 2024 to take you to your favourite uk staycation destinations.

7 Reasons To Go on a Coach Holiday in 2024:

It means you don’t have to drive

If you’re not a fan of driving, then having to drive hours to your staycation destination isn’t always the most relaxing way to start the holiday. You’ll turn up flustered, with aching shoulders and probably a headache from concentrating for so long. A coach journey takes that element away completely!

You can relax and enjoy the views

Allowing you to enjoy the journey. You know the saying about the journey being the destination? Well you don’t get *quite* the same feeling if you’re doing all the driving and can’t appreciate the views because you’re focused on the road. A coach holiday allows you to do just that!

It’s a safe method of transport 

Coach travel is considered one of the safest ways to travel across the country, with coach companies using professional drivers (and often multiple drivers if the journey is long) who know the roads well and can keep you safe. If you’re a nervous traveller then coach travel could be for you.

It’s more direct and stress-free

With plenty of departure points available for most coach companies, the most hassle you’re going to have to getting to where to pick the coach up from. From then on, the rest is done for you! A lot of companies also sell package holidays, where itineraries, holidays and even food is sorted out for you, allowing you to really kick your shoes off and relax.

It’s budget-friendly

With so much financial stress ravaging the country at the moment, we’re all looking for ways to save money on our UK staycations. Coach travel and package holidays via coach companies often take that on board (pun attended) and offer affordable holidays all around the UK.

A chance to meet new people

If you’re stuck in a coach with other people for a number of hours, chances are, you’re going to start talking to someone! Everyone on the coach is going to the same place as you, so you’re bound to find a few likeminded people in the seats next to you to chat to or even become friends with!

More environmentally friendly way to travel

It’s so important to think about the environment when we travel these days and coach travel is one of the most eco-friendly solutions to travel. Coach travel can lead to a much smaller carbon footprint, as groups of people are travelling together, as opposed to taking many individual cars!

Have you been on a coach holiday before? What do you like about them?


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