ad | There are plenty of different options available for travel, even within your own country. In the UK, we can get somewhere by car, train or even flight if travelling from one end of the country to another. But using a coach often gets overlooked as a convenient method of transport for those staycations.

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A uk coach holiday is often cheaper and takes the pressure off of you where driving is concerned. Driving is okay but being on a coach allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

Most coaches these days have everything you need for a super comfortable journey across the country as well. Coaches will be kitted out with comfortable seats, curtains if you fancy a kip, an onboard toilet and possibly refreshments, depending on the duration.

I would definitely be keen to choose a coach holiday, next time I want to travel somewhere in the UK. With some coach companies offering full itineraries within their bookings, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

I’m a big fan of the UK staycation and I’m always keen to explore more of the UK. If you’re thinking about heading on a staycation this Autumn or perhaps into next year, here are some places to consider.

8 UK Destinations To Travel To By Coach

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Bath is somewhere that’s high up on my list of UK staycation destinations I want to travel to. I’m actually going next year for a hen weekend but would love to go on my own or with my partner to explore around. A great destination to take a coach to – lots of coach companies will offer trips to Bath because it’s such a popular place!

Snowdonia and Portmerion 

I went to Snowdonia a LONG time ago but it’s stood the test of time in my list of UK staycation destinations that I would consider my favourite and would recommend. It’s beautiful. If you’re active, you can hike Mount Snowdon or you could just enjoy the country. Either way, you’ll love it.

The Lake District

The Lake District is stunning and such a beautiful place for a staycation. There’s so much to do and see there and I absolutely loved our holiday to the Lakes. Check out this post on my own Lake District and Cumbria holiday to see more about what we got up to when we went!


Beautiful Edinburgh is difficult for those in the South to get to because of the long and arduous drive. Even in the midlands, it still takes 6 hours to get to. So this is definitely somewhere you’d want to consider travelling to by coach. Here are some things to do during your Edinburgh staycation.

St. Ives

I’ve been to Cornwall once when I was in school for a surfing holiday and absolutely loved it but I’ve never been to St. Ives. Again, another destination that’s quite far from most of us, so a great option for a coach holiday so you don’t have to drive the whole way there.


I’ve been on the Norfolk Broads on a boating holiday twice and I absolutely love it. There’s nothing like the slow pace of life on the river, the quiet, the sunsets – ugh, it’s beautiful. But I really just love Norfolk and Norwich and that sort of general part of the UK anyway. It’s a really lovely area!

Scottish Highlands 

The Scottish Highlands could quite possibly be one of the most picturesque places in the world but again, somewhere that’s hard to get to and a long drive. Not ideal if you don’t like driving!


Finally, York. A more central location and much easier to get to but another place that a lot of coach companies will offer trips to as it’s such a beautiful location. With it’s cobbled streets, local shops and deep history, York is a super atmospheric place to consider for your next UK Staycation.

Where is your favourite UK staycation destination? Have you ever done a coach holiday? Let me know!

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