ad gifted | Well, it’s here again! No, I can’t believe it and yes, it does come around quicker every single year. But hey, it’s CHRISTMAS! I’m excited and I hope you are too! I didn’t do a Christmas gift guide last year, so it’s been nice to do one again this year. I have a ton of fab products of ALL kinds to share with you.

Honing back to my old gift guides, there’s no rhyme or reason to this one, just a collection of great products I think would make nice gifts, with suggestions on the type of people they would be good for.

From jewellery to handbags, experience gifts to technology, there’s bound to be something in here for everyone. So if you need a bit of Christmas gift inspiration, here it is!

La Parisienne Ruffle Handbag – Kitten D’Amour

Perfect for: The fashion or vintage lover
Price: £69

If you’re looking for a really special gift for someone who you know loves fashion, handbags or Vintage styling, then Kitten D’Amour is the perfect place for you. They sell all manner of beautiful clothing and accessories in the distinctive Vintage style. Think cinched-in waists, beautiful necklines and lace.

They do have some more understated pieces – like their stunning La Parisienne Ruffle Bag – but with a subtle hint of Vintage essence to it. This bag is such excellent quality. It’s thick, sturdy and roomy with plenty of beautiful Kitten D’Amour detailing. And considering the quality, I think it’s exceptionally reasonably priced too!

Recycled Guitar Strap – Cycle of Good

Perfect for: The musician or eco-warrior
Price: £19.99

Cycle of Good are an incredible imitative that currently employs 33 Malawian tailors full time to earn a good wage and support their families, without any charity donations or handouts. They do all of this by saving waste from landfill and re-purposing it into useful items that will last a lifetime.

This recycled guitar strap is made from recycled bicycle inner tubes and lined with recycled lorry-curtain-siding and is available in orange, red or blue. But they have a range of other recycled items, such as bags, wallets and tech cases, all of which would make great gift ideas. You can get 20% off by using code JENNY20 at the checkout.

Books, books and more books!

Perfect for: The book lover
Price: From £10.99

As a book lover, books are ALWAYS in my list of things I want for Christmas. Books always make excellent gifts because there’s literally something for everyone, whether that’s Fiction or Non-Fiction!

A few books I’ve been sent recently – as pictured above – which could be considered for gifts are Mirror Mirror by David Allott, The Secrets of Life by SS O’Connor (all four books available on Amazon – a great series perfect for anyone who’s fascinated with, well, life!) and political Thriller The Orpheus Project by Dr Valerie Sinason.

Sherpa Fleece Blanket Hoodie – Bedsure

Perfect for: The one that’s always cold!
Price: £29.99

It’s me, I am that person that’s always cold. The Sherpa Fleece Blanket Hoodie is, without a doubt, one of the best things I’ve ever been sent. Now that the weather is getting colder and we’re trying not to put the heating on as much because well, cost of living, something like this is an absolute Godsend!

Available in 5 different colours (including a gorgeous dark red, perfect for Christmas!) and 3 different sizes, these really do make a lovely gift for someone who likes getting ultra cozy or who’s always feeling the cold.

Ashling Park Sparkling Rosé

Perfect for: The wine lover
Price: £35.00

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry and a glass of something special never goes amiss to help celebrate this wonderful time of year. This fruity sparkling rosé from Ashling Park is the perfect tipple to compliment your Christmas dinner or nibbles on Christmas Eve.

Coming in at £35.00, it’s certainly not a cheap bottle but you absolutely get the taste and the quality. They also offer beautiful rose gold gift boxes, so if you are buying this as a gift, it comes beautifully presented.

Solstice Sunglasses – Peepers

Perfect for: The one who spends a lot of time outside
Price: $29

It might be Winter right now but Summer will roll around quicker than we think and before long, we’ll be digging our sunnies out for those long drives and Summer days in 2024! That’s not to say you can’t get plenty of use out of sunglasses during the Winter, when we get those rare beautiful (but cold) sunny days.

The Solstice sunglasses from Peepers are a great unisex option, coming in 4 different frame shades as well as in a normal lens or a reading lens, so they can be made specifically for you unique eyesight. Reading sunglasses = perfect for those Summer days on the beach, reading a book and sipping a cocktail in 2024. Hopefully!

Christmas Dinner or Toy for a Rescue Dog or Cat – Miracle’s Mission

Perfect for: The animal lover or charity giver
Price: £5

Miracle’s Mission is a non-profit animal welfare organisation that works with sick, injured and disabled animals worldwide. Our mission is to provide a place of safety for animals in danger, to educate on the needs of neutering both pets and strays. We also rehabilitate and re-home dogs in need, often with disabilities, from our UK rescue base.

You can buy a Christmas Dinner or a toy for a dog or cat, which comes with a certificate. And with so many hungry mouths to feed at Miracle’s Mission, your gift will make a massive difference to the quality of life of a dog or cat at this time of year. The perfect gift to spread some love to those that need it.

Global Christmas Experience Gifts – Gifting Owl

Perfect for: The experience lover
Price: Varies

At Gifting Owl they believe experience gifts are the perfect way to spread joy and create lasting memories. I love experience gifts for all the reasons they mention below. So, why are Gifting Owl experience gifts are ideal for Christmas?

  • Memories Over Materialism: Experience gifts offer the gift of cherished memories rather than more stuff. They encourage spending quality time with loved ones, promoting togetherness and shared moments.
  • Valid Worldwide: Gifting Owl experience gifts can be purchased and booked anywhere in the world!
  • Instant Digital Delivery: Gifting Owl experience gift vouchers are delivered digitally via email instantly, or at a specific date and time selected by the gift giver.
  • Personalisation: Each experience can be tailored to the recipient’s interests, making it a heartfelt and thoughtful gift. From hotel getaways and spa days to hotel getaways and winery tours, there’s something for everyone.
  • Versatile for All Ages: Whether it’s a cooking class or adventure activity, experience gifts can suit anyone, from kids to adults.
  • Sustainable Gifting: Our digital vouchers are not just convenient but also a step towards reducing waste.

There’s always going to be an experience to suit everyone. Instead of an item that might be used a couple of times or stored away, an experience gift will create lasting memories for you and your family or friend! You can search by location, price and recipient, to find the perfect experience.

Selfie Bag – The Cotton Bag Co.

Perfect for: The influencer or the selfie-lover!
Price: £27.95

The perfect gift to help them get the perfect selfie! We all want the perfect selfie and The Selfie Bag from The Cotton Bag Co. can help with that! The bag (which can definitely be reused for shopping!) includes a Bluetooth tripod selfie stick, pop-up reflector and LED ring light.

Everything you need to help you get the perfect selfie! These would make great stocking fillers and gifts for teenagers as well as the influencer in your life (let’s be honest, we all know one!) who’s always got their phone out!

Glow Eye Patches – Kind Patches

Perfect for: The self care advocate
Price: £11.00

Self care is king, especially around Christmas. And we all need a bit more TLC after the Christmas festivities are over, we’re feeling a bit worse for wear and it’s that weird time between Christmas and New Year when nobody knows what they’re doing.

The Glow Eye Patches from Kind Patches are the perfect stocking filler for well, just about anyone! However, they sell a range of amazing patches for all your self care needs from defence patches, pimple patches, sleep patches and more!

Jewellery – Carrie Elspeth

Perfect for: Jewellery lovers – obviously!
Price: From £14.99

If you’ve got a jewellery lover in your midst, then this next one is for you! Carrie Elspeth has been creating lovely handmade jewellery since 1999, now being a leading supplier of gift shops all over the UK! Their jewellery doesn’t have astronomical price tags attached either, so ideal for those who want a bit of sparkle on a budget.

All handmade in Wales, I chose these 3 pieces. I really liked their collection of earrings and they also have some more brighter pieces if you’re into bright and fun jewellery and this delicate pearl bracelet which comes in various colours.

Tru Bio Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Majority

Perfect for: The music lover or podcast listener
Price: £34.95

A more practical gift to finish with today and that’s the Tru Bio Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from Majority. Featuring the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology and easy-to-use button controls, the Tru Bio Earbuds deliver clean and crisp audio.

With a really reasonable price tag attached, these would make a great stocking stuffer for any music lover or podcast listener in your family. Earbuds are something you know are going to get used over and over again and the recipient will definitely continue to reach for these!

Which of these gifts would you go for? Have you started (or finished) your Christmas shopping yet?


  1. This Christmas gift guide – thoughtful finds to festive must-haves, the selection is spot-on. You can check off a few lists with these inspired recommendations!

  2. Some really unusual and thoughtful gift suggestions here, Jenny. I particularly like the ear pods, much better value than Apple ones. And the buy a dinner for the cats and dogs is lovely too, excellent value. I’ll take a look at Carrie Elspeth for Flora, there may be some bits she’d love on there. Thank you for sharing! x

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