Travel Off the Eaten Path this New Year

I really, really, really love crisps. Like, love them. I eat an awful lot of them. Probably more than I should but I’m all for eating what you want and I certainly don’t buy into fad diets that tell you eating crisps is a ‘syn’. You’re not going to hell for eating crisps just fucking eat them. However, I am all for trying different crisp options and if that’s a healthier crisp option, that’s cool too! I’m just a huge lover of food in general; healthy or un-healthy and I love trying and experimenting with different flavours. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a vegetable or something from McDonald’s I haven’t tried before.

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#GetPopped with Popchips!

A little long while ago now, I asked around on Twitter for some healthy crisp alternatives to include with the weekly shop. I went on a bit of a health splurge but because I absolutely freaking love crisps, I wanted to find something which kept the cravings at bay but was healthier than the average Walkers which I would usually buy. I received a cheeky little message from Popchips, asking for my address and a couple of days later, some vouchers appeared on my doorstep for some free Popchips! I thought it was super kind of them and they haven’t asked for anything in return but I wanted to do a lil mini review just to say thank you. 

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