A little long while ago now, I asked around on Twitter for some healthy crisp alternatives to include with the weekly shop. I went on a bit of a health splurge but because I absolutely freaking love crisps, I wanted to find something which kept the cravings at bay but was healthier than the average Walkers which I would usually buy. I received a cheeky little message from Popchips, asking for my address and a couple of days later, some vouchers appeared on my doorstep for some free Popchips! I thought it was super kind of them and they haven’t asked for anything in return but I wanted to do a lil mini review just to say thank you. 

Get Popped

We chose the BBQ flavoured Popchips because we were having a BBQ that evening and it was very apt for the situation. I take my crisp flavours very seriously as you can see. As for a brand which are actually a lot healthier than regular crisps, they were so packed full of flavour. I’m so used to finding “healthy crisp alternatives” which just taste like cardboard and it sucks but with these that was not the case at all. They were soOoOo scrummy.

My boyfriend and I finished the entire share bag in about 5 minutes flat but to be honest, we could have eaten one each because they were that good. And a really reasonable size bag for just £1!

Thank you Popchips for being lovely and go grab yourselves a bag (or three) at your local Tesco, Sainsburys or Waitrose. 


      1. Sour cream & Onion and Salt & Pepper. It happens with most crisp companies though, so I stopped eating them altogether lol. I think they add to much flavouring or something. But if Pop Bears are yummy! 🙂

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