Marrying yourself: The rise of the self-love ring *

A surprising new trend for women has emerged and it’s all about loving and appreciating yourself. It’s the rise of the self-love ring; a ring symbolizing a lifelong commitment to your own happiness. Some women have even taken their newfound appreciation for themselves to the next level – with a solo wedding! This practice, known as sologamy, is said by its supporters to affirm one’s own value, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life. We’ve teamed up with Angelic Diamonds, retailers of bespoke diamond rings, to take a closer look at this emerging trend and how women are celebrating themselves in the modern age.

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My thoughts on marriage

Ever since I was in school, I was adamant that I would never get married. A friend and I were always the ones who would get up on our high horses and be like, “nope, hella no, no way, we independent women”. Of course I’m now more aware of the fact that you can still be an independent woman and be married but heck, that was my naive 15 year-old self talking. But has my mind changed that much? I’m not too sure. 

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