SPRING BREAKERS - American Poster 1What it’s about: Four college girls hold up a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. While partying/drinking/taking drugs they are arrested only to be bailed out by a drug and arms dealer.

Genre: Crime, Drama

Rating: 18

Director: Harmony Korine

Starring: Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, James Franco


Review: I’m not really sure why I watched this film in the first place as I’ve heard very mixed and strong opinions of it but if you’re thinking about watching it, don’t. Spring Breakers is about a group of total fucking idiots who rob a fast-food joint in order to pay for their spring break vacation. Once they get there they get involved in partying, drinking and numerous amounts of drugs only to get arrested. A drug and arms dealer then bails them out of prison and offers them all the thrill and excitement they were hoping for one their spring break but the girls are unaware of how far they’re actually willing to go and ultimately end up having a spring break they’ll never forget.

Firstly, I’d like to point out that the majority of the girls in this film started off on the Disney channel. Yes, I know young girls who actually watch the Disney channel won’t be watching this film (and if they are, you should really reconsider your decision to be a parent) but to me it just sets an absolutely appalling example to girls everywhere! They were the most annoying bunch of girls I’ve ever watched and throughout the film they do countless amounts of drugs, they drink all day, get arrested, sleep around, rob a fast-food joint and by the end are threatening people with guns. Be my guest if you want your daughter to look up to that. The acting in general was pretty awful and their characters were absolutely disgusting. Hudgens and Benson’s characters were vile and if there’s any girls out there who genuinely feel it’s okay to act like that you need a clobber around the head. With a shovel. Because it’s not okay. Having fun is one thing but this is crossing the line on so many levels. Just put some fucking clothes on and grow up.

Rachel Korine’s character seemed pretty irrelevant to me throughout the whole thing until she got shot in the arm and had to be carted off home. Selena Gomez played the only remotely normal and okay character in the entire film, Faith, who seemed to realise how wrong it all was before it was too late. Those who know me will know how much I fucking adore James Franco but this film seriously makes me question him as an actor. Not because of his acting, his acting and transformation into Alien was phenomenal but as to why he would want to be associated with a film like this. He’s definitely lost a lot of appeal after watching this film.

I cringed my way through 90 minutes of this film and skipped the last 5 because I didn’t even care how it ended. I don’t know what the purpose of this film was or what it was trying to achieve but to me it just gave an awful portrayal of young girls, boys and Americans in general. I’m British, so I’ve never had a ‘spring break’ and I’m fucking glad if that’s what they’re like! Someone from America please reassure me that all spring breaks aren’t like that? Usually films involving drunk teenagers having fun makes me miss being a teenager myself but Spring Breakers honestly left me thankful that I’ve grown up.


  1. THIS IS NOTHING like America. Pure trash…and you would expect something like this from Hudgens and Benson obviously.

    1. I’m so glad you’ve cleared that up for me! Haha. It gave an awful impression of what spring break is like for Americans especially for people like me who don’t know what a spring break is anyway!

      1. Haha :). I feel bad for us Americans sometimes. Spring Break is supposed to be a one week break before the beginning of April. Its supposed to be fun or boring..whatever you choose. But there are messed up people that create movies like that and ruin it for everyone else.

  2. Great review! BUT NOOO!! In no way are we like that in Spring Break. Sometimes we do nothing at all or we go to cruises or to a families house. Only the idiot teens do that. But most of us Americans do not do that. I can assure you that. As for this God Awful movie…I don’t know what the HELL were they trying to show. Sure there is partying in America and stuff but this was just pure fiction. I can assure you that.

  3. As an Anerican, I can honestly say that I have never been on a stupid spring break like that. I have standards and I don’t need to be drunk, high, and/or naked to have fun. I have only known a few people to actually go on those “adventures” but they think it’s funny how they don’t remember their trip or how they blew all of that money. Not my sense of humor, I suppose. We’re not all like that, I promise!

  4. I’m yet to hear a good review for the movie.
    When I originally saw the trailer I was actually shocked that it was a legit movie and didn’t go straight to DVD.
    Also I thought maybe it was a different James Franco as this movie looked like a joke and I expected better from him!

    1. I’m surprised it was in the cinema too tbh, although obviously I didn’t see it at the time.
      He does look absolutely ridiculous in the film and although the acting from him is actually very good, I agree that this was definitely a bit low for him.

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