This entire month has revolved around books for me. With my readathon, getting accepted onto bookbridgr (which may be the best website in the entire world!) becoming part of Sarah J. Pepper’s street team, my blogoversary and purchasing my very first Kindle! So I’ve re-named it ‘Book & Bookish Things Haul’ for this month so I have an excuse to take pictures of all my bookish things to share with you – not just books! Enjoy!


First of all, look at my swanky new Kindle! I’ve been putting off getting a Kindle for months and months partly because I didn’t have the money and partly because I genuinely didn’t think I’d need one. I read all my eBooks on my laptop so why would I need a Kindle? I’m so glad I decided to get one now though because books are so easy to read on it and it’s a lot easier on my eyes too!


This month I also became a part of Sarah J. Pepper, author of ‘Death of the Mad Hatter”s street team! We get first look at anything to do with Sarah’s future books and I can reveal she is working on something new that is looking to be amazing! She sent us all some exclusive ‘Death of the Mad Hatter’ goodies including key chains and signed cards which I started handing out to friends and sending them to the bloggers I write too! If you want any of the swag, just let me know and I’ll send you some!


These two I bought myself and will you just look at the cover for ‘Where Rainbows End’?! I love Cecelia and her stories. She’s so pretty and smart and her books are so eye-opening and heart warming, she really does write like she’s way older than she actually is. Anyway, I won’t go off on a tangent about how much I love Cecelia Ahern, just appreciate how pretty this cover is please. I bought ‘A Picture of Dorian Gray’ after watching the film a few weeks ago. After reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ earlier this month I’d like to start reading more classics!


These two I bought when I was away in Wales for the weekend. We came across a little second hand book shop in the town of Rhos-on-Sea. It was run by a cute man in giant glasses and a bow tie! There were thousands of books in this tiny shop, piled all the way to the ceiling but because I was on a book buying ban I only bought two. Oops. I’ve been dying to read a Rebecca Chance book for ages and my mum read ‘Room’ and said it was brilliant so I couldn’t resist. I bought ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and ‘Sea Sisters’ from an online second-hand book store after PayPal sent me a voucher code, damn you PayPal.


Here’s where things went a bit wrong this month. Like I said, I was accepted on bookbridgr – for those that don’t know it’s a site where you can post “bridg” all your book reviews, interviews and articles for publishers to find and request review copies. I was like a kid in a sweet shop…

DSCN2983-1 (2)

I have been dying to read ‘Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock’ for months so when I saw it on bookbridgr, ready to be requested I was wasting no time. I’ve heard great things about that book so I’m thoroughly looking forward to reading it. ‘The Lemon Grove’ is one I’ve read extremely mixed reviews about, which is actually the main reason why I want to read it. The cover is absolutely gorgeous though! ‘The Troop’ by Nick Cutter is one I hadn’t heard of before but the blurb literally sent shivers down my spine. It’s a horror and man does it sound scary. I frickin love a good horror that makes you not want to turn your light off at night and I think this may be one that does just that.


Here is a gorgeous copy of ‘Bittersweet’ by Colleen McCullough courtesy of Becci from Head of Zeus. Becci is like Santa for book bloggers. Seriously give her a mince pie and she’ll send you tons of brilliant books!

DSCN2984 (2)

I’ve been after a copy of ‘The Dead Wife’s Handbook’ for months and Kirsty from Theloveofagoodbook very kindly sent me one of her copies to read, thank you!


Lastly, it’s the gorgeous VIP launch day copy of ‘Shannon’s Law’ I received from Emma as a thank you for being one of the first to read it and the very first person ever to review it! It’s a gorgeous copy and I have a quote on the black of it which is amazing!


Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think?


  1. Isn’t bookbridgr great? I’ve requested two books from there and literally received them within two days. And I was emailed and told they’d been posted! Impressive.

    Yay, Kindle Paperwhite! I don’t know how you put up with reading ebooks off a computer screen – isn’t that really tiring?

    I have that exact edition of Catcher in the Rye – it’s a good book, even if not much really happens =) Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock was a pretty beautiful story, tragic and it totally turned my feelings towards Leonard around halfway through and made me feel like a horrible person. I’ve got Matthew Quick’s newest book from Netgalley as well – have you requested that one? The Troop sounds amazing, doesn’t it??

    1. Same! They’re very quick and efficient!

      Reading books on the laptop was okay ever once in a while, but it was getting more and more and it look a toll on my eyes big time. Getting a Kindle was one of the BEST decisions.

      I’m reading Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock at the moment – only a few pages in so I can’t judge just yet but I have heard loads of great things about it. The Troop does sound incredible! I love a good scare 🙂 I haven’t requested Matthew Quick’s new one no – I don’t use Netgalley!

  2. Aww those cards and key chains look so cute. I’ve read room and it was amazing. One of those books that really touches your heart. I cried a lot whilst reading it because it was so beautifully written. Enjoy x

  3. Amazing haul. I want everything!

    I’ve read Dorian Gray and I was lukewarm towards it. However, The Catcher in the Rye is one of my FAVOURITE books. Can’t adequately express how much I love Holden and his thoughts, but I know it isn’t to everybody’s taste. I’ll be interested to see what you think!

    1. Hmmmm, I’m intrigued about that book because I’ve heard it’s VERY different from the film. Same concept just executed differently so we’ll see. I’m looking forward to reading Catcher in the Rye and I’ve heard a lot of people say how good it is, yay!

  4. What a lovely collection of bookish stuff! I’m honoured to be included in such an auspicious selection of ‘bed fellows’! I find the Kindle is fantastic for tired eyes – my font just gets bigger and bigger as the day draws on. Many thanks Jenny and good luck with the readathon. Emma x

    1. The only reason I bought that really was because it’s one of those books I feel like I HAVE to read haha. I’m glad you liked it though, I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks!

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