Hello there my dear readers! As another rollercoaster year comes towards its end, there’s no doubt my blog and my blogging “life” has played a huge part in it. Today I wanted to look back over my blogging year, outline my aims for the year ahead and recognise some blogs that I absolutely adored this year!


My Blogging Year: What Happened?

Well, despite a pretty lengthy blogging break just over halfway through the year which was completely unexpected but very, very much needed, I think I would consider 2015 a very successful blogging year for me. I reached 1,000 unique WordPress followers, which is absolutely insane but a massive milestone for me and one I’m extremely proud of. I’ve also noticed my posts engage 20 times better with readers than they have ever done before. The interaction on some of my blog posts this year has literally been overwhelming but I couldn’t be happier that you guys are enjoying what I write. I also got nominated for Blog of the Year this year at the Lovestories Awards! I didn’t win, but it was a huge honour to be nominated and another massive achievement for me and my little blog.

My Best Blog Posts

I think this year more than any other, I’ve ventured into “other” types of posts and I’m really, really glad I did because it’s made me much more motivated and helped me enjoy blogging that little bit more. Obviously everyone has blog posts that do well and some that don’t do as well and everyone has their own posts that they prefer for whatever reason, whether it be it was more fun to write, got a better reception or another reasons so here are a few of mine which I really enjoyed this year!

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Blogs I’ve Loved This Year!

Of course there’s always room for some shout outs and to praise the blogs you’ve loved reading recently. Here is a little list of some blogs I’ve been particularly drawn too this year, all of which are written by incredible ladies who you should definitely check out (there are so more I could name but this post would be far too long otherwise!)

Underland to Wonderland: I only found Danielle’s blog this year, where the hell have I been?! Being another massive Disney fan, Underland to Wonderland is a blog I frequently read and have advertised with more than once.

Dorkface: I love the positivity Jemma’s blog brings and the range of blog posts. And of course, I can’t not mention #girlgang that she set up in December which I’m very happy to be a part of! (Check out the button in my sidebar!)

Absolutely Lucy: Lucy has always been one of my favourite bloggers and writers but this year I’ve followed her blog religiously as she set out travelling in January. Her travel posts are fantastic and I am so jealous!

Andieology: This is a blog I have a very love/hate relationship with. I love it because it’s just perfect. Everything is perfect. The posts, the writing, the photos. I hate it because it makes me jealous.

Blogging Aim for 2016

I am rubbish at these but that never stops me writing a little list and just, hoping for the best at the end of every year! My blogging aims for 2016 are:

  • Reach 1,500 unique blog followers
  • Increase my social media following; Twitter and Facebook
  • Collaborate and work with brands more and hopefully start doing sponsored posts
  • Be more consistent. Even if I don’t blog every day, which is something I will probably never do, I’d still like to always have blog posts scheduled and ready throughout the year
  • Be more creative with my blog photos and learn some tips for better blog photography
  • Get back into book blogging more!

What are your blogging aims for 2016? And what have you achieved this year with your blog? Let me know because I’d love to hear about and celebrate all your achievements!


  1. I’ve been considering starting a book blog. It seems daunting but your blog is one of the reasons why I might start. Thanks for everything and happy holidays! 😀

  2. My blog has had a sluggish year this year, maybe because I didn’t have a book released this year. I’m sure to have a different outcome for next year when I release my second novel.

    Really my blogging goal for 2016 is to get more followers and more people to comment on my posts. It’s so RARE that people take the time to comment, and I’m hoping that will change in the new year.

    1. I agree but I have noticed a dip in comments lately and I’ve seen a few people talk about it on Twitter as well. I think probably because we’re at the end of the year and everyone is busy plus they’re also working on their own blogs that little bit harder maybe? Who knows. I used to comment on so many blog posts but I’ve definitely been slipping in that area of blogging lately, shamefully. That’s another goal I should add to my list!

  3. Congratulations on your blogging successes this year! Sometimes we all need that unexpected break from blogging, you know? It happens!
    And good luck with your 2016 goals, YOU CAN DO IT! 😊

    1. Oh absolutely! Sometimes, the most unexpected breaks are the ones that do the most good (: They’re the ones you NEED to take. You too lovely! Looking forward to chatting in the New Year & you DEFINITELY need to come and visit London! (: xx

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