As an anxiety sufferer, I spend an awful lot of time worrying. Often, about anything and everything – particularly when I have an event in the distant near future that I’m slightly apprehensive about. It could be anything, from a holiday, a day out or a party but the thing they all have in common is that I will end up worrying about them viciously for daysa – sometimes weeks – before they happen. It sucks and I wish I could just experience the excitement that comes with a looming holiday or a big event but unfortunately for me, that’s not the case but I do have ways of dealing with these sometimes overwhelming nerves which I want to share with you below, in case any of you feel the same.

How I Deal With Nerves About Upcoming Events

Look after myself first: Despite how nervous I may be about something, particularly on the day it’s happening, I always try and make sure I feel okay in myself before I attempt to do anything. To me, this means drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Taking a multi-vitamin and my hay fever tablet to prevent any unwanted sneezing fits or sinus headaches which are bound to make things worse and taking the time to just sit and breathe.

Be organised: If I’m going on holiday or going out for the day, I try and be super organised – usually with a to-do list – and get all my stuff together and ready the night before so that on the day, I’m left with the bare minimum to do and worry about having to do. I will leave the outfit I’m wearing for the day out, along with underwear, jewellery and anything else so I literally don’t have to think about a thing and will avoid any unnecessary rushing.

Eat plainly and sensibly: I don’t know about anyone else, but when I feel nervous, I find it extremely difficult to eat. Then when I do eat, sometimes the overwhelming nerves make me feel sick. So whenever I have an upcoming event that’s likely to make me nervous, on the day I will always try and eat and plainly as possible and avoid any strong smells or flavours that could make me feel even more sick, especially when I don’t want to eat in the first place.

Take Kalm’s tablets and Bach’s Rescue Remedy spray: Those that know me know that I love these herbal remedies for anxiety (I talk about them more in this post). They really do take the edge off and keeping one to hand is perfect for when you’re feeling overly anxious about something. Even if it’s only the psychological feeling of having taken them, as long as they help, that’s all that matters.

Take the time to do something I enjoy: Even though it may only take my mind off of it for 10 minutes, it’s still so important to forget about everything for a while and just do something fun. Whether that’s reading a book, gardening, taking the dog for a walk – it doesn’t matter – I just try and get out of my own head and put my focus elsewhere.

Talk about it: Like with any mental health worry, talking about it is sometimes the easiest and best thing you can do for yourself. It doesn’t matter who – mum, dad, friend – just someone you trust. I also find writing things down helps, which is why I am writing this post! Get all your thoughts down onto paper or into a blog post and not only does it distract you for a while, it can sometimes put your worries into perspective.

Take it one hour at a time: Time is a funny thing. When you want it to  go slow, it flies by and when you want it to go quick, a minute can feel like an hour. Naturally, when I’m terribly nervous about something, time always goes so ridiculously quick. When that’s the case, I like to take things one hour at a time. If I have lots of things to do, I’ll pick a couple of them to do in that hour and try and focus as much as I can on the hour I’m in and not worry about how much closer to the event I’m getting.

Do you do any of these things when you’re nervous or worried about an upcoming event? Is there anything else you do to help keep the nerves at bay? Let me know!


  1. It took me until I was an adult to realize that what I suffered from as a child was anxiety. It doesn’t plague me quite like it used to, but I find myself still nervous whenever I have to do something “new.” For example, meeting up with a new friend at a place I haven’t been to before. I find that self-talking helps me. I also talk about it a lot with my husband and friends so they can encourage me and remind me that it’s totally normal to be nervous but totally normal to go and have a good time! Love this post!

  2. Lots of good tips Jenny, talking about it is a good one. Bottling it up is always a bad idea, it’s always good to talk. My daughter suffers from exam anxiety so I’m trying to support her as much as I can with the GCSE’s coming up. A stressful time, no doubt there will be lots of tears, but we talk about it and I hope that helps her. I will be so glad when the exams are all over.

  3. Definitely can relate to this. Unfortunately I forget to do #1 a lot and that makes everything so much harder. I must get better at that. And I can definitely relate to the not eating part. When my anxiety’s at it’s worst.. I don’t have any appetite and can’t even think of food without feeling sick. Great tips you’ve shared here 🙂

  4. I can so relate to this! And like you I find it so sad not to be able to ever really be excited about any upcoming event because I’m too busy having to control my anxiety. That’s why the more it goes the less I plan because I find that anything that’s planned makes me anxious so spontaneous works better for me. But of course in life we can’t just do things as and when we want so the rest of the time we have to deal with that annoying anxiousness in the pit of our stomachs every time there’s something happening. I try to just keep moving when I’m anxious. The more I sit down or lie down the more I think about it and stress out, so I just try to keep busy. I’m grateful for my kids because looking after them often helps me to forget myself and my anxiousness because I’m focusing on them instead. Anyway, thanks for the advice and good luck – just know that you’re not alone 🙂

  5. I’m afraid I’m new to the whole anxiety thing, I’m having a bit of trouble keeping calm about multitasking and about deadlines and things like that but worse than that little things are starting to get to me too, if someone needs something for school the next day, or I’m not organised and we’re running late I can feel my heart rate speed up. It’s terrible and then you worry about worrying if you know what I mean. I was just thinking the other day I must start reading through your old posts on it, I always read just out of interest but never out of necessity if you know what I mean. Thanks for this, a lot of common sense that you forget in the moment x

  6. I can definitely relate with you here! Especially the not being able to eat part! Sometimes when i’m just going for a long drive, and I KNOW were going for a long drive, I get terrible anxiety! I think its because I used to always get car sick on long drives growing up and now I just associate every long drive with getting sick so eating anything usually ends up in me getting sick- it totally sucks! These are all really great tips! 🙂

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