How I Prepare for a Short Trip Away

I love taking short breaks away from home – even if it’s just for 1 night. I always find it helps to keep me grounded: a change of scenery and truly be good for the soul I believe. So if I have a chance to go away anyway, I’ll almost always take it. The excitement, the build up and packing fills me with a lot of joy. Long car journeys, checking into hotels or quirky little guest houses and being somewhere completely new that you’ve never seen before – I love it all. But of course, I’m not immune to the stress that sometimes comes with it, so today I wanted to share some ways that I personally prepare for a trip away.


Get up early: I always try and get up as early as realistically possible on a day where I know I’m going to be off somewhere. Not too early that I get absolutely shattered by lunchtime but early enough so I don’t have to rush and add even more stress to a hectic day.

Write a to-do list: Y’all know I write to-do lists religiously (and some of you might resonate with this post) but to-do lists are like my Bible when I’m going away somewhere. I will literally write every single thing down that I need to do, even as simple as “brush teeth” so I don’t forget.

Start packing a few days before: I never, ever leave packing till the last minute. The thought of doing that sends me into a cold sweat. Around 2 days before I’m due to go, I’ll always pack some things that I won’t necessarily need until I leave, like spare PJ’s or undies.

Research routes: I always like to research the route to ensure we leave at the correct time and check for any traffic there may be along the way. For a slightly longer journey, this is always helpful to check when services or stopping points are because needing a wee in the car is just the worst…

How do you prepare for holidays or short breaks? What is crucial for you to ensure a stress free day?


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