I absolutely love other people’s birthdays. I hate my own but someone else’s, I am all down for spoiling them, making a fuss of them, presents, cakes, balloons, decorations – you name it, I’ll go all out for someone else. I just love someone knowing that it’s all about them for that one day and it’s never a bad thing to show someone how special they are! It was my boyfriend’s 29th birthday at the beginning of the month and I wanted to do just that this year because I knew how much he was dreading turning 29. So I wanted to share a bit of it with you as well! 

First of all, you may have seen but I collaborated with Baker Days for my boyfriend’s birthday as they very kindly sent me a letterbox cake to review – and eat! It was marvellous and I would highly recommend the brand and you can check out my full post on the Letterbox Cake here! Onto presents! Boys are so difficult to buy for – especially boys you’ve already bought everything for! This year, his “main present” was this sound wave print of his favourite song, “Growing On Me” by the Darkness which I got from Not On The High Street. I loved this as it’s so unique and will be different for everyone as we all have different favourite songs! You can choose the wave line colour and the background colour too.

Some other little things he received was a Make Your Own Racing Car kit from Moonpig, which is gonna be so much fun as we both love motor racing. And a Slytherin T-Shirt because he’s a very loyal Slytherin (and so am I!) I also got him a Star Wars themed card and some Star Wars balloons! (I couldn’t resist… who wouldn’t want a giant BB-8 in their house?)

For his birthday, we attended the 40 Years of Williams event at Silverstone, which was free but it was a fantastic day and we stayed over in a hotel nearby and drove home the following morning. Now the day we drove home was his actual birthday and I didn’t want the celebrations and fun stuff to stop there once the event was over. So I got in touch with his best friend who lives in Birmingham (I live in Essex) who he hasn’t seen in months and month and got him to come down and meet us at my house, which was a great surprise. We spent the day doing things, had a Domino’s Pizza in the evening and played a ton of games.

My aim for my blog from June going forward was to talk about more personal things, things that relate to only me and smaller little insights into my life and what I get up to so I thought this was a great opportunity to do that. I hope you enjoyed this more “unedited” post and a little insight into my boyfriend’s birthday weekend!


  1. I absolutely love organising other peoples birthdays, and I especially love buying presents, although my boyfriend hates it all! It looks like you guys had so much fun though, and the Silverstone event looked great!

  2. Sounds like a great birthday party! Quite geeky but I would love it! xx corinne

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