If you’re looking for a diverse country to visit, then a trip to Turkey can be hard to beat. It has a vast landscape, with a variety of open spaces. If you want mountains, it offers that. If you want stunning beaches, then it offers that too. There are sleepy villages and vibrant cities, so there really is something for everyone. The landscape is diverse, as are the people and the cultures in the country. But one of the best things about travel to Turkey is that it is really affordable. The food is cheap, as well as accommodation. Flights over there are pretty affordable too. But of late, many people have had concerns about travel to Turkey. But you don’t want all of that to put you off as the country has so much to offer. Here are some of the top things to do in Turkey, especially on the Western coast. Have you ever been before?

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This place is not comparable by many other places or sites, just because of the sheer magnitude of it all. There is something for every visitor here as you explore the Roman ruins and get a bit of a glimpse into Roman life. You can even get Ephesus Tours From Kusadasi and other places along the coast, so if you haven’t hired a car, you can still get out and about and explore. The highlight of the area has to be the Temple of Hadrian, found on Curetes Street. It dates back from 138 AD, so as you can imagine, it is a sight to behold. A must for history buffs and tourists alike. “Before a cultural trip to Ephesus, you can read the articles on Ephesus Travel Blog to learn more about the area.”


Pamukkale is situated just a little north of the city of Denizli; it is another cultural experience showing off the history and culture of the country. Back in the day, the waters were used for hydrotherapy in many religious and cult practices. But since it became a World Heritage Site, bathing or walking into the cascading waters is no longer permitted. However, you can still enjoy the beauty of it all. Hierapolis is also worth a visit as it is just adjacent to the waterfalls, and also has World Heritage Status. It is an ancient city that has been pretty well preserved and is just fascinating to wander around and explore.


Bodrum is where you want to go if you like to party! It does have many historical attractions, but also plenty of yachts and bars to make it the party capital. The 15th-century Crusader Castle of St Peter is one of the top historical attractions in the city. It highlights some amazing reconstructions of trading ships from the Bronze Age; a fascinating spectacle. Bodrum is also on the part of the coast that is facing the Greek island of Kos, so as you can imagine, there are plenty of boat trips offering a day trip to the Greek island. So if you’re after visiting two countries in one trip, then this could be for you.

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