10 beneficial things you can do for yourself each day 

If you know me or follow my blog you might be aware that I’m a huge advocate for self-care. Self-care is a term I’ve only really come to know (and love) since starting blogging. Before joining the big ol’ blogosphere, I obviously knew we had to take care of ourselves, take time for ourselves and focus on our physical and mental wellbeing – but I didn’t realize quite how important and crucial it was. Especially the mental side of the coin. 

My relationship with self-care comes in waves and it’s certainly not as healthy as I wish it was. For example, I tend to be able to focus more on self care when I’m in a good place mentally. Which isn’t necessarily the time when you need to focus on self-care. And when I’m in a dreadful place mentally? I sometimes just punish myself even more. Which I know I shouldn’t do. It’s something I’m working on and will continue to work on and it’s important to just notice where you’re not in alignment with your focuses and beliefs.

But, like I said, I focus on self-care to an extent every single day. I don’t believe there’s a single day that should go by when you don’t take care of yourself and put your needs first – even just for 10 minutes. The littlest of things can also make the biggest impact, especially if they’re done repetitively and incorporated into a routine. Here are X things that I do every single day which I find are beneficial to you and your self-care and wellbeing!

1. Writing down something I’m grateful for every single day: and a perfect excuse to buy a cute new notebook. I’ve been doing this every day for almost a year now and whilst some days it’s hard, it makes you reflect on the good, rather than the bad.

2. Drink enough water: if you don’t like plain water, try a infused bottle crammed with fruit! That way, you’ll stay hydrated and get nutrients and your water will taste sweet and fruity.

3. Stretch: nothing fancy, just super basic stretches of your arms, legs, fingers and neck. Noticing any tightness or pain that might need to be looked at later on in the day.

4. Yoga: I always try at do some yoga each day. Whether that’s 10 or 40 minutes. I like Tara Lee, who has some fab DVD’s and Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.

5. Take care of my skin: just making sure all your make-up is off and your skin is clean and taking that time to focus on you.

6. Eat breakfast: I never miss breakfast, again, I find this is ‘me’ time. I tend to pop a YouTuber I like on to watch whilst I’m eating.

7. Putting my phone down: this is something I’ve really been trying to incorporate more recently and that’s switching off from social media for a few hours every day. Twitter will be there when you get back.

8. Read: as an avid bookworm and book lover, I’ve always done this and I believe I’m better off for it. But I 100% read every single day. If you don’t like reading novels, find something you do like.

9. Tidy up: a clear space means a clear head. One of the first things I do every morning is tidy my room (because I work from home). But if you work in an office, tidying your desk could have the same effect.

10. Do something I enjoy: I usually opt for watching a documentary or binging on YouTube, playing my favorite video games (Until Dawn on the PS4 is my current game of choice!) or watching a film. Please, take time to do something you like even if it feels unproductive.

What do you take the time to do for yourself each day which improves your mental or physical well-being or incorporates self-care? Let’s chat!


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Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.

86 thoughts on “10 beneficial things you can do for yourself each day 

  1. Love an excuse to buy a new notebook too. I’ve really started to enjoy reading wellness/ mindfulness magazines there is one called breathe which has little bits of things to do in to relax and give yourself me time.

    Jen xxx

  2. Since I moved to do my masters, I’ve realised how little I look after myself. I only read for uni, my sleep is all over the place and I’ve not been drinking enough water lately either! It’s about time I started looking after me so thank you for your top tips!

    Sian x

  3. I love this! I really need to get into eating breakfast again, i just can’t stomach food so early in the morning! X

  4. Jenny, I really, really needed this today. Its so easy to get caught up in things and try to think so hard about ‘bigger picture’ things to make you feel better when you’re right – doodling, sketching, stretching … it’s so nice to have time to do these things. I’ve been meaning to start a gratitude journal for ages too, I think it’s such a lovely idea!
    Bookmarking this for days when I’m in need of self-care 🙂
    Kate x

  5. I love this post. Self care is so important!! The one thing I struggle with is putting my phone down. It just has everything on it. Whether it’s texting my mum, blogging, Facebook, making plans, booking clients in… or taking photos of Jake… I am always off it when playing with Jake though so I guess that’s time away from it haha xxxxxxx


  6. I could definitely use with doing the first one! I always forget about the good things on a day to day basis and it would be so helpful x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

  7. This is absolutely fab Jenny! I definitely agree that having a few hours away from your phone can be hugely beneficial and I always have to have breakfast otherwise I can’t function properly x

  8. I’m such a big believer in turning off your phone in the evening and staying off social media and burying your head in a book for a few hours before you sleep. It honestly does wonders for my mental health, when I’m feeling overwhelmed with modern life! Loved reading your tips, so interesting to see how other people switch off! Self care is so important xx

  9. I’ve been doing number 1 the gratitude journal on and off for years, I tend to use it more when I’m more depressed to force myself to be positive, and less when I’m ok because I am able to acknowledge my happy positives whilst I experience them xx

  10. I’m definitely like you, in that I find it easiest to focus on self-care when I seem to need it the least. I think this is a really helpful post! ‘Stretch’ is definitely a helpful tip. Sometimes just getting up and having a walk around can make a difference. I also find that making my bed every day helps in that my room seems so much tidier and comfortable, and if I’m ever starting to feel like my mental health is starting to slip and I’m feeling like I’m slipping into a rut, I always go and brush my teeth. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel fresher and gives me a little bit of a boost.


  11. These are all such important self care steps! So often we neglect the very basics, when life is so hectic! I’ve actually been trying to implement most of these things into my life, it’s crazy how hard it is, but I’m definitely getting there! Loved this post ❤ x


  12. I love this post, really need to take aome more “me” time even if it is reading a book or taking care of my skin xz

  13. Number 7 is sooo good. Being online all the time can be a bit addictive as we forget about the things around us. I agree so much with this. Every time I switch off my phone I have suddenly so much free time and my mind can relax properly. 🙂

  14. I don’t practice self-care anywhere nearly as much as I probably should do. I drink lots of water and I read in bed but that’s about it from your list! That said, my “me time” is going out with my daughter when we don’t have anything in particular to do. That time together is so precious and I always feel joyful afterwards. I’ll have to try and incorporate a few more of your tips into my day though, it’s a fab list! X

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

  15. I really enjoyed reading this, self-care is incredibly important and is something that I personally need to do more. Some great tips and ideas, I used to love doing yoga daily but I haven’t done it for a year or so now. Xx

  16. This made me realise how little I care for myself when I’m feeling really low! I suppose that goes with the territory though. I definitely agree with reading- it really does soothe me, and takes me away into a different world for a little while.

  17. I love to do yoga with Adrienne 💕 I love Yoga Girl too. Great posts with good tips. I love reading too and drinking water is sooo important. Self care doesn’t need to be big stuff. It’s those little things which counts

  18. I enjoy escaping to my favorite park for a “mental boost.” I take a blanket and lay out. It’s so peaceful to me. It’s my way of taking a break from everything and everyone for a moment and sitting with myself to recharge.

  19. Until Dawn is so good!! Perfect game for this time of year. I love this list, I’m always bad at really taking care of myself, especially mentally. Gonna try a couple of these that I haven’t before (like stretching each day!) Thanks so so much for sharing ♡♡

  20. I totally agree with so many of these – particularly stepping away from social media! I find that when I’m really unhappy, Twitter just makes me feel more left out and sad. I need to work harder at breakfast though, but I’m finally in a skincare routine which makes me feel so much more productive and happy – it’s like those 15 minutes of properly looking after myself really make a difference to my mood.
    I love all your tips, thanks for sharing!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  21. I have to agree about the eating breakfast thing. I think it sets you up for the day. Popping an vlog on is such a great way to start your day.
    Love this list.
    Emmajaderamselll.wordpress.com xxx

  22. Even though it isn’t something “small”, I always relax and enjoy cooking. Or simply preparing to cook – since my boyfriend loves his spices and the actual cooking – by cutting up all the veggies and such. [Bonus: mostly healthy food, which also is a boost for me!]

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