There are many different types of holidays and destinations across the globe and one of the most popular are beach breaks. Spending a couple of weeks lounging on soft, white sand and enjoying a good book and better cocktails is a better way than any to spend a trip away from the difficulties of life at home.

Finding paradise is not an easy feat, especially when your idea of paradise will differ hugely from the ideas your friends have. But if there is one place long-haul that can absolutely be called paradise, it’s Thailand. Beaches, culture, food and fun are all part and parcel of a trip away here, but try not to go it alone. Part of the fun of a decent holiday away is going as a group and enjoying exploring new places and trying new foods together. Finding the best spots away is easier with companies that specialise in Thailand Tours & Travel – G Adventures. There’s no need to wonder about the best places in Thailand to go when you have the right company on your side to organise it all for you.

Getting tied up in the best beaches around the world is so much easier when you have a destination in mind and can literally plot your trip from sandy shore to sandy shore. Lapping up the waves doesn’t get much prettier than the ones you find in Thailand, so slip on those sunglasses and check out our list of beaches that must be seen!

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Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe.

Both party destination and laid-back lounging location, Koh Lipe is rife with tropical coves and Sunrise Beach is just one of them. The clear, turquoise waters are perfectly matched against the soft white sand. Mass tourism hasn’t spoiled the idyllic paradise here as yet, so making it a priority on your beach bucket list is a must.

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Main Beach, Koh Kradan.

Not just a beach, this one can be found in the south of Koh Lanta. Two kilometres of beautiful sandy shore that is also part national park, Main Beach gives you views of the limestone outcrops out in the ocean. Jump into a kayak and take a few hours around the island in calm waters. Taking in the sights here includes a coral reef bursting with exotic fish!

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Chaweng, Koh Samui.

Chaweng is not a place that is untouched by tourism, but it is one that lures you in. Pale sands and palm trees frame the perfect beach full of water sports, fun and an atmosphere to be excited to be involved in. Snorkelling is popular here, and you can bet that you won’t feel anything less than in paradise while you visit.

Tranquillity is the aim of the game when seeking out the best Thai beaches. You need a bucket list so that you can get that satisfied feeling of ticking things off as you visit them, and beaches should be the first thing on your list. Get out of the dreary commute and into the ocean as much as possible in Thailand.


  1. The sunrise beach looks stunning – I bet the view in the morning is absolutely stunning! I also really like the look of the main beach too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  2. Good read. I studied abroad in Thailand my senior year of college and loved it. I would love to go back someday and see the old stomping grounds. While I appreciate beaches, I’m more of a city girl, so that’s where I’d go on vacation.

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