I haven’t wrote a blog post in a good month now. I’ve not really been in the right frame of mind to do so and despite putting “write blog post” on my to-do list every day for the past 2 weeks, it hasn’t happened, I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it because you know what happens to blog posts when your heart’s not in it? They’re shit, that’s what. But this is something I’ve been thinking quite a lot about recently; my vision and goals for my blog and my book touring business for next year.

2018 is fast approaching, like, really fast. I swear only 4 days ago it was summer? So for the organised, goal-orientated people like myself, it’s probably time we start thinking about our goals and aims for next year so we can build up a good base in which to start. I don’t want to be too adventurous and what’s the word? Ambitious, with my goals. I want them to be small and realistic so I can build upon them throughout the year. So lo and behold, here they are!

Blog: Hit 7k blog followers

At the time of writing, I currently have 3,957, so assuming I continue working hard and producing content (and don’t scrap my blog altogether), I would like to think this is a doable goal.

Blog: Hit 10k on Twitter

Again, at the time of writing I have just over 7,700 Twitter followers so unless I post something awfully problematic and lose all my followers in the next month, I think this is achieveable.

Business: Hit a certain amount of savings 

I’m not gonna disclose how much I’d like to hit; y’all know how folk are funny about money and they’ll always be one judgy-wudgy sitting in the corner smirking at how much I have but I have a figure in mind and I’m gonna try my very hardest to hit it.

Blog: Start a newsletter 

This has been in the back of my mind as something I’ve wanted to do for a good few months now but the only reason I hadn’t was because I didn’t think enough people would read it! I figure even if 10 people read and enjoy it that’s good enough for me so expect a newsletter in 2018 folks!

Business: Offer new and inovative services for authors 

As blog tours go, they are pretty standard. I want to continue to grow my business, get new clients and keep my old ones because they’re happy with my work and to do that, I think I need to do a bit of brainstorming. This year, I introduced a “weekend blitz” blog tour, which have been very popular so if I can come up with something just as good, then great!

Blog: Read more and review more books

You might know that this started as a book blog, I posted so many reviews and I read so much. And whilst I still always have multiple books on the go, I’m definitely a slow reader and don’t have as many reviews up as I would like. Next year, I want to try and rectify that by regularly having a book review scheduled for perhaps once a week.

I’m sure I will have plenty more goals for next year but here are the main ones which revolve around my blog and my business – my livelihood so to speak! What are your blogging goals for next year? 


  1. I’m not sure why this appeared in my feed today but I enjoyed reading it. My main goal for my blog is to stick to it and not give it up before the years end. I’d like to establish a regular following or at least a community of people I can bounce ideas off of online. I’d like to take as many writing course as I can find (for free) as to improve my technical ability!

  2. Love your goals! I’m also trying to grow and it can be so hard. I’m ringing setting concrete goals to be so helpful. Best of luck!!

  3. Wonderful idea, setting these goals! Sheryl Sandberg says “What we see ourselves becoming is often what we become.” Setting those goals makes it so much more likely that you’ll succeed!
    I personally like setting goals just because it gives me a direction. I’ve noticed that if I don’t at least set my course, I end up doing nothing.

  4. I think your goals all sound excellent and very achievable! I would definitely sign up to your newsletter if/when you create one! My goals are pretty basic – I REALLY want to be much more consistent with posting next year. I’d like to try and post every second day and take blogging a bit more seriously – we’ll have to see how that goes!
    Beth x

  5. I love this! Yay for being so crazy organised! I love when people have follower goals, I’m so in awe of it! I’m so slack with those goals. But my main goal for 2018 is to build my instagram following <3

    Claudia xo

  6. I loved reading about your blogging goals and I am sure that you are going to hit them all! For me my goals is to just keep going and enjoy blogging and continue to take part in the community. Keeping it simple this year though I’m sure the year after I will be making some proper ones!

  7. That lack of motivation to write feeling is the worst! I think it’s a great idea to set out your goals in one place and have something to aim towards. When I first started blogging I had no idea where it was going to take me but I think I’ll make some goals for the next year!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  8. How are we almost hitting 2018? It’s crazy, for me… it feels like we’ve only just begun 2017. It’s been quite the year. I think I might do a post like this so I have my goals all laid out somewhere and I can go back and remind myself. I feel like it will deffo kick me into gear too as its out there in the open haha!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx | http://www.debrabow.com

  9. I think these are all completely achievable goals, you work so hard that I don’t see how you can not hit these targets. I’d love to read a newsletter from you next year, I’ll definitely be signing up for that 🙂 Good luck, I know you’ll smash them! xx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasanotebook.com

  10. Great post, definitely a good time to start thinking about stuff! I have already started mine, as it is simply to get off the ground and give myself time to write more. I work full time and with a lot of stuff going on elsewhere at the moment there just hasn’t been a moment spare to invest in my blog let alone myself really.

    Jen xxx

  11. I haven’t been feeling like blogging myself; I don’t know why really.
    I like your goals, I think they are very doable and I wish you all the best with them. Might just have to become a client. 🙂

  12. Those all sound like good goals! I also want to build my blog up next year, but I’m starting on a much small scale since I’m so new to book blogging. What is your secret for so many twitter followers?? 😳 I’m going on 53 after one month lol.

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