As you may know, I’m not really a traveler in the sense that I’m not planning to up sticks and travel around Asia for the foreseeable future. I admire those that do lead a travelling lifestyle and some of my favourite blogs are written by women who do just that. But personally, I don’t think that would work for me for a variety of reasons.

Holidays on the other hand, I am all down for. There’s nothing I love more than a week or a long weekend away from the norm, spending time away from work, away from my laptop 24/7 and just, being. Soaking up the atmosphere of wherever you are, enjoying the company you’re in and relaxing. Sometimes for the first time in months!

Whilst more recently I’ve only been on UK holidays such as The Lake District, Norfolk Broads and Snowdonia National Park, I have had my fair share of holidays abroad as well. I like to think I’ve been on a wide selection of trips from the fun of Disneyland, the heat of the Canary Islands, the slow pace of the Norfolk Broads and the snowy mountains of the French Alps. I absolutely love looking back over the holidays I’ve been on and thinking about what they mean to me. Because for me, memories are much more important than any physical possession I could possibly have.

And memories and moments are really what makes holidays so special to me. Of course you don’t need fancy hotels, blue sea and sand amongst your toes in order to make lovely memories – that can certainly be done from the comfort of your own home if the circumstances are right – but being away – anywhere – makes me look at the bigger picture. It makes me realise that really, spending time with people you love is the most important thing in life. When you’re cooped up, working, doing the chores and going about your daily life at home, it’s easy to forget that.

I also like to experience something and then leave. That might contribute to why I’ve never really felt the need to travel extensively but deep down, I like the feeling of experiencing something new and then leaving it behind with only photos and your own memories to hold of it. That might sound like a weird approach to holidays and often, leaving a holiday that I’m enjoying makes me a bit tearful. But to me, that means it was special. It means I enjoyed it and it means that I’ll probably remember it forever.

Whilst now I often go on holiday with my boyfriend, I’ve been on a fair few holidays abroad with my parents when I was in my teens. Spain and Majorca but our favourite destination was always the Canary Islands. Having been to Gran Caneria twice and Lanzarote and Tenerife once each I can safely say the Canaries were our destination of choice. They’re all so beautiful, with gorgeous hotels, reasonably priced and a lovely breeze all year round which can be a life saver in the dead of summer.

I often think back at my family holidays to the Canary Islands with my parents. Being an only child, they were all I had for holidays growing up. But that didn’t make them any less fun. We always tended to meet people in the hotel we stayed at and I always, always made friends abroad – one of which I still have on Facebook today! I know these are memories I’ll treasure forever; playing card games in the bar area, spending all day by the pool, taking part in the hotel’s activities and meeting fleeting friends along the way. I think the Canary Islands will always hold a special place in my heart for this very reason.

The Canary Islands are a gorgeous holiday destination for groups of friends, couples and families. There’s something for everyone. To the Canary Islands with Holiday Gems – find your perfect Canary Island holiday!

Have you ever been to the Canary Islands? Which one? What’s your favourite holiday destination? Are you a keen traveler or a short-term holiday maker like myself? Let me know!

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  1. Hi
    Have just come across your blog, I started my own earlier in the year as I do travel quite a bit. if your interested! Anyway the Canaries! I loved them when I was in my twenties and haven’t been back since, I’m now 60. My favourite was always Gran Canaria. My friend lives now in Fuerteventura but this is the one island I’ve never been. We’ve just returned from the UK and Croatia and Montenegro. Whats your favourite country? Mine is definitely Vietnam. x

  2. Love! I’m a holiday traveller for definite, also I loved Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria it was mine and my boyfriends first holiday and just something for everyone would love to go back one day when we have kids! X

  3. We’re pro’s at the staycation, but lately I’m more and more looking outside the borders (although ‘outside’ still being neighbouring countries). I also very much live off the memories made during holidays (or just simply time off). There’s often this unique atmosphere that really makes it special. Hahaha! I’ve now got Holiday by Madonna stuck in my head… 😉


  4. I loved reading this post! I agree with you in saying that I love to travel but not to pack everything into one bag and travel that way! I’ve been on loss of family holidays and the memories are key in my childhood. Like you, we also visited the canaries often and when we went to Tenerife, it what sparked my love for volcanoes!

    Liz xx

  5. I love holidays so much but I love more the making memories and spending time with the people I love! I love to adventure, explore and go out and do things and see what the place has to hold.
    Abbie X

  6. I love going on holiday, too! I’m the same as you though I like the idea of coming home and wouldn’t want to be away too long. I visited Lanzarote in January and it was SO beautiful, I can see why you enjoyed it so much, I would definitely go back. Particularly in summer time. I bet it’s a whole different experience. I loved this post! Now I can’t wait for my jolly holidays!

    Charlene McElhinney

  7. I love this post! I’m with you, I prefer short holidays rather than the idea of backpacking somewhere for months. I have so many memories from going on holiday when I was younger. Most of our holidays were at butlins in Skegness and we always had an amazing time. I always remember getting emotional about going back home when I was younger too! I feel like a UK holiday can be just as nice as a holiday abroad!


  8. I went to the Canary Islands when I was maybe 9, we went to Forterbentua (Apologies for the spelling) and it was one of my favourite holidays ever. Though my last holiday I took was three years ago but I’m hoping to be able to go away this Summer with some of my friends. Though my dream holiday would be able to to go to DIsneyland but that may not happen for a few years! I have a lot of saving to do!

    1. Fuerteventura I think you mean! That’s the only Canary Island I HAVEN’T been to haha! I need a good old holiday too. I’m hoping to do Disneyland Paris again soon (ish) xxx

  9. I’m a huge fan of holiday travels! My family and I enjoy taking one big trip every year, lately we’ve been drawn toward cruises. We like to go during the week of Thanksgiving so my two nephews don’t have to take much time off of school. Great post I love hearing about others holidays!

  10. My favorite destination is anywhere with a beach. I like travelling somewhere and getting my mind off things. It’s about the feeling not so much about activities, in the sense of sights.

  11. This is such an inspirational post! I’m so bad at getting away from everything for a while although I was thinking the other day about some of the places that I would love to visit. Reading this makes me feel like I do need to take more time out for just me. Beautiful post – and gorgeous pictures! Especially on a snowy day like today!

  12. Ouu this is such a fab post Jen! I love travelling I haven’t been able to do it recently but now after seeing this I’m really in the need of a vacation or just some sort of escape. This is the second post I’ve see for the day on Gran Canaria and I really want to go! Disneyland is amazing honestly and I get your point on holidays vs always travelling. I feel I’m more the travelling type lol I just need to get more travelling in 😂

    xx Lena |

  13. I love seeing what holidays mean to different people. I’m kind of half way between the holiday girl and the traveller. I have some great memories of childhood travels. I’m an only child too and my parents split when I was quite young. The result of that was my mum went somewhere with her boyfriend then I got to pick where we went together. New York at 11 was amazing 😂 x


  14. I love holidays too, I’m definitely not a typical ‘traveller’ because I like pretty expensive holidays and haven’t got enough money to do that long term haha! My favourite holiday destinations are Disney World Florida, New York and Mexico, but there are hundreds of other places on my list!- x

  15. This is such a great post Jenny! 💖 I also wrote a post on Gran Canaria which I posted today so I totally share your love of the island. Playing card games in the sunshine or in the bar is definitely one of my fave things to do on a relaxing beach holiday 😎🏖. Reading this just makes me wanna go on holiday again even more! Fab post 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  16. Getting away for a weekend or a week can completely transform your outlook and refresh how you feel! I was away this weekend at our beach house and I feel much happier and more content going into the week. I think it also does wonders for productivity! Thank you for sharing!

    Kaitlin ||

  17. I went to Tenerife lots when I was young (I think this is a Canary Island?), but we stick to UK holidays now we have our two dogs. I did enjoy it a lot and have some really special memories of those holidays, but I’m happy with the way my holidays are now too.
    Amy xx

  18. I was in Gran Canaria with my boyfriend for a week las october and it was lush! Fun and sun! I loved it! I love traveling but more for short times many times a year. I am going to France for Easter and Corsica in August, which are confirmed but would love to add some other destinations! xx corinne

  19. I’ve been to tenerife before and it was absolutely beautiful! I completely agree that holidays are what you make them. Who you’re with and what you do are what make holidays the best, not whether you are staying in the most expensive hotel abroad! Some of the best holidays ive had are going away for a week in england with family or friends! Loved this post!

    Sarah | xx

  20. Hey Jenny!
    I love travelling, I went to Australia for 22 months and it was incredible. I had so many new experiences and met people I will never forget. I’d give anything to be able to travel more and see more of this beautiful world. Xoxo

  21. I love a good holiday. To go and explore new cultures and surroundings. The main place I used to go to as a kid was Majorca. If only i had the money and time to go on holiday right now.

    Rebecca Elaine x

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    Wow, interesting blog post here. Am planning on giving my opinion in another blog post

  23. Never been to any of those places but they sound wonderful.
    I met my husband back in 2002-03ish and we’ve been on a vacation or two every year since, however the destinations haven’t really changed much and as I get older and we now have a timeshare I’d like to visit some low key places here in the states that maybe you wouldn’t normally visit on vacation. I do get what you mean though like being at home, it’s nice to take some time for yourself and go see your family or do something out of the ordinary with them locally.

    Growing up we never really did huge vacations because, well money but every year we went camping and on occasion headed up to Canada. That was always fun and I miss it.

  24. The only island I have been to is Lanzarote, last year and once 10 years before. I have to admit I didn’t enjoy it so much last year. I am not a big beach person so I got a bit bored and I wasn’t really a fan of the found (too catered for tourists). I was part of a big group though so was restricted so my experience won’t the same as some others.

    1. Ah it’s always different when you’re in a big group compared to a couple or a small family for sure. I’m not a big sun person anymore so I’m not sure how I’d manage if I went now!

  25. You’re so right, Jenny, childhood holidays hold such precious memories and it’s those that make for a successful holiday. We used to go to Malta all the time when I was a child and while I wouldn’t want to go back there again today, it holds a special place in my heart. Alan and I used to go to Turkey a lot but more recently we’ve been experimenting with other places. Coincidentally, we’re going to Lanzarote this year and we absolutely love Dundee and Cornwall for our UK staycations. Really, we’re very lucky to have the choice but holidays are so important for spending time and making memories. Lovely post, Jenny, it really made me think! xx

    Lisa |

  26. Oooh I love a holiday, although the most recent one was tricky … However the most exciting was probably in Vanuatu standing on the edge of an active volcano, best snorkelling was Fiji, best shopping was Marrakech, most romantic, Paris. Most memorable, Antibes/Cannes … heaven. Lovely post, thanks for sharing ☀️☀️

      1. Although slightly cheesy (but on a second and final marriage I reckon it’s definitely allowed) Paris was wonderful …. masses of walking around beautiful cobbled streets, eating incessantly and feeling frightfully chic culminating in a marriage proposal! Lots of tears and snotty yes’s later (and champagne) …. yup, romantic it certainly was! Latest holiday was skiing, which was more tears, but not in a happy way, and frustration as anxiety hit me like a brick! I’m now working on that! 😬

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