One of the best ways to get new customers and maintaining the ones you already have, is to build as much trust as you can, as that is what all types of relationships are built off.

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Sell with their best interests at heart.

While essentially you always want to make a sale, you never want to take advantage of someone in order to better yourself. So if a customer is looking for something that you don’t actually have, it is always best to be honest and tell them that, as a pose to trying to force something on them that you know won’t actually give them what they wanted.

Be honest with what you have.

You may have had a thought pass your mind to over exaggerate something you are selling, whether that be its features or the benefits, but even if you may end up making a sale, your customers will soon realise that what you said wasn’t entirely correct. Don’t make this mistake – answer any questions honestly, and allow your customers to make up their own minds after that.

Make sure they’re safe.

Your customers should never have to worry about how well protected they are when doing business with you, because everything should be secure without a second thought. This is why sites like are essential so you ensure you have the correct software for your website.

Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to say no to a customer, especially when you know that they are keen to spend their money. But if you’re aware that you can’t deliver the things that they are asking for – don’t promise it to them otherwise things will soon come crashing down, and you’ll be left with a lot of unhappy customers to deal with.

Keep the prices consistent.

If you have multiple branches of your business, then you need to ensure that all prices for the same items are the same! You will end up ruining any type of relationship if those regular customers find out that your store in a different city sells their favourite products for half the price. They will feel ripped off and cheated.

Fix a problem as soon as it arises.

You are in charge of making sure your customers are happy, so whenever there is a problem, you need to make sure you fix it in a swift and efficient way – not sweeping the issue under a rug just because you think it’s easier. Be a problem solver like explains.

As long as you stick to all of these rules, there is no reason that you won’t have a wonderful relationship with your customers and keep them always coming back to you, instead of visiting your competition. At the end of the day, a lot of the strategies boil down to having some common sense. So treat people how you would expect to be treated, and everything should go swell.


  1. Hi Jenny! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. With a world full of many choices, consumers can easily move from one business/product to the next without a second thought if the trust is comprised. This was a good read – thorough and succinct. Keep it up!

    Best, Jess ||

  2. These are definitely all good tips. I especially agree with being honest and not offering what you can’t deliver. Sure, you might get paid, but it will almost always lead to an angry/upset customer that might tell others not work with you and you don’t want that!


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