Just because your run your own business, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always be developing your skills. Of course, there are things that you’re going to be able to learn on the job, but there are key skills that you can learn elsewhere, which should help you become a better manager of your own company. Yet people don’t think they need to develop their own skills. People assume that just because they run a business, that the skills they need are just going to come naturally to them. The inaccuracy of this is what brings a lot of business owners down. Nothing comes naturally, you should should always be learning, and you should definitely be developing your skills further. Here’s just a few that we think you’re going to need.

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Organisational/Management Skills

This is something that you’re definitely going to need. On a daily basis, you’ll already know that organising your time, and managing a business and a group of people, is just going to be an absolute nightmare. We know that on the job training is going to come daily, but what if you’re not even doing the job right in the first place? This application should see you learn some great new skills that are really going to help you through the day. Plus, your management skills are definitely going to be something that you need to catch up on. It’s easy to think that you’ll be managing your business ok, but managing your employees is a whole different ball game that you’re going to have to master. They bring with them their own unique set of problems, problems that a lot of business owners just can’t handle. This leads to such a negative view of the company, which will spread around your local area, and you’ll find the calibre of people that you have apply for a new role within your company will be so low.

Problem Solving

You’ll already have solved a million and one problems during your time running a business. From money problems, to supply problems, you will have faced them all. But we know there’s going to be ways that you’ll be able to improve it. For one, you need to always relax when making a decision through problem solving. The main way that people seem to go wrong is that they rush their decision, leading to the wrong decision being made. Even though you might not like it, you should also get the view of another person, just to make sure you are making the right decision.


You’re definitely going to have to do a lot of negotiating in your time, and the best bit of advice that we can give you is to make sure you’re not being too greedy. A negotiation is about meeting in the middle, and finding a deal that’s going to be beneficial to both. However, so many companies chose to barter, and lose a negotiation because they just went too low on their offering price. Stay wise, and never go lower than is necessary.

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  1. This is such good advice! I’m self-employed and to assume you have all the skills you need going forwards is career suicide. We all have more to learn, and there are so many ways online that you can do this. I’ve already started a bunch of courses online, including a free digital marketing one by Google, which I hope will give me the knowledge to improve my business! Negotiating is definitely something I need to work on, though. I’ve improved since I started my business, but there’s still a way to go!

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