I know a lot of people think these “what I got my Mum/Dad/boyfriend/girlfriend” type posts are braggy because we’re just showing off all the wonderful, lovely gifts we can afford to buy but I can straight up tell you that this is not the case. With me and probably not for a lot of other people that do these sort of posts! I love other people’s birthdays (although I don’t really like my own!) and I love treating someone on their special day. Buying gifts for people I love is one of my favourite things to do because I love spend time and effort on getting them the perfect things and making them feel really special when they open them.

It was my boyfriend’s 30th birthday on the 3rd June and he was really, really, really dreading turning 30. He thinks he’s so very old and although I know he’s not, I wanted to get him some really nice gifts this year to make him feel a bit better about his birthday. So here’s what I got him!

Let’s start with possibly my favourite thing, I got him this Voldemort replica wand from Noble as we’re both big Harry Potter fans. We’re both Slytherin’s as well and we have a few other items of Slytherin merch at home. He’s always talking about how great the Harry Potter Noble Collection is so I’m glad I surprised him with this!

The card I got him this year was actually from my product haul with Old English Co. a couple of months ago. I used that brand collab to my advantage and picked out two of their wonderful cards; one for my boyfriend and one for my bestie. His is the ‘magic’ one because he’s a magician so I possibly couldn’t have found a more perfect card.

He’s the biggest Formula 1 fan I know. He got me into Formula 1 over the course of being with him and it’s now something I literally couldn’t imagine not watching and following. He’s also got about 50,000 pounds worth of Formula 1 merch (model cars and prints etc.) at his family home in Lincolnshire (it’s a seriously impressive collection) so I wanted to get another nice print to add to it. This one is from Stephen Doig who’s an incredibly talented artist!

Sticking with the Formula 1 theme, just a quick mention to Badger GP who hosted a giveaway last month to win these fun Formula 1 socks from Heel Trend which are all themed as the liveries as some old, classic F1 cars. Of course I was thrilled to have won these because I knew I was going to include them in my boyfriend’s birthday gifts but these really would make fab gifts or stocking fillers for any hardcore F1 fan.

One more Formula 1 related thing and that’s it! I found this signed helmet replica on eBay and wasn’t sure whether I 100% wanted to get it for him. As I mentioned, he has an extensive collection of F1 models already so I don’t like to buy them for him myself because it’s “his thing” (plus, he has so many I don’t know what ones he already has). But I saw this and thought I’d no way on Earth win the auction. But alas, I did. I like it now I actually have it! We’re both big Sebastian Vettel fans so I’m sure he’ll like it too! I also bought him some pants, which don’t really need to be pictured haha!

My Mum and Dad got him some Paco Rabanne aftershave; it’s my absolute favourite – both the male and the female scents. I honestly don’t think you can beat the originals, 1 Million and Lady Million. Onto the cakes…

I was very lucky to have won a cake from bakerdays (who I’ve worked with before here!) about a month before Carl’s birthday so again, I thought I would use that to my advantage as another little gift to him. We’ve both tried bakerdays letterbox cakes before and they really are scrummy so I chose him the chocolate chip cake with the Star Wars design! (Thank you to Suffering Wanderlust for running the giveaway!) We also bought him a “normal” cake from the shops as well, as the Letterbox Cake wouldn’t last 2 minutes! You can’t go wrong with a Caterpillar cake!

And of course, a birthday isn’t a birthday without some sort of balloon – however old you are! I went for a huge Vader helmet balloon this year (last year was BB-8 so sticking with the Star Wars theme) which will no doubt be floating around the house for months to come!

I hope you enjoyed this little post! I know it’s quite a personal one but I definitely want to start including a range of more personal posts on here, to go along with everything else, to make a nice change! And if nothing else, hopefully you can use this as a sort of gift guide for the next male birthday in your life! I’d love to hear what the best gift you’ve ever received is!

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  1. Aww you found so many sweet and thoughtful gifts for Carl! I always find buying for my boyfriend really difficult, I think brought him a pair of trainers last year 😂. Hope you all had a lovely day and you know it’s a very happy birthday when you get two cakes! 😍 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  2. I love buying people pressies! These look so cool – the Voldemort wand is such a great idea. My ‘boyfriend’ (not sure what we are) has informed me he likes Pelicans, so I’m planning his birthday gift already, despite the fact his birthday is just under a year away.

  3. Aw you got him the cutest gifts! That F1 collection sounds seriously impressive. I love both of those cards. I’m with you, I love other people’s birthdays but I think I’m terrible at choosing gifts so I find them a little stressful in the build up, I also HATE my own with a passion. Hope he had a great day! x


      1. I have a friend I need to get that for so I’m glad you included it in your post!

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