One of the top things that people say about blogging – or being on social media in general – is that it’s a great way to make new friends and meet new people. Look at almost any “Reasons I Love Blogging” post and I guarantee at least one of the points mentioned will be surrounding online friendships or acquaintances they’ve made along the way. If I wrote that post right now, I know that would certainly be one of my top reasons why I love doing what I do. Then there’s the argument of “Are Online Friendships Real?” which I don’t really have to answer because it’s pretty obvious that they are. At least in my experience anyway. 

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As someone with very few real life friends, the relationships I’ve made with people online are incredibly important to me. I’ve lost friends in a number of different ways over the last few years; some my fault, the majority of them not but during that time, I also started my blog and started using social media so very gradually, one cancelled out the other and whilst all my real life friends and acquaintances were going off living their lives, a whole bunch of new online friends made their way into mine.

Not having many friends in your 20’s is difficult and it’s certainly not a position I thought I would find myself in when I was growing up and in my teens, surrounded by friends every single day. Charlene McElhinney wrote an amazing post about this in September, which pretty much sums up my thoughts perfectly and I’d definitely recommend giving that a read. She’s also one of the people that has prompted this post – which I’ll get onto in a bit!

The pros of being social and making friends online

I’ll always advocate for online friendships and I’d never question are online friendships real. I mean sure, you’re going to get a few wrong-uns along the way. It’s the internet, there’s hundreds of thousands of people to meet and they’re not all going to be nice or kind or your cup of tea. But that’s true for real life too – think of all the friends and acquaintances you’ve had in your life, I’m sure you didn’t see eye-to-eye with every single one of them.

Creative ways of staying in touch

Just because you met online doesn’t always mean you have to interact online and this gives you a great chance to switch up how you interact with people, which brings me on to today’s sponsor and products! I’ve recently started writing to the Charlene as we’ve decided to be pen pals an write… with actual paper and an actual pen! The lovely Felicidad at Tisetas & Co* has provided me with some of her postcards to feature in this post which are going to get used in future correspondence with Charlene and maybe a few other bloggers.

Her designs are really cute, bright and quirky and certainly a little different. I love the quotes she features on them and I was instantly drawn to the Neverending Story design, which has been one of my favourite films since I was a kid. It’s utterly magical and moving and just a lovely story (if you’ve seen Neverending Story, please leave me a comment and let me know!) She also designs badges, buttons and tote bags among other cool gifts!

You learn how to deal with long distance relationships

Obviously this doesn’t compare to being in a romantic relationship long distance because you never knew your online friends in real life in the first place but I do feel that having multiple online friendships, probably with people in different parts of the country (or the world) to you, it does give you a bit of experience and help in dealing with not always being with the people in your life that you care about. You find new ways to communicate (like above) but also new ways of being friends with people, that you wouldn’t get with people who live around the corner. Your priorities change and therefore paves the way for a whole different type of friendship.

You meet people from all walks of life

An amazing thing about being online and meeting people through blogging is you meet so… many… extraordinary… people! You will come across so many incredibly people from all different walks of life to you with so many lessons to teach you and perspectives to see through. Granted you might not actually become friends with everyone but it certainly benefit you to open your mind to different things that all these people can give you!

But it’s easier to find people with common interests

And although it’s great to learn new things that you’d never even considered before, the beautiful thing about being social online is that it’s so much easier to find a group of people with similar interests to you than it is in real life, especially as an adult. Unless you go to a Yoga class where you know everyone there is going to be interested in Yoga for example. But online, it’s just one big Yoga class! All you have to do is Tweet about something and you’ll get responses from people saying they also like that thing.

There’s always someone to talk to and to offer support

Talking about personal things isn’t always easy with people you know in real life and for some reason, I’ve always found opening up to my online friends a lot easier. Even if they’re friends I’ve managed to meet before, sharing my problems with them is always easier. There’s also the case of there potentially being more people you speak to online so you’ve got more of a chance of finding someone to talk to if you have a problem. For example, in my real life, there’s my Mum, Dad and boyfriend and that’s more or less it. If I have something going on that I don’t want to talk to any of those about then I’m more or less doomed. Or I would be, without my online pals! Online friends can provide an incredible support network and definitely help you feel less alone.

If you’re a blogger, how have you found meeting people online? Have you made any amazing online friends who have turned into real life friends? What are your pros of being social online? Let me know!

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  1. I have met so many amazing people through blogging! It’s a wonderful way to connect with people who you could have never met otherwise. Keep up the great posts, friend!

  2. Since starting my blog it has been great to put myself out there a bit more on social media and start making connections with people who have so many similar interests to myself. I sometimes think that online friends can be more supportive then others in my life as they have more of an understanding of the blogging community. You really do make friends with people from so many different places and backgrounds.
    Kate x

  3. I loved this post, Jenny, I’m so glad my post last month encouraged you to speak out about a similar experience. I’m so excited for our letter exchange and becoming pen pals as well as online friends!! <3

    Love, Charlene McElhinney
    @blogabtnothing1 x

  4. Great post. I think online friendships are massively important in blogging as they can be a source of a strong support network for everyone. The great thing about friendships with bloggers is that our love for blogging is a common interest. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I agree with you Jenny. Meeting online is truly a meeting of minds. I learned last week that one of my favorite bloggers passed away. It’s odd to grieve the loss of a friend about whom I knew nothing.

    We never met, spoke, and I didn’t know his age or what he looked like.

    But I loved his blog and his snarky replies to my comments. 🙂

  6. Before I forget to mention them – those cards are so cute!!

    I agree with this post so much. I quite literally have one friend that I socialise with, who lives nowhere near me, and it can be hard. Introverts get lonely too! But I’ve literally just got back from a few days away…staying with an online friend. We’ve known each other for 8 years, and this was the second time I stayed with her and she’s stayed with me. My closest friend is someone I’ve never met, and you’re right: it’s so much easier opening up to people you don’t see face to face. Plus these are people you’ve chosen to be friends with rather than school throwing you together and just going with it.

    Great post – really enjoyed reading this!

  7. Excellent post Jenny. I have made some deep and wonderful friendships online from blogging. We gravitate to like-minded people, which are easier to find in our every day online lives more often than in our every day living. 🙂

  8. One of the reasons I started blogging was to meet some bloggers to socialise with online but I’ve really struggled! I have no idea how to start conversations etc so I’m not doing a very good job with it right now, hopefully I can get going soon with making friends through blogging, just have no idea where to start! Loved this post though, some good tips for when I do manage to get to know some other bloggers! xx

    Abbey | Diary of a Fibro Girl

  9. I really enjoyed reading this post, I’m also in the 20’s and I don’t have many friends on the outside world and I also find it a bit hard to make friends online too, hopefully that changes the more I come out of my shell. Lovely post and love the cards x

  10. Sometimes I can find the internet overwhelming, especially when I’m having an awful day and I see hundreds of people having an amazing one. But then you can guarantee if I tweet about having a bad day I’ll have a ton of replies making me feel much better! I’ve made some incredible friendships through online and my blog and I honestly wouldn’t change them for the world. It’s crazy how much more support I’ve received from online friends than IRL ones recently and I don’t think I could’ve got through some things without them! I definitely want to start writing to people more too so these postcards are an adorable idea 🙂
    Alice Xx

    1. I agree, it’s amazing how much support you get from people online who you’ve never met compared to people you know in real life. Really shows who really cares about you I think!

  11. I love this post! I definitely have more online friendships and care for those than I do people around me. It’s a lot more common now, I agree with all your points. To me it’s great to have amazing people around you, however, you know them! I’m soo happy to have discovered the blogging world, there are so many great people out there. I would love to meet them all! Thank-youu for sharing Jenny.

  12. I definitely agree with all your points, online friendships are so awesome, and gives you a chance to connect with someone you may never have found otherwise. I also believe its so common now so it’s nice that it doesn’t always have to be such a taboo anymore, Thanks for sharing Jenny xx

  13. We are so similar Jenny, I pretty much only talk to my mum, dad, sister, boyfriend (and cats ha ha) and that’s it! I’m so happy I’ve discovered the blogging world and all the lovely friends I’ve made. I’m so glad that having online friendships is such a normal thing nowadays and lots of us are in similar situations. Also, those postcards are super cute and colourful! I’ve just had a look at the Etsy and saving it as a favourite, these designs are exactly my kinda thing! Thanks for sharing, fab post lovely <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. I knew you’d love these! As I was taking the photos I was thinking “how would Bexa take these photos?” Hahaha 😂 And you’re so right, I’m so glad it’s a common thing too!

  14. I’ve been blogging for a few years now, but I’m not sure I’ve made any super close friends out of the deal – definitely there’s a circle of people who keep coming back to read and comment on my stuff as I do for theirs and we follow each other on different platforms – but I’ve never texted or emailed any of my online friends. I wouldn’t be opposed though…

    I’m just a very introverted person and prefer to socialize when I actually have time and energy. With a full-time job and blogging on top of it, I’m usually pretty burnt out! 🙂

  15. Loved this post! For me, as a new blogger I’ve honestly been shocked by how supportive and lovely people in this community are. I seriously didn’t know the community was so big, and sometimes I feel like we’re all just one big family, lifting each other up! I’m excited to keep growing these relationships into actual friendships hopefully! 😊💕

  16. I’m incredibly shy – often people used to think I was stuck up – as I don’t do well in social settings. Being confined to home also doesn’t help. I have no real life friends that I socialise with. As for online friends, I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years and I haven’t really made any. I think it’s probably my own fault as I don’t take part in any Twitter chats and I don’t reach out to people. I have a few acquaintances but none that I would say are real friends.Just call me Billy No Mates lol

    1. I don’t make friends through Twitter chats – they’re far too hectic and there’s never a real chance to have a proper conversation with someone but Twitter is a great place to strike up a conversation.

  17. I really don’t have many friends now outside of blogging which makes me sad as I really don’t know what happened but then I’m so incredibly glad I got to meet so many wonderful people through blogging. I consider so many as friends now and I really feel like people are there if I need them which is a lovely thought. It’s nice to find other people with common interests and them know and understand the blogging world which so many people ‘outside’ don’t xxx

    Tiffany x

    1. I totally agree, I’m the same and don’t have many real life friends but I know I have LOADS of people to talk to and confide in online who understand me and what I do arguably 10x more than any of my “real life” friends and family ever will!

  18. I agree with you Jenny… I am 65 and when I compare how narrow and constricted my mother’s life was at that age, it is clear that we are the first of the older generation to be able to still learn, meet new people, expand our support group of friends and can do so for the rest of our lives… If they do not over complicate the process!!! Great post thank you and will add to my blogger daily this evening. thanks Sally

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