AD | Some people are born with, and some find it on the big screen. I’ve teamed up with Compare&Choose to bring you some future adventures destinations which are inspired by movies.

Eat, Pray, Love – Thailand

The premise of the film itself is beautifully inspiring. A true story of a woman giving it all up for a year of indulgence, self-discovery and, well, love. The absolute beauty lies in the cinematography of the film -the wide pan shots of Thailand’s rice fields and the main character Liz Gilbert (played by the stunning Julia Roberts) cycling through those wearing signature Julie Robert’s smile.

If this film doesn’t make you want to quit your job and head out exploring, it’s hard for me to imagine what will.

The Hangover – Vegas, Baby!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. If you’re headed for a wild weekend to Vegas, I hope you are not the one stuck on the roof the entire time in the scorchingly hot sun – red lobster is not a good look on anyone.

The Hangover is not a travel film not even close, but it does give you a level of unreasonable expectations (like most travel films) of what Las Vegas is like. While I can’t promise you’ll find a baby, lose your best friend or get married to an exotic dancer while you’re in Vegas, I can assure you; you will have a good time trying to do so!

Mamma Mia! – Greece

If you’re not lusting after the white buildings and blue waters of Greece while watching Mamma Mia, you must be too busy having mini dance parties to all the ABBA hits. I certainly can’t help but wish I could hop onto a plane to Greece to swim in the ocean and jam out to some all-time ABBA classics.

Eurotrip – Bratislava

For once a film that does not flatter the location at all. The shots in “Bratislava” are nothing what the country is like. I take that negative image of Bratislava and use it as motivation to explore the real Eastern Europe – the gothic architecture of Riga, the Soviet Union block buildings of Warsaw and the cobbled streets of Bratislava. Contrary to the depiction of Bratislava in the film, there is a train that goes to Bratislava from Vienna making it a convenient stop in a version of your own Euro Trip.

Midnight In Paris – Paris, duh

Woody Allen makes Paris look so magical in Midnight in Paris that it’s hard not to lust after Paris after watching the film. No wonder, he picked up so many awards for the directing the film.

Lord of the Rings – New Zealand

Another film that’s so beautifully shot that makes me want to pack my bags and jet off to New Zealand and explore. Because the film was shot in less densely populated areas, I’d suggest campervan hire New Zealand for exploring all the beautiful locations properly.

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  1. Haha, We have actually travelled to many of these countries and we always feel like movie stars! Although not knowing Bratislava and only seeing in Eurotrip, we might never have gone :D:D

  2. New Zealand is high up on my bucket list and that’s solely because it’s Middle Earth! Euro Trip was a good movie, I might have to give it another watch soon.

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