AD | When we think of interior design, we mostly just think of our homes. Which isn’t surprising, as our generation has spent more hours than we care to admit building and designing houses on The Sims when we were supposed to be working or doing homework. Myself included. And now I’ve said that, ALL I want to do is play The Sims.

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But when it comes to a business environment, interior design for hospitality is just as important as it is in our own homes. Whether that’s a hotel, a restaurant or an office, the interior design for business can have a huge impact on the business itself. From customers, sales, word of mouth and much more.

Here’s some quite simple reasons why interior design is so important in business:

It attracts customers

This is a fairly obvious one but if you have employees or customers that are coming into your establishment every day, it needs to be a pleasant place to be. From lighting to comfort to the correct air temperature (I used to work in a shop which I won’t name which had NO air conditioning for weeks during the Summer and customers literally fainted) it all matters to attract loyal customers who’ll recommend and come back again and again.

It gains attention

Especially in this day and age where if something isn’t Instagram worthy, it’s not worthy at all. I’m kidding. Sort of. But there’s no denying that aesthetically pleasing businesses get a lot of attention on social media. Now I’m not saying that everywhere needs to have a giant flower wall outside but the better the interior, the more attention it’ll get.

It’ll keep employees happier and more productive

Let’s go back to my no air conditioning example again. None of us wanted to be there when it was hotter than the sun during the period of broken air con. The employees were miserable and it noticed. But even the interior design of your business can have huge implications on employee productivity. Nothing screams no motivation that outdated, drab, dark and miserable interiors.

Reflects the personality of you and your business

If you’re a business owner, then branding is everything. And the interior design can really exemplify who you are, what you’re about and what people can expect from your business. If you’re a Vegan company, then using Earthy tones and sustainable materials in your interior could really help reflect the personality of your business.

These are just a few of the reasons interior design is so important for your business. Do you know any businesses which excel in the interior department?

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  1. There was one I went to in London once, and I don’t even remember the name. It was a coffee shop and very utilitarian. It’s focus was good coffee at affordable prices – everything was £2, whatever milk you had, and in take out cups (or reusable if your brought your own). All the walls were white, except for the black lettering of the available drinks. There was some bar stool type seating but nothing that encouraged you to really sit and linger (no WiFi!) and I really really liked it!

    No idea exactly where it was because I found it while I was having a panic attack and running away from crowds XD but it was exactly what I needed, and the simplicity was perfect.

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