AD | We’re all trying to do our bit to help the environment but when it comes to businesses, it can be harder to implicate these changes than if we were at home where we have more control. A lot of brands are going in the right direction, such as more beauty brands going CF and even Vegan. But there’s still so much more to be done.

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So what if you’re not a beauty brand and you’re an office building with a number of employees? There’s still lots of small changes you can make, if you’re able, to do your bit to help the environment. Every little helps – as Tesco says! (And Tesco are another brand doing their bit but getting rid of plastic bags during home delivery – yay!)

Here are some small ways businesses can help become more eco friendly:

Encourage different methods of commute

Not only will this help the environment but it’ll also help the health of your employees too! Chances are a lot of people drive to work. Which is convenient, yes. But not exactly the most environmentally friendly option. Maybe introduce a public transport scheme or install bike parking to encourage employees to cycle instead, if they can.

Introduce a “no plastic bottle rule” in the office

To encourage people to bring it reusable water bottles and do their bit to cut down on plastic usage in the office at least. Obviously you can’t control what employees do at home but you can encourage them in a positive way in the office. Which might have a positive impact on them in other areas of their life too.

Go paperless

Lots of companies have gone paperless or at least give you the option to go paperless now, with most of us owning a computer. This will definitely help your business GO GREEN by reducing waste and storing more things digitally!

Have recycling bins in your office

So if any paper or plastic does come through the cracks, there’s somewhere safe and responsible to put it instead of the bin! It doesn’t even have to be a proper recycling bin – as long as you make a sign so employees know not to put anything non-recyclable in that particular bin.

Think about the electricity in your building

Changing the electricity in your business might not be a cheap option but there’s definitely small things you can do instead. For example, something as easy as installing LED bulbs, which produce as much as 75% less energy than regular bulbs and are therefore much better for the environment!

Only use the heating when absolutely necessary

Heating uses a LOT of energy and can be incredibly bad for the environment when used excessively. Obviously in the dead of Winter, this isn’t avoidable. But during those funny months where you don’t REALLY need the heating on, perhaps introduce a scheme where employees can wear crazy knitted jumpers to keep warm instead of putting the heating on!

What methods does your business practice to be more eco friendly?

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  1. I wish so badly my company observed the no plastic rule. They go through copious amounts of water bottles daily but their mainline water is undrinkable. I’m trying to promote water dispensers instead but for now i’m just bringing in my own from home, just wish everyone else would do the same!

  2. My company has the most wonderful office manager who is always putting things like this in place. For instance, less packaging for the products he buys and buying from local brands rather than corporations like Coca Cola.

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