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Hey there! How are you? Can you believe how quickly August has come around? Even though things are getting back to normal, I still feel totally weird. I only braved a shop again for the first time last month! But today I’m here to share with you my advertisers for August and you definitely won’t be disappointed in this fabulous bunch! Ready to meet them? Let’s go!

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

I’m delighted to welcome my first advertiser to my blog this month and that’s Natonya from Just Natonya! I have LOVED Natonya’s blog for so long and always enjoy reading her posts so I’m happy to have her as an advertiser this month. For fashion and lifestyle – she’s your girl!

Posts from Just Natonya I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser this month is another new one that I’m excited to feature and that’s Christina from Iconic Magazine Online. If you’re after some super interesting articles about everything from travel, true crime and lifestyle, this is definitely one to check out today!

Posts from Iconic Magazine Online I’d Recommend:

My third advertiser this month is someone I think a lot of people will find very useful – especially this year. Melissa from The CV Advisor is a recruitment consultant and her entire blog is full of helpful posts that will help you in getting a job from interviews, CV tips and more!

Posts from The CV Advisor I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser this month is someone from my neck of the woods (Essex – woo!) and that’s Ashleigh from Ashleigh’s Tea Party. And just look at her gorgeous banner to start with! Ashleigh’s blog consists of a bunch of lifestyle content, beauty, books and much, much more!

Posts from Ashleigh’s Tea Party I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser needs NO introduction because I’ve had the lovely Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook on my blog plenty of times before but I always like to promote her blog because it’s absolutely one of my favourites and Lisa is one of my favourites too as she’s just the kindest and most supportive person!

Posts from Lisa’s Notebook I’d Recommend:

My first premium advertiser for this month is another familiar face but again, someone I always love shouting about because I love her content and that’s Tonya from Vivacious Bibliophile. For a ton of incredible well-being and mental health content, she is the blog for you! She talks very openly and honestly about anxiety, quitting smoking, divorce and a ton more topics that readers will find incredible helpful. She also has a FREE sexual health and wellness guide you can subscribe to!

Posts from Vivacious Bibliophile I’d Recommend:

Okay so I’ve actually been a bit cheeky this month and I have 3 premium advertisers for you, instead of 2. I just couldn’t resist! But I’m thrilled to introduce Jenna from The Ramblings of Jenna Von as my second premium advertiser this month! Jenna is a lifestyle blogger but talks very openly and honestly about her experience with mental and physical illness, such as Bipolar and Endometriosis. Definitely one to check out!

Posts from The Ramblings of Jenna Von I’d Recommend:

And my final advertiser for August is Steff from Steff’s Journey. Steff posts a lot of blogging related content, so great for new bloggers who are looking for some advice. She does a lot of post swaps with other bloggers, which I love to read as well as self care and lifestyle content rolled in there too – so definitely a little something for everyone!

Posts from Steff’s Journey I’d Recommend:

What do you think of my advertisers this month? Which posts are you excited to read? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Yayy you know that this is one of my fave posts you do each month. I’ve recently fallen in love Lisa’s content and I can’t wait check the other bloggers out! That’s my blogger reading list sorted!

  2. Oooh I’ve actually heard of and love a lot of your advertisers this month! But the CV Advisor sounds super helpful, I’m useless when it comes to CVs and interviews so I will definitely be checking their blog out!

  3. These blogs look really good! 👏🏻 I shall check out and follow some of them! It’s amazing of you to advertise other people’s blogs!💕🥳

  4. I know I say this all the time but I genuinely can’t believe it’s August?! How exactly did that happen? Quite a few new ones in here for me this month! x


  5. I always love reading your advertisers post – Usually (like now) there are 1 or 2 that I know well, and then some new blogs to check out. It’s such a fun way to discover others in the blogging community that I might not otherwise have come across.

  6. Thanks for these recommendations. It always helps to get a feedback from someone if you are in a lookout for something. I was in search of some good blogs. Your suggestions wil certainly be handy. 😊

  7. I always love discovering new bloggers so thanks for sharing these! Some of the bloggers you’ve included are completely new to me so I’ll definitely be checking out their blogs!

  8. I always love reading other blogger’s recommendations for blogs they enjoy and follow. I checked out all of these pages and now have a few new favorites to enjoy, so I’m thankful that you shared this!

  9. I always look forward to reading these posts and finding new blogs to read. There’s a few I haven’t heard of before so I’ll definitely be checking them out.

  10. I love how you feature your favorite bloggers for the month! I will have to check out the ones I haven’t seen before. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh some blogs I’ve not read. I look forward to checking these out.

    I have to agree with you, Lisa’s Notebook is another of my favourite bloggers as well, she is just such a lovely person too!

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