It’s my birthdayyy! I struggled to know what to post today because I’ve been blogging for so long, I feel like I’ve covered all the standard “birthday” topics. Although I had my blog post up last week about 17 things I want to do before I’m 30, I still wanted to post something today too. It kinda feels like the law at this point. I’m 28 today and I genuinely can’t believe it. Like, I know how time works. But where did that time?

I still remember being 13, 16, 18 like it was yesterday. I remember my teenage years so vividly because it was the best time of my entire life so far. But just like that, I’m almost at the end of yet another decade. And my 20’s have certainly been a whole different kettle of fish.

So today I wanted to talk about some things that have shaped my 20’s and ultimately, shaped me as a person. I know I’m not at the end of my 20’s yet and still have a long 2 years to go before I reach the big 3-0. Anything can happen in 2 years (if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED) but here are some things that have shaped my 20’s so far.

My anxiety disorder

There is absolutely nothing that has shaped my 20’s more than my anxiety disorder. My anxiety disorder is actually what’s brought me here, to this point, with everything I currently have and currently do. My anxiety disorder is why ultimately I started my blog. Why I’m getting a book published next month. Why I ended up becoming a full-time blogger.

But it’s also what made me lose all my friends. Lost my identity. My confidence. My independence. It has shaped EVERYTHING. Everything I am. Everything I’ve lost. Everything I’ve gained. It turned my life on it’s head and back again and I’m finally in a very good place with it. But it really did shape my entire 20’s into what it is.

My blog

And of course, following on from that has to be my blog. If I didn’t have my anxiety disorder, I highly doubt I ever would have started a blog because I’d have had another job. But due to the awful, dark and depressing place my anxiety left me in, I did start a blog. And here I am, 7 years later, proud to say it’s my job. And I love every minute of it.

My blog has entirely shaped me. And not just my actual blog but the blogging community, the lessons I’ve learned through it, the business side of things and much more. Never did I expect to be asked to review hotels, get paid to write, to live webinars, release courses and eBooks and every other opportunity my blog has brought me.



This is a fairly recent development actually as I only started taking my medication for anxiety in the Summer of 2019, when I was 26. But medication really was the final turning point in getting my life properly back on track. Going on medication gave me my life back after feeling like I’d hit a wall for so long.

For almost a decade, I was terrified to leave the house by myself. I lost confidence driving. At some points, I couldn’t bare being in the house alone. But nor could I leave the house either. Since I went on medication for my anxiety, I’ve taken myself on lunch dates, cinema dates and even booked a holiday alone (which sadly got cancelled due to COVID).

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Carl has definitely shaped my 20’s in more ways than I could even imagine. And not all in good ways… (I kid). Carl and I have been together for around 6 years so from my early 20’s. And whilst it’s been a long and sometimes rocky road, I have learned so much from him and discovered so much because of him that now make up an enormous part of my life.

He’s introduced me to a ton of things that I never thought I’d like or enjoy. Such as Severn Valley Railway holidays and boat holidays on the Norfolk Broads. And not to mention Motorsport which has an entire section of it’s own! I love this man to my very core and from the very early stages of knowing him, I knew we’d be together.

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I had absolutely no interest in Motorsport before I met Carl but as soon as I was introduced to it, I was hooked. He didn’t force me to watch or enjoy it. But the more I saw, the more I loved and before I knew it, I couldn’t get enough. I feel like Motorsport is in my blood. I just didn’t realise it until I was nudged in the right direction.

Formula 1, WEC, DTM – there’s a fair few categories we’ve seen together and enjoy watching together. We adore going to Brands Hatch and being among the action for the weekend. Motorsport makes up a huge part of our relationship and it’s great to have that shared hobby that we’re both so passionate about (even if we don’t always agree on everything!)

Yoga and spirituality

And finally, Yoga and spirituality has 100% shaped my 20’s. I got into Yoga when my anxiety was in it’s early stages. Only because I’d heard great things about it and what it can do for your mental health. But then as soon as I discovered Yoga With Adriene, I was swept away. Yoga practice has become part of my daily life and I literally couldn’t be without it.

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And going hand in hand with spirituality, Law of Attraction and all that good stuff. I’ve developed my relationship with the Universe so much over the last few years and manifestation practice also makes up my daily routine. I’ve seen first hand what the Universe can do for you and I’ll never turn my back on her.

There are 5 things that have shaped my 20’s so far. I’m so excited to see what the next two years bring!


  1. How cute are you and Carl though? What a beautiful couple and what lovely words about him! It’s amazing how much a person can impact our lives, whether a romantic partner, friend or family member. Your 20s so far have definitely been a rollercoaster but the way you’ve managed to take control of everything and turn it around is so, so inspiring and admirable. I feel like the next few years are only going to get better for you! x

  2. I loved reading this post! My experience has been similar in that my life totally changed when anxiety first hit! I also started my blog for that reason and am in a much better place now. You and Carl sound like the perfect couple, especially as you have so many shared interests! xx

  3. Hi Jenny First of all happy belated birthday girl. When I was reading through I saw the part you mentioned your age and I’m like oh we the same age but I’m a bit older because I became 28 on April’, by the way this was beautifully written I always enjoy reading your work. While reading along I was also amused that you do yoga with Adriene of which every morning I open up her yoga videos and get on with it. Thank you for sharing your journey with us wish you the best life ahead take care.

  4. This has been such a lovely post to read and see what has happened this past decade to shape your 20s. So many great things and to see how you’ve turned everything round to get into such a good place is great to see.

  5. I kind of want to reflect now on what shaped my 20’s, even though I pushing 35! I am so glad yoga and medication has helped you too! I’ve always hated the stigma on medication but I wonder how I could even function without it.

  6. Love this post! I have to admit that these things (bar Carl & motor sport) have also shaped my 20’s. I can’t help but think if I had taken the time to follow my heart rather than what other people wanted earlier, would it have changed things for me? If that makes sense.

  7. Such a lovely post idea! I hope you had an amazing birthday. I definitely feel like the time is going by far too quickly too, I am 26 in just over a weeks time and I find that pretty crazy that I’m going into my late twenties. It’s lovely to read about all the things that shaped your 20s, it’s always lovely to be able to reflect on life experiences and events. xx

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!! This is such a lovely post, I’m early 20s now and I can already tell what is going to help shape the next few years!xx

  9. I know you said you struggled to pick a post for your birthday but I absolutely love this idea. I think it would be a great one for milestone birthdays as well. I really appreciate that this was a true reflection of the high and lows too. You’ve got me wondering what would be on my list now! I hope you had an amazing day!! X

  10. I remember my 20’s, the long distant memory that they are 🤣 it’s a time in your life where you step out into the big wide world and I think really start to discover who you are. This is generally done by a long list of mistakes….that’s how it was for me at least 😂

  11. How amazing is this post! I think its so important to reflect and remember all the things that have made you who you are!

  12. Well done hun, sounds like your twenty’s have been cracking so far! Congratulations on 6 years with Carl thats amazing and I’m so happy for you both! Really enjoyed this post, it’s got me wondering what’s shaped my twenties!

  13. I am inspired to write a little about the things that have shaped my life now! It is so interesting to look back and see what has had the most meaning to us, and I love that such a variety of different things, from blogging to Carl, have helped you become what you are today!

  14. I love this! It’s so important to reflect and learn something. It sounds like you’ve really prospered in your 20s and are super grateful for where life has taken you!

  15. Happy Birthday Jenny!! I’m so happy that the universe brought us together. You have a wonderful life and many gifts to give the world. I hope you have a special day and many more to come. If I may impart a little advice, I just turned 60…….. don’t blink, life is fleeting. Take care.

  16. Lovely read Jenny, and nice to reflect back. All things said and done you’ve had a pretty decent time in your 20’s! Especially seeing as anxiety can be so crippling. Happy Birthday to you 🙂

  17. Hope you have a lovely birthday, and here’s to the next decade! Thank you for sharing these experiences; it’s good to see the positives outweighing the negative side of the anxiety 😊

  18. Happy birthday Jenny! This is such a lovely post. You have got lots to look forward to as well. You have had some great highs and it is so lovely you have Carl supporting you. Thank you for sharing such a personal post!

    Enjoy the rest of your birthday 😊

    Lauren |

  19. That’s a very lovely pic of you and Karl, I love your hair! 😊 I’m glad to read your experiences, especially about your anxiety as I do suffer with that too!

    Thank you for sharing 😊

  20. Great post and so lovely for you to have that to look back on. It’s so important to reflect because it’s all to easy to get caught up in the here and now and forget about how far we’ve come and the progress we’ve made. You’re doing amazing!!💕

    Happy Birthday lovely 🎂🎉

  21. This was such a lovely read. I enjoy reading lessons or things people have learnt throughout their lives. Like you said there is still so much to learn and things change all the time, but looking at how far you have come especially with blogging and your anxiety you should be so proud 🧡

  22. It’s amazing that you’ve been able to use your anxiety in a positive way. It must have been awful to go through, but it’s led you to some brilliant things…like this blog! The fact that you’ve made it a full time job in your 20’s is inspirational. Well done you!

    I’m sure you’ll achieve even more in the last 2 years of your 20’s. And trust me, being in your 30’s is pretty amazing too.

    Have a lovely birthday and I hope Carl is spoiling you xx

  23. This is so lovely to read Jenny. It’s been such a journey for you and it’s been amazing to watch you flourish. I really do feel like a very proud big sister(I’d say Mum but we are not quite that far apart in age😂)

    I have absolutely no doubt that each year is just going to see more and more growth for you.

    I hope today is wonderful and the lovely Carl spoils you rotten x x

  24. You know, as horrid as the anxiety disorder must be, I’m so glad it has brought SO MUCH good along. The fact that you’ve been able to create a business out of your blog while suffering from anxiety is huge! Such a brilliant accomplishment and you should be so very proud 🙂 You wait, it’s gonna get even better after 30!

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  25. I feel like our 20s are the decade that reallt shapes us. You’ve had some highs and very lows but you’ve come out the other side. You’re such a lovely person and you’ve helped so many people grow over the years, I hope you have a lovely birthday.

  26. I love these confessions
    My 20’s was the best period of my life also, a mix of rebellion and life learning, but the best is yet to come with this new decade to start.
    Thanks for sharing this with us 😉 enjoy your life

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