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It’s no surprise that a lot of people are focusing more on their health now than ever before. I know I certainly am. 2020 has been the year I’ve invested a lot more time into exercising, being more wary of what I’m eating and making sure I’m going for walks every day for the sake of my physical and mental well-being. Winter wellness is SO important. Pandemic or not.

Winter Wellness

But with the stress of it all, including Christmas, finances, caring for others and goodness knows what else, it’s very easy to let things slip. And sometimes you don’t even realise you’re doing it. Oh, I’ll just miss my workout for today. I don’t have time to cook anything healthy this week. Or I’ll continue working through the night to catch up on.

Before you know it, you’re stressed out, worn out, burnt out. And it’s even harder to get back on track.

Trust me, I’ve been there. As I’m sure most of us have.

So Winter wellness in 2020; A INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT TOPIC. From physical to mental to emotional, we really do need to keep all the things ticking over to support ourselves and others as effectively as possible. In today’s post, I want to share with you some basic Winter wellness tips as well as the two incredible supplements you need in your routine!

Winter Wellness

Invest in high quality supplements for your Winter wellness

Earlier this year I worked with Truth Origins on a blog post about 7 Natural Ways To Improve Mental Health. Although I’m currently on medication for anxiety, I am a firm believer in a natural remedy and even now, I use natural resources to compliment my medication in managing my mental health. Together, they work beautifully.

I was sent a few products from Truth Origins earlier in the year, including their Vitality Sachets which hands down, made me feel happier AND improved my knee pain that I’d started to get quite badly around the Summer. Which is far from ideal when you’ve started a new exercise journey and then find that you can’t even jump without pain!

But today I wanted to talk about two products from Truth Origins which will enhance your Winter wellness. These supplements are ideal for adding into your daily routine and they’re quick and easy to take and are absolutely perfect for this time of year.

Starting with the Immunity product. Immune supplements are probably something a lot of people would want to add into their diet right now with the stress and risk of flu, cold AND COVID at this time of year. This forumla helps support your bodies efences and maintain the efficieny of your immune system. It is packed with the highest dose of mother nature’s most renowned and scientifically researched vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts in their purest form.

The suggested use of this is 4 droppers daily. You can add these droppers into a drink and tastes best in hot water for a lovely berry flavoured drink. But of course you can also just add them straight to your toungue if you’re in a rush and on the go! This product is also appropriate for children, which is amazing. I really liked using this one. It was mega easy to add to my morning routine and drinking a glass with breakfast gave me a well needed boost to my day.

Winter Wellness Vitamin D

For any of my SAD sufferers out there, this one is for you. I didn’t think I suffered with SAD but this year in lockdown 2.0, I found myself getting incredibly low. I think the whole pandemic situation, combined with the dark nights and stress made me suffer a bit this year. This easy to use vitamin D supplement is perfect for anyone who resonates with that.

The SHINE Vitamin D spray is something I’m going to be keeping in my bedside table to make use of this Winter. Winter wellness doesn’t just stop at your physical body! This minty spray is handy and easy to use. Everything from Truth Origins is Vegan friendly, cruelty free and completely plant based. And I love that they’re a company that are truly using the power of Mother Nature to aid us in our well-being.

Pinterest for Winter Wellness

More Winter Wellness Tips to Consider:

Don’t neglect your mental health: It’s just as important. And stress and anxiety can lead to a lot of physical discomfort as well. So make sure you’re doing all you can to keep on top of any mental health worries. You might find this post on 30 journal prompts for mental health useful!

Stay warm and cozy: This one kind of covers both the physical and the mental. Being in a cold house or just simply not being warm enough at this time of year can be devastating. So ensure that boiler is working, stay warm and get cozy. If you ever see that your boiler needs replacement, you should probably start checking out new boiler deals. Because a cozy night in always lifts your spirits too.

Get outside: Although it can be mega tempting to sit indoors all day when the weather is freezing and sometimes even snowy, that fresh air is so important. The Winter my anxiety disorder started, I stayed at home for so long that when I next went outside, the air made me feel light-headed.

Get your vaccines and wash your hands regularly: Like, as IF you need to be told this after 2020 but still. A reminder can’t hurt. If you’re in a higher risk category, you’re probably entitled to a free flu shot! Make sure you take advantage of that. And keep up the hygiene to avoid spread of flu and colds.

Practice an abundance of self care: Self care at any time of year is important. But in the Winter, when everything is dark and gloomy and we’ve just had the worst year known to man? EXTRA IMPORTANT. Check out this blog post on 40 Winter self care ideas!

How do you ensure you stay healthy during Winter? What tips would you add to this?


  1. Extra supplements during the colder winter months are so important! I’ll definitely be looking into buying some for my boyfriend as he doesn’t take any now and he’s also the king of procrastination 😌 I’ve started taking multi vitamins recently as well!

  2. These sound great, you’re so right that now more than ever we need to be taking care of ourselves so much. I am feeling really like I need to sort myself out, The stress of the current situation is taking a toll for sure x

  3. Great post Jenny! Looking after yourself through Winter is definitely super important. I am trying to make sure I get outside for fresh air, even if it is extremely cold! Also trying to stay warm and cosy is a top priority for me, I have been working from home most of the this year and I feel like I get more stressed with work when I’m sat at my desk freezing cold. Great tips, thanks for sharing! xx

  4. These are some great tips! I think staying in touch with people is great for keeping you feeling good too. Sometimes it’s too cold to meet outside now, and we can’t meet inside, so picking up the phone for a chat with loved ones will be so important this winter!

  5. These are some fantastic tips for wellness! I always struggle with my mental health a but more in the winter, so I love that you geared this post to specifically toward that. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Supplememts are great! I am a believer that we can really benefit our health by taking things like oregano oil etc An honestly I need to start getting outside. Fresh air does a world of good.

  7. Great post! I think it’s good that you’ve highlighted the importance of both medicine and natural remedies here, as I think there’s a lot to be said for preventative measures when it comes to your general health- but sometimes you need medication. I am trying to naturally cure my acne, but I also take medication for it. I think not relying on medication and finding natural remedies alongside anything medical is really important.

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