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Happy April, my loves! I can’t believe we’re already in April. And we thought 2020 went quickly? But I’m enjoying the warmer weather – it’s definitely lifting my spirits. I have 9 – yes, 9! – amazing advertisers to share with you today. I’ve had so much interest in my advertising packages which has been fantastic, so let’s meet this incredible bunch!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We’re starting off April with a brand new advertiser, so say hello to Steph Hannam. Steph’s blog is just… stunning. It’s gorgeous. Minimal but SO pretty and I know you’re going to lust over it as much as I do! Steph posts a lot of beauty, lifestyle and fashion content with incredible photography to go with it!

Posts from Steph Hannam I’d Recommend:

I don’t think my next advertiser needs any introduction. I’m thrilled to welcome Kayleigh Zara onto my blog today. You’ll likely know Kayleigh from her useful blogging advice, particularly on affiliate marketing. But she also blogs about a ton of topics, such as travel, interiors, business and more! You definitely can’t go wrong with Kayleigh’s advice!

Posts from Kayleigh Zara I’d Recommend:

Next up in this month’s mammoth meet the advertisers post is the ever so lovely Eleanor from Not-So-Modern Girl! Not-So-Modern Girl is an amazing lifestyle blog fully of all the good stuff like books and films, beauty, self care, health and well-being and more! Definitely a good one to check out if you want some great reading one afternoon!

Posts from Not-So-Modern Girl I’d Recommend:

If you’re here for all things business and blogging, then this next advertiser is for you! Rach Talks Business shares a ton of helpful and informative content on everything from marketing tips, blogging advice, finance and more. As a marketing graduate, she knows her stuff and her blog is just beautiful too!

Posts from Rach Talks Business I’d Recommend:

Next up we have Misa’s Place, a lifestyle blogger who also has a super cute amigurumi gifts business to! If you’re into your arts and crafts, then this will be a good place for you as she has a whole categories on crocheting and upcycling. You can find her shop here and which is so cute!

Posts from Misa’s Place I’d Recommend:

My next advertiser, Lynn Mumbing Mejia, has become one of my absolute favourites over the past couple of months! Her blog is absolutely stunning and so pleasing on the eye. You can find content around interiors, food, relationships and more but it’s her food content that always gets. I’ll link below the recipe I tried from her and it was incredible!

Posts from Lynn Mumbing Mejia I’d Recommend:

Still with me? Good! Because you won’t want to miss this next one! Funding Her Freedom is all about MONEY. Everything you’ll want to know about saving money or making money, you’ll find it here. Steph SERIOUSLY knows her stuff so you’ll certainly come away with a ton of new tips and tricks for saving and making money after delving into her blog! She also has an amazing FREE eBook on 50 side hustle ideas that you wont want to miss!

Posts from Funding Her Freedom I’d Recommend:

Mornings on Macedonia has become another of my favourite blogs over the last few months since I’ve been catching up on all her new posts. For everything home, interior and DIY, this is THE PLACE. Some of the projects Charity does are incredible. Another thing I love about this blog is that Charity is from the US, so with me being from the UK, it’s nice to see something a big different sometimes!

Posts from Mornings on Macedonia I’d Recommend:

Thank you for sticking with me for so long! I really do have so many amazing bloggers to show you. But finally we have something a little different. A blog directory where you can search for and find blogs from various niches, on anything from lifestyle, arts and crafts, sports, education and much, much more. Mohamad Al Karbi also has a blog on the site himself, so you can check out some of his posts below.

Posts from Mohamad Al Karbi I’d Recommend:

Wowzers, that was a LONG list! I hope you’re still with me. Which of these blogs are you going to check out this month? Which posts catch your eye? Let me know!


  1. So happy to see some of the new bloggers I have been meeting lately here today, as well as incredible selection of entirely new writers I have not come across! A long and delightful list full of some amazingly informative writing. I love that you tried Lynn’s pasta recipe too. <3

  2. I love these blog posts! Gets your eyes on new bloggers you may haven’t seen yet! Although I do follow Mornings on Macedonia and love her blog!!

  3. What an INCREDIBLE list. You’ve got some fantastic bloggers here and I’m definitely off to check out those that I don’t already know.

  4. You have some great bloggers on the list of advertisers this month including a number that I read quite regularly. There are a couple that are newer to me, so I’m going to have to check them out… After all, who doesn’t want to find new, entertaining and informative blogs to read? I look forward to this post on your blog every month!

  5. There are several I am going to check out! All have a little something different to offer, as all blogs do, but several sound like exactly what I need right now 🙂

  6. I see some familiar blogs and quite a few new ones! Definitely going to be checking out Funding Her Freedom, the name is apt for the blog theme, and I need help on finances haha.

  7. I know the majority of these bloggers and enjoy all of their posts, there’s a few I’ll need to check out.

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Many fantastic bloggers mentioned here! I’m unfamiliar with a few of these other bloggers so I’ll have to go check them out! Thanks for another great post 🙂

  9. This is such a great list of bloggers! I already know most of them, so quite excited to cheer them on and check out the new ones! I have seen some of them with some very interesting read, Thank you for sharing x

  10. There are so many great bloggers this month & I especially love Lynn’s blog & she’s so sweet too! There are a couple of bloggers I’m not familiar with, so I’ll definitely check out their blogs!

  11. Such a great list of bloggers! I’m familliar with some, but am going to check out the rest 🙂 I’ve looked at a couple and you are right that Steph Hannam’s blog is beautiful! And goodness! Misa’s Place’s shop has the cutest items 🙂

  12. What a lovely selection of bloggers this month! I already follow them all and love their content. Mornings on Macedonia is such a beautiful blog and I am always inspired by their DIYs!

  13. Aw such a lovely post to read on a Thursday morning ☺️. Some of these bloggers I haven’t heard of so will be really cool to check these guys out. Thanks for sharing. Nice to meet them all 🙂

  14. Thankyou for your really nice words Jenny! I’m so excited to be advertising with you again this month. I’m not familiar with all the other bloggers on this list so I’m off to check them out x

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