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Having worked from home since wayyyy before the pandemic forced us too, I feel like I’ve perfected the art of the cozy afternoon tea break. I really value my breaks throughout the day and really need them in order to stay productive.

I’m so not about overworking in the blogging industry, so for any blogger who’s full-time or anyone who’s now working from home on a full or part-time basis, I’d really encourage you to try and get into a good routine with your afternoon tea breaks.

So today I want to chat about that perfect, cozy, afternoon tea break. Some things you can do to ensure you really make the most of it and a amazing brand that you might want to consider too!

Introducing Deliciously Guilt Free

This post is in collaboration with Deliciously Guilt Free, a brand that I feel really aligns with my energy right now. For the full story of who Deliciously Guilt Free are and why they do what they do, you can check out this page here.

But to sum up, Deliciously Guilt Free brownies started with them adopting a sugar free and low carb lifestyle but struggling to find sugar free baked goods with clean, natural ingredients. Every low carb snack they found was filled with fake ingredients and chemicals.

When Basma was pregnant with their first child, she was diagnosed with pregnancy diabetes so they decided to take their health into their own hands, despite always struggling to find healthier snacks which contained less sugar. So they decided to make them themselves!

Deliciously Guilt Freeโ€™s mission is to hand-make sweet treats, using all natural ingredients that are low in sugar, and low carb.

Now I am NOT about fad diets, restrictions and deprivation when it comes to eating. You will know that about me already. But neither are Deliciously Guilt Free. Still want chocolate, cakes, brownies, salted caramel and all that good sweet stuff? But do want to limit your sugar intake and be a bit more conscious of what you’re putting in your body?

Deliciously Guilt Free are the PERFECT brand for you!

I was kindly sent “The Favourites” mixed box of 8 brownies and blondies which contains Deliciously Guilt Free’s top brownies and some of the most popular flavours of all time. Including:

You can see why this box is called “The Favourites” can’t you? I couldn’t wait to tuck in to one (or two or four) of these with a cup of tea on my afternoon break from work. I was getting my sweet fix but in a healthier way than I would have done previously! What did I think of each one?

Blueberry and Lemon Drizzle Cake

This one was hands down my favourit. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and the lemon was so… ugh! I love lemon. My Dad and I both really loved these ones. They’re super light and fruity and the perfect afternoon snack. Especially on a warm day.

Peanut Butter Brownie

I found this one a little dry BUT I had eaten it straight from the fridge, so perhaps that’s why. But it tastes great, I love peanut butter in cakes and things and the peanut butter was very prominent but not overpowering.

Salted Caramel Blondie

I only had a small bite of this one because someone else in the house stole them (I don’t know who so I can’t blame anyone yet!) but from what I did have this was really lovely. Subtle but nice!

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

This one was absolutely delicious. I put it in the microwave for a hot second before eating it and it was just melt in the mouth delicious, gooey and chocolately. A real chocolate lovers paradise this one!

So I think it’s safe to say that these brownies and blondies went down extremely well. Not just with me but with the whole family. These are certainly a brand I will be keeping on my radar and I can’t wait to see what other yummy treats they sell!

But your perfect afternoon cozy tea break is more than just the snack you choose (although that is a VERY important part). So let’s look at some additional things you can do to perfect that afternoon tea break!

Try and get off the screen for your break

When you work from a laptop all day long, the last thing you want is to be on your laptop or staring a screen throughout your break too! Your break is the perfect time to cut back on the screens and give your eyes a break!

Find a super cozy area to relax

Afternoon tea breaks aren’t usually very long, so finding the coziest area to relax in quickly is crucial so you don’t miss out on any break time! For me, it’s the lounge chair in my office, with fluffy pillows and a blanket!

Open a window or go for a walk

This is usually the time of day that I start to feel a bit tired a weary so opening a window or even going for a walk on occasion during my afternoon break is really helpful to wake me up and reenergize me for getting back to work.

A hot drink of your choice

Whatever your beverage of choice, now is the time to go and grab one. And put time and effort into making it too. This is YOUR time to relax and take a break, so make it good!

A really bloody good book

A tea break is also a great chance to get a couple of chapters of your book read. You can’t beat a cozy chair, a warm drink, a sweet snack and a good book. Like is there anything is life better than that? I’ll wait.

Don’t do any chores

And finally don’t feel like you need to use your break time to start doing chores around the house or running those quick errands. This so besides the point of these cozy afternoon tea breaks!

Do you take an afternoon tea break? How do you make the most of yours? And what do you think of Deliciously Guilt Free? Which brownie would you go for? Let me know!

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  1. That lemon and blueberry drizzle cake looks amazing! Those two make such a great combo. I feel like that last point about not doing chores was meant for me- I am guilty of this every single day! In some ways, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I need breaks from staring at a screen, so I tend to take more frequent 10-15 minute breaks. But, I need to work on finding a balance between being productive during some of those breaks, and relaxing during others.

  2. I too have found a brand which makes delicious brownies and blondies and I’m obsessed! Can’t get enough and my second order is already here! They definitely make my breaks more decadent anyway! =)

  3. I definitely need to start having proper tea breaks in the afternoon – I’m really bad at taking breaks during the day because I never used to when working in the office – bad I know! I love the sound of these – I’m trying not to snack as much but the whole idea of them having less sugar etc is so good. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Afternoon tea is one of my favorite practices to have inherited from my mother’s Indian side of the family! Afternoon tea was brought to Karachi, Pakistan by the British and is still a staple many people there still practice.

    These brownies and treats look too good to be true. I am eating through the photo! My aunt has pregnancy diabetes and is pregnant with baby number two, so I am eager to share these with her.
    Thanks so much for sharing! <3

  5. some great tips here, i try and break my day up a little bit when i’m having productive days by taking afternoon breaks and having a cup of tea and reading a book or something but I think getting outdoors for a bit would really help boost my productivity levels. Also, i love the look of those brownies.

  6. Oh these look absolutely delicious Jenny! I wish I could just reach in and grab them off the screen! I haven’t heard of this brand before but will need to have a snoop on their website and order a few of these goodies, I love that they are healthy alternatives too!

  7. This post is so wonderful – made me really want to log off the computer and grab a treat and go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! The Lemon & Blueberry sounds heavenly and my mouth watered reading your review! Thank you for providing a much needed reminder of taking breaks and treating ourselves.

  8. Great post ๐Ÿ’œ
    The words Salted Caramel Blondie have me drooling! I love the idea of making a break a special time to relax, and not just run around doing housework! X

  9. It has taken me years of working from home to finally take time for myself and have proper breaks and I love nothing more than a cuppa and a snack. These sound delicious and as you say, guilt free!

  10. I feel like I’d LOVE the lemon and blueberry ones! This sounds like a great company and product ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. And this is why I love the English. An afternoon tea break, who else does that? In North America we power through with a nuked warm coffee left over from the morning (well, not me but many) instead of taking a break. I think I will be taking tea breaks from now on though, especially if I can get my hands on these sweets!

  12. Having afternoon tea breaks while working at home is a good idea. I usually have lunner (lunch + dinner) breaks. My family and I donโ€™t eat at night. So we usually have late lunch. Thank you for sharing this cool post.

  13. Oh my! These look absolutely delicious! I have ordered from a few local bakeries and while they have been delicious, it’s sugar central! I have a very sweet tooth that I need to reign in.

    I am surprised how reasonably priced they are. Perfect afternoon snack with a delicious coffee x

  14. Not only do these sound absolutely DIVINE, but I checked their website and nearly cried with relief over the fact that they don’t include any ingredients I’m allergic to. I may very well need to order a bunch of the blueberry lemon ones because those truly made my mouth water!

  15. These sound absolutely delicious! I may have to investigate as I have such a sweet tooth but probably consume way too much sugar in my diet! As a teacher I don’t get an afternoon tea break but I always try for a little sit down with a cuppa on my days off (if my son allows me to sit in peace that is!)

  16. First of all, these sound DELICIOUS! Especially the chocolate fudge brownie – yum!

    As for your afternoon break tips, you are so right. (And I’m very guilty of doing chores when I’m “taking a break” which is not at all restful or rejuvenating.) I’ve actually cut down my blog time quite substantially for my health (I heard you loud and clear re: overworking!) – I only do one or two afternoons and one weekend morning now. But I think I’m going to make an afternoon tea break a habit for our whole family anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I think I’ll go put the kettle on immediately… ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. My must tries would be the peanut butter and salted caramel ones – there’s something about the mix of salt and sweet that just WORKS! And I love your point about not doing chores when you take a break, I am so guilty of this and I need to stop doing it right now ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  18. These sounds amazingly delicious! I love the sound of the lemon and blueberry, honestly everything with lemon can’t pass under my nose without trying! Also the peanut butter one, yes please! Going to check them out now x

  19. I love the idea of sugar free, low carb desserts. I don’t do fad diets either, but I do notice how negatively sugar makes me feel. And that’s a huge bummer as I’ve got the biggest sweet tooth. Thanks for sharing about these! I don’t work from home, but do make sure to take a break at work and go for a walk. Makes such a difference for the day!

    1. You can definitely opt for these healthier alternatives even if you don’t do fad diets because there’s definitely nothing wrong with being more cautious about what you’re consuming!

  20. One of my favourite things about working from home is that when I take a break I can actually relax. Hot cuppa, tasty snack, good book.
    This year I have been getting brownies delivered every week which is err… Probably not so good for me. I absolutely love brownies though. These sound like an excellent alternative, it’s a shame they use nuts. But they have inspired me to try making my own with less sugar.
    Cora |

  21. Those peanut butter ones sound incredible! I’m currently in the last year of uni and writing my dissertation so I’m finding taking lots of breaks is really beneficial to my MH. Will definitely have to check our this company, thanks for sharing x

  22. A simple break can increase the productivity incredibly. You have mentioned the ways amazingly.Thanks for sharing!

    Sayem Ibn Kashem
    Founder of FacileWay

  23. The blueberry and Lemon drizzle slice sounds incredible! It’s probably the flavour I would go to the most. I love when companies are born out of a genuine need for a product, because you know it’ll be a really good product x

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