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How To Improve Sleep ft. Kanturo Blue Light Glasses

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Sleep. The thing we all want more of. And the thing that life prevents us from getting enough of. For so many reasons. Thinking about how to improve sleep we’re often left with the most obvious answers. Don’t drink caffeine before bed and go to bed early. But actually there’s a huge list of sleep hygiene tips that can help.

How To Improve Sleep

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In my group CBT workshop, a few of the women there have commented on trouble sleeping. When you’ve got anxiety as well, it’s hardly surprising. Most of us are kept up by worries swirling round and round our heads – anxiety or not. We’ve covered how to improve sleep a few times because it’s such a prominent problem.

It’s okay to seek additional help for trouble sleeping, such as pills medication for insomnia. However these only tend to deal with the issue in the short term and CAN lead to dependence. So it’s definitely important to adopt a strong set of sleep hygiene habits as well, so you’re not reliant on one thing. But as always, talk to your GP first!

Ready to get some sleep? Here are 7 ways of how to improve sleep:

Write down your worries before bed

I’ve found journaling extremely helpful this year. And whilst we’re often told to not think about our worries around bedtime, sometimes it can’t be helped. So I’ve found writing things down a great way to get them temporarily out of your head and left on the side to deal with in the morning.

Kanturo Blue Light Glasses

You’ve probably heard the term “blue light” bur what exactly is it? Artificial blue light a short wavelength, high energy form of light. It can be both natural (the sun) and unnatural – and the artificial or unnatural blue light is what we need to worry about when it comes to sleep.

Artificial blue light can be found from our computers, phones, televisions, LED bulbs and fluorescent lighting and the reason that all this blue light has a negative impact on our sleep and well-being, is because this abundance of light tricks our circadian rhythms and makes your body believe it’s still daytime.

Kanturo Blue Light Glasses are designed to provide a filter to block or absorb the blue light you’re taking in, which reduces the exposure going into your eyes. So if you work in an office or spend a lot of time looking at screens (who doesn’t), investing in some blue light glasses (which come with really stylish frames!) could seriously improve your quality of sleep!

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Try and avoid naps and only sleep when you’re tired

If you NEED a nap, then definitely take one. But do try and avoid them if possible, to ensure that you’re actually tired by bedtime. If you do take a nap, preferably before 3pm. And make sure you’re only going to try and sleep when you’re actually tired. Even if that’s 7:30 in the evening. Nothing wrong with being a granny.

Establish your own sleep ritual

Your brain knows when it’s time to wind down for the day depending on what you’re doing. So establishing your own bedtime routine can be really helpful for this. And of course this will vary for everyone. Earlier this year, I found a bedtime routine which worked really well for me and so that definitely helps in how to improve sleep!

Bed is for sleeping

This is one that I struggle with the most. As I work from home, I don’t have an office in my house and I live with 4 other people. Sometimes, my only option is to work from my bed. But if you can avoid it, do. Work from bed = bad. And not just work either, try and avoid doing anything from your bed apart from sleeping (and sex *wink*).

Make your bedroom a place you want to be

Again, another point that will be different for everyone but nobody wants to sleep in a room they don’t want to sleep in. So if you’re able, change it up and make it a room that aids relaxation. Try and not have your room too hot – but add extra blankets for warmth. Light blocking blinds and neutral colours.

Stop watching the damn clock

What’s the first thing you do when you can’t sleep? Check what time it is and count how many hours you’ve got left to sleep. It’s literally the worst thing you can do yet we all do it! It’s even worse if you turn on the light to see the time or light up your phone screen!

I hope these tips can help aid you in improving your sleep. Do you have any other tips on how to improve sleep?

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  1. Writing things down before I sleep really helps me at night oh and using an eye mask! xx

  2. I always have to adjust the blue light on my pc screen! xx

  3. I do believe in having my bedroom as somewhere to sleep, not to play on my phone or watch TV. I’m somebody who loves their sleep! x

    Lucy |

    1. I definitely need to create that barrier between bedroom and work!

  4. katy gilroy says:

    I’ve got blue light glasses but I never bloody remember to wear them haha x

    1. Bloody hell haha!

  5. I have been sleeping so badly in the last few months. Certainly need to improve the quality of my sleep. Thank you for sharing these tips.

    1. Hope these tips help!

  6. Sunshine Sarah says:

    Hey Jenny these are great tips and I’ve covered similar ones in my own sleep post. I guess it just goes to show how prominent of a problem lack of sleep can be! 😴😴

    1. Absolutely!

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