Back in March, we were all sort of, forced into time off work due to COVID-19. My boyfriend, who works in one of the busiest places in London, was off work for around 3 months and don’t get me STARTED on how dead my inbox was for a while. COVID-19 was NOT the time for freelancers, was it? Now we’re all getting back to the daily grind and back to our semi-normal schedules, you’ll want to be making the most of it and finding new things to do on your day off.

Things To Do On Your Day Off

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I work from home and I’m self employed, so for me, there’s quite a blurry line between my working days and my time off work as I’m in the same environment for most of my life. I’ve always been one to struggle when I’m not working through a to-do list of work related tasks as I find all that free time a bit…


A bit like how sometimes you’ll go on Netflix and all the choice is overwhelming, so you don’t end up watching anything. That would be me on my day off.

There’s obviously no right or wrong way to spend a day off. And aside from the unavoidable boring things to do on your day off (like putting the bins out and stocking up on milk), it’s also a great chance to play around with your personal growth, try some new things or help you re-charge.

Need help utilizing your time off work? Here are 10 things to do on your day off!

10 Things To Do On Your Day Off

Why not start that new hobby you’ve been thinking about?

Thinking about writing a book? Want to start a vegetable garden? Pottery? Well your day off is the perfect time to get stuck in. If you don’t do it now, you never will because you’ll be back to work before you know it. Set yourself a goal to make the first step into starting that new hobby on your next day off. Whether that’s visiting the library for some more information, researching online or just biting the bullet and starting! Starting is always the hardest part.

Spend your day off de-cluttering your space

Of all of the points I’ve mentioned here, this is the one that I’m the most likely to do. I love a de-clutter. Like I love it an ODD amount. If de-cluttering doesn’t come as naturally to you, here’s a handy list of things to de-clutter, categorized by room, to make that sometimes overwhelming task a bit more managable!

Try volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about

If like me, you enjoy being go, go, go all the time, then this could be a great option for you. I know it’s your day off from work BUT volunteering is so rewarding and benefit, for both you and your mental health and the person or charity you’re volunteering for. In my neck of the woods, we have Hopefield Animal Sanctuary – an incredible place that takes care of ill or abandoned animals. I’d love to volunteer there one day!

Get outside and spend some time in nature

And if that’s not an option, at least just don’t spend the entire day stuck in the same four walls. Which you probably end up doing a lot of the week if you work in any type of building! Spend some time in your garden, at the local park or even a National Trust Site if there’s one near you. As Laverne from The Hunchback of Notré Dame says:

“Nobody wants to stay cooped up here forever.”

How To Spend Your Day Off

Hit up some local small businesses and charity shops on your day off

Although I’m having a year of sustainable fashion and would advise against aimlessly throwing your money at fast fashion retailers, I think it’s super important to support small businesses and charity shops. So perhaps on your next day off, set yourself a budget and a to-buy list and see what you can pick up in thrift stores! Then finish off the day at a small, family-run café!

Organize a full-on self care day

I can imagine this will be a popular choice but what better time to have a full-blown self care day that your day off? Heck, you deserve it! Think long bubble baths, face masks and all your best creams and oils. If you can, perhaps book a nail or hair appointment. Or even head to a spa! Go wild!

Get those boring jobs done that need doing pronto

Okay back down to Earth, you might have no choice but to FINALLY get those boring ass jobs done on your day off. The grocery shop. The tax return. The visit to the bank. Those jobs you don’t really have time for on your work days. I’d hate to spend a WHOLE DAY OFF doing these jobs so perhaps get up a little earlier than usual and get them done before lunchtime, so the rest of the day is free!

Experiment in the kitchen

During my time in isolation (that sounds ridiculous to say but hey-yo, 2020!) I found myself experimenting loads in the kitchen – particularly for breakfast and dinner. I tried to re-create the bacon and honey pancakes I had at The Ferry House Inn restaurant, as well as throwing some things together for dinner. So on your next day off, instead of immediately reaching for the takeaway menu, why don’t you try some experimenting? Check out this page for some amazing kitchen gadgets!

Have a start to finish game day

If you have no other responsibilities for your day off and have an entirely free day to do whatever the heck you want with… this is a great option. Completely useless. Completely un-productive. Complete waste of time. But fun. And we ALL need a bit of fun in our lives. Dig out the old board games, the old video games, invite friends over for a games night – stay in your PJ’s, order a takeaway and immersive yourself in fake universes and made up lands.

The Lord of the Rings movie marathon and a takeaway

And to finish off the list, just for lols, you can’t go wrong with a marathon of The Lord of the Rings on any day. That’s exactly what Carl and I did when we headed to Pod Hollow last year! If The Lord of the Rings isn’t your cup of tea, there’s plenty of other long-ass series to choose from!

How do you like to spend your day off? Will you be trying any of these points I’ve mentioned on your next day off? Let me know and share some ideas of your own!

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10 Ideas On How To Spend Your Day Off


  1. Great list of ways to spend your day off. I like to spend my day off filling my energy cup with self care. Day with the dogs, a walk, nutritional food, long bath, reading, studying and my favourite TV.

  2. I love the idea of volunteering! I used to do loads of that and I really want to get back into it when it’s safe to do so. I usually find myself outdoors on a day off, it always makes me feel better when I get some fresh air!

  3. Oooh how I wish there were more days to a weekend! When we are both at work full time, one weekend day is our “chores” day: laundry, cleaning, tidying, gardening, etc… and the other is for whatever plans we want to make, seeing friends and family, leisure shopping, chilling… one day a week isn’t enough!!! 🙁

  4. My day off is reading books, gardening, the usual errands and a scheduled decluterring. I agree to find something new to do to break the routine 😉

  5. I love my days off so much! I used to jam pack them and then Monday would come around so quickly but now I have found a good balance. When life goes back to normal, I’ll be planning lunch dates, cake meet ups and picnics!

  6. So many great suggestions but on my days off I always end up doing cleaning or binge watching netflix haha

  7. Napping and reading are my go to at the moment not that we get much time off! I need a holiday! xx

  8. I definitely struggle sometimes when I have a day off with what to do with it! I worry that I need to be productive but sometimes I need a day just to lie in bed and watch netflix! I do like to tidy my house on days off, like a proper spring clean haha. I also use my days off to work on my blog as I have to try and fit that in around my job.

    Chloe xx

  9. I’ve struggled with the idea of ‘down time’ since I started working from home. I find that I often fall back into the habit of hitting my work to do list rather than giving myself the time off that I need for my mental and emotional health. Honestly, that’s why we embrace camping trips so much, even if it’s just a little weekend getaway. It gives me the perfect opportunity to step away from everything and recharge.

  10. Great ideas!! I have tried new hobbies, like drawing (I’m still not very good at it😂) and I’ve spent more time outside. But I’ve been focusing a lot on my passion, which is photography!

  11. These are some great ideas. I love looking round charity shops and it definitely takes me a good few hours as I rummage through to find some good deals.

  12. These are great ideas! Never thought of spending my whole day playing boards games and nothing else. I’ll definitely be doing some of these once I have an off day.

    Thanks for sharing Jenny

    Loren | Plaid and Sugar

  13. These are some great ideas! My favourite days off are when I don’t have any plans, and can just stay in the house all weekend doing some form of craft or project. Because I work closley with people all day through the week, it is nice just having a break from seeing people haha! That sounds so anti-social, but sometimes you just need a break from constant talking, don’t you?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  14. I really enjoyed reading this post! I’ve read a post like this one before, so points for uniqueness! lol 🙂 I loved the game day idea more than anything else!

  15. Love these ideas – the game day sounds fun! I tend to read, watch Netflix and catch up on any blogging/household tasks on my days off!

  16. I love this! I never know what to do on my day off lol I have really been wanting to volunteer at an animal shelter, so I am planning on doing that after quarantine when things begin to go back to normal.

  17. I like these suggestions – I’m like you and actually find days off quite difficult as I just end up procrastinating! I still have to give myself a to do list to get stuff done, but I really enjoy writing, spending time in the garden, and gaming on my days off. And reading!

  18. Great tips! I personally love spending my free time discovering or exploring a new place in my area, like a restaurant or shop or something like that. Thank you for sharing!

  19. These are great ideas! ☺️

    I also work from home so find it hard to switch off but when I do give myself a break I usually end up de cluttering or watching a film whilst having a mini pamper session.

    Love Lozza x

  20. Loved this post! I often get stuck in a rut of doing the same things all of the time. I love the sound of having a games day, video games are my fave and I’m quiet partial to a pub quiz! I really enjoy cooking, but living at home prevents me from experimenting as much as I’d love too. Thank you for sharing!

  21. I love all of these ideas! I do find myself getting overwhelmed and unable to choose when I do get a day to myself.
    I’m also glad that I’m not the only person who does the Lord of the Rings marathon. Me and my husband will do that from time to time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Lock down for me has meant starting off my freelancing career and going self-employed and at the moment I feel like I have to fill my days constantly and keep forgetting to take days off. However, Lord of the Rings marathon and take out might be able to persuade me.