AD // If you’ve been following me for long enough, you’ll be familiar with my eclectic past and experience with anxiety. I’ve covered so many different aspects of anxiety; including my own experiences on my blog. Actually going back through some of those posts to link to this one is making me quite emotional because since December 2019, I don’t actively suffer with an anxiety disorder anymore.

It took me almost 10 years; medication, hitting rock bottom with my health anxiety, losing all my friends and experiencing social anxiety, therapy and trying everything under the sun to get here. But I did. I’m here. And more resilient than ever before.

And looking back over my experience and these last 10 years, certain things stand out to me which helped me more than others. I’m not shy in admitting that CBT therapy did absolutely nothing for me (however in my last round of group CBT, I did meet one of my now closest friends!)

Natural remedies played a really big part in my journey. And although I did eventually have to go on medication, I still use them hand in hand and take all the benefits from both to ensure I’m living my best anxiety-free life.

What do I mean by natural remedies?

For me, natural remedies meant anything that WASN’T medication. When it came to my anxiety, at the start, I was adamant that I wasn’t going to use medication. Obviously that wasn’t the case and in 2019, I had to go on it. But still to this day, natural remedies are incredible at helping with anxiety. Here are a few that I used and still use:

Herbal remedies: I used to use herbal remedies for my anxiety which I was never sure whether it was a placebo or not but it did seem to take the edge of a bit, which was good! I would use sprays, tablets and gummies.

Nature: Getting outside always did and always has helped my anxiety. I’m always calmer when I’m outside. When I can feel the breeze and the air, the sun, the rain – anything. Nature is just generally good for the soul!

Yoga: I started Yoga when I first developed my anxiety disorder because I heard it was good for it and I am an avid Yogi to this day. It didn’t cure my anxiety of course but it certainly helped me feel safe, grounded and connected.

Therapy: CBT didn’t work for me at all but talking therapy was a different story. I was literally forced into therapy and I’m so glad I was. Although I still had a long way to go when I finished therapy, I really don’t know where I’d have been today without it.

Breathing: Sounds too simple to be true but learning how to breathe properly, how to consciously breathe, how to count my breath and a manner of different techniques really did do wonders. I still use breathing techniques to this day.

What about CBD oil?

So CBD oil needs it’s own section here because it’s such a broad topic. There’s a lot of misinformation and outlandish claims out there about CBD oil (like this one), so naturally people are going to want to try any product on the market in the hope that it’ll help or they’ll stay well clear of it, thinking it’s horsesh*t.

CBD oil is a health supplement made up of 2 ingredients: a CBD rich Cannabis Sativa L. extract and a carrier oil. Cannabidiol, often abbreviated to ‘CBD’ is a naturally occurring compound found within the cannabis plant. It belongs to a family of compounds known as the phytocannabinoids, of which hundreds have been identified to date.

What’s the confusion with CBD oil and it’s relation to anxiety?

Cannabis is a common substance that anxious people will use in an attempt to self-medicate. But without proper regulation of the correct ingredients, it’s likely not to have the desired effect. THC (the cannabinoid that gets you high) is known to decrease anxiety in small doses but increase it in larger doses. It’s no wonder there are so many conflicting reports.

However, CBD oil has displayed different effects to those of THC. When administered orally, CBD is shown to block the anxiety causing effect of THC. At Cannubu, they are offering and showing that CBD supplements are helping millions of people take control of their wellbeing and find calm the natural way.

1500mg CBD Oil

Cannubu are a fantastic site that not only sells CBD oil, capsules and more but is also dedicated in educating you around CBD, what’s ACTUALLY in the product and how it can work for you. They offer free samples, to anyone who is hesitant and have a ton of helpful content, like this beginners guide to CBD, to help! You can purchase 1500mg CBD oil and more at Cannubu.

Real people and their stories

I took to Twitter to chat to a couple of people who currently use CBD oil for their anxiety to hear more about what benefits they have found and how it’s helped them in their day to day life. Here’s what they said:

“I use a variety of CBD products for both my chronic pain and anxiety such as oil, muscle balm and patches. My go-to CBD oil that I use most days is 600mg and I honestly couldn’t be without it. I find that CBD oil in particular really helps with my anxiety and just helps to settle my mind and stops me from overthinking. I also find that it helps me to have a better nights sleep which is a big plus.” – As Told by Kirsty

“I started using CBD oil after I was recovering from a burn out at work. My anxiety was getting really bad and I struggled to fall asleep at night. I only use a few drops when my anxiety gets really bad or when I’ve had a few bad nights in a row, but it almost immediately calms me down. It gets rid of the heavy pressure on my chest very quickly, and I almost always sleep through the night after using it. At the moment I maybe use it 2-3 times a month, and it’s very reassuring I’ve got it ready in case my anxiety flares up because it helps so quickly!” – The Navigatio

“I have ADHD and suffer with debilitating anxiety. Since using CBD, I honestly feel a huge difference. I’m not having anxiety attacks anymore and re the ADHD – my head feels clearer. I’m able to concentrate on things better and complete tasks without feeling overwhelmed. Sounds like little things, but honestly – life changing.” – Simply Together

“I take CBD oil at least once a day in the form of the droplets on my tongue and I often vape methol CBD oil throughout the day. Sometimes I need it more than others, so it’s handy to have the vape with me where ever I go. It’s greatly reduced my anxiety levels, and when vaping it calms me down because it acts as a comfort, along side the actual CBD chemical working it’s magic.” – Nyxie’s Nook

“I started buying CBD oil around 3 years ago because I’d heard it was good for anxiety. When I first tried it I almost instantly felt calmer and more relaxed. The biggest benefit for me is definitely with sleep. I notice if I go a few days without taking it I wake up more during the night a lot more and don’t feel as well rested in the morning.” – This Dream’s Alive

“I’ve tried so many different types of CBD and I’ve found that it helps me relax and eases my pain which in turn lowers my anxiety levels. I also gave it to my mam at one point and she seemed a lot calmer in herself than she was before taking it. We both had less panic attacks!” – Mrs Slee-Jones

I’ve loved hearing everyone’s positive stories and CBD oil and the praise it’s got from people all over the internet. Of course with any remedy, it’s important to find what works for you and consult a doctor before taking anything new if you have underlying conditions. And of course as always, if you’re struggling with severe anxiety, please go and talk to a professional or you can start with checking out The ADHD Centre online

Which natural remedies do you use to manage your anxiety or stress? Have you ever used CBD oil in the past, if so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Great post, I’ve always been a bit dubious of it as it seems like it’s a bit of a fad product, but this post really cleared up a lot of the doubts I had about it!

    Corinne x

  2. I’ve recently started taking CBD oil, not for anxiety (got the citalopram for that!), but because I’ve read other people’s recommendations for it during cancer treatment. One thing I’m not sure of though; does anyone have any tips for the best way to take it? I’ve heard of drops under the tongue as it gets into the bloodstream quicker that way – anyone else have any ideas?

  3. This is such a great post Jenny, it will help so many people who are suffering from anxiety in silence. I didn’t find CBT to work for me either but I’m currently waiting for therapy and I’m really feeling positive about it. I’m so pleased you’ve found things which work for you & your anxiety. I’m always here if you ever need to talk! Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

  4. Fabulous post, and I’m not just saying that because I make an appearance! I love to read about people giving CBD a go, and hearing about their results. While not everyone will have the same experience, I think for most the general result is feeling more relaxed and able to shut down.

  5. Hi Jenny,

    Very interesting article. And congratulations on your progress 🙂

    Going off on a slight tangent, when I was researching for my ‘Canine Arthritis Bible’ blog post I found that there were many businesses selling CBD oil as an effective pain relief for arthritis. This hadn’t been scientifically proven but there was much anecdotal evidence. The 2 main issues were:
    1. Unscrupulous sellers cashing in on the ‘CBD’ label but not including, or not including very much of, the active ingredients in their products!
    2. It is illegal in some countries/states.

    Do you know what the legal position is here in the UK for people? Do you need a prescription?

  6. I have tried cbd oil and natural remedies for pain and anxiety. I have had cbt, but I do like the idea of using cbd oil regularly. This is such an informative article. Thank you for sharing Jenny.


  7. Great tips – when my anxiety was at it’s absolute peak two years ago, like you I was adamant I wasn’t taking medication – talking therapy helped so much and was so very lucky that I could afford it, I appreciate others aren’t and may not be comfortable with it (it was something I never imagined doing). Other things have helped since then, there are still days where it’s hard but getting out goes a long way to helping me

  8. I am definitely more into natural remedies. But firstly so proud and amazed at how far you have come, you are smashing it brilliantly and this will continue! Also I have tried a CBD oil and I was not sure if it worked or if it was a placebo but again I have only tried one brand so probably just need to explore more. Thanks for sharing x

    1. That is similar to my experience. I tried my dog’s CBD oil because she would pass out and be chill. Didn’t work for me like that!

  9. Loved reading this! I think as you said there so much misinformation about CBD so I am glad you shared this! I have always been interested in trying, but the amount on the market always made me shy away. CBT actually helped me to a certain point, until it suddenly stopped because my therapist thought I was in a good place and for a bit it seemed to work, but then came back worse. I have been using lavender to help me out and breathing x

  10. I’m all for natural remedies as well, and will try anything natural before trying pharmaceuticals. I had to take meds in 2019 too! Unfortunately, they didn’t do anything for me so I ended up ditching the meds. Hard work, grit, and enduring the suck for me out of that funk. I would have continued with CBT but the pandemic hit and I wasn’t going to do that via Zoom. CBT needs to be in person imo.

    One thing I activity do to this day is take magnesium powder prior to work. I started drinking magnesium drinks because my anxiety gets bad, and my stomach goes to war whenever I’m anxious. I noticed that a magnesium supplement helps calm me down.

    1. Sorry to hear meds didn’t work for you. I didn’t find CBT useful at all so I can’t imagine it’d be any good over Zoom for me either! I’m the same with my stomach so the magnesium tip is a great idea!

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