AD | I’m very open about my mental health and the struggles I’ve had with anxiety over the last seven years. It’s been one heck of a journey for me and a journey that I don’t think will ever really end. It’s a constant learning process and I’m okay with that. Anxiety hit me really hard. Like, really hard. It turned my life upside down. And one of the main things I struggled with (and still do sometimes) was how to manage anxiety during social events.

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Social anxiety presents itself in a lot of people. You’d be surprised by the number of people you know who suffer from anxiety during social events to some degree. Socializing is hard sometimes, and pressures and worries can come from all directions. From worrying about what people think of you, to concerns about the event venue. The list really is endless.

But none of us wants social anxiety to limit our lives and stop us from going out, meeting friends, having fun and experiencing new things. For mild to moderate social anxiety, there’s plenty of things we can do, try and work on to ease our anxiety, from breathing techniques, herbal remedies like CBD oil, an action plan and more. And that’s what I want to talk about today!

Quick disclaimer: Any products or tips mentioned in this post are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose anxiety. They’re simply things I’ve either tried myself or suggestions of things that have worked for others. If you’re worried about anxiety or any other mental illness, then consult your GP first.

5 ways to manage anxiety during social events

Learn a breathing technique that works for you

Breathing techniques are incredible when it comes to calming yourself down and managing your anxiety during social events. We all know the feeling of our heartbeat ramping up, our breathing getting quicker or getting flushed and irritable due to increased anxiety.

I like the 7/11 technique, where you breathe in for seven counts and out for eleven. That’s just one of many different techniques you can learn to use because you don’t need any special equipment or situation in order to use this amazing technique.

Try herbal remedies

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a lover of herbal remedies when it comes to my anxiety. I know they’re not for everyone and some people require medication, which if that’s the case, then great. If you’re not on medication, and herbal remedies like CBD oil are something you’d like to look into, then this pointer is for you!

CBD oil in an atomizer spray bottle is super handy because it’s small, can be kept in your bag or pocket, and you can take a quick spritz whenever you feel overwhelmed. Or if you have experience in vaping, then the CBD vape juice used with a small vape pen is a convenient, fast-acting option, as it hits the bloodstream immediately.  

Know and research the venue

Something that amplifies my social anxiety is when I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before and I’m not familiar with the venue. So I tend to spend hours researching a venue before heading there, so I have a general idea of what to expect when I arrive.

If this sounds like you, then you really can benefit from a bit of research. Going to the website of the venue is always helpful, as well as reading some positive reviews (please don’t read the bad ones!). And even contacting the venue with questions directly is always an option!

Take comfort items with you

I have a few things that I take with me everywhere I go, which just knowing they’re in my bag, helps me massively. As well as herbal remedies, which I always have with me, I always take a bottle of water, a snack or two and some face / cooling mist. I get very hot and bothered when I get too anxious so this really helps!

Even an item that just makes you happy is always a good option to take to social events. It doesn’t have to be something you carry in a bag either. It could be a piece of jewelry that a loved one has given you. Or a piece of clothing that holds some special memories!

Charge your phone

Being cut off from the world is a real worry to me. I worry that if I get anxious, there’s going to be no one there to help me. And whilst to a degree, we always have to rely on ourselves and develop coping mechanisms that allow us to deal with our own anxiety, it’s also handy to have loved ones available if the situation arises.

So something super simple like making sure your phone is charged and having emergency contact numbers at the ready can really help put your mind at ease when coming up with ways to manage anxiety during social events.

If you suffer from social anxiety, I’d love to hear what tips and advice you have! Do you do any of these things? Have you figured out another technique that works? Let us know!

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  1. Some great tips here Jenny! I put something in my bag I can always ‘look for’ – such as mints. It sounds silly but when I become anxious one of my coping mechanisms is to look through my bag. I always make sure I bring something I can pretend to search for, like my trusty mints! xxxx


  2. I’m very intrigued to try CBD oils to help my generalised anxiety but I also feel anxious about what people would say about it! Vicious circle! Might give it a go though…

  3. Great tips. I’ve had social anxiety for years. I try to envision myself as an awesome, smart, social, witty, worthy person. Sometimes it works and sometimes it just goes out the window when my anxiety decides to trump all of that 😟

  4. Great tips, I always make sure my phone has a decent charge on it, even when I’m walking to a social event a lot of the time I like to be talking to someone on the phone whilst I get there if I’m by myself. I do struggle a lot with them, especially the ones where I go without my boyfriend. He is such a rock for me in those situations.

    Chloe xx

  5. Preparing and doing proper research really helps! If I look on Google Maps where the venue is located and I know what items to bring with me I will feel more comfortable. You can call me a bit of a control freak but hey if it makes you feel better, there’s nothing wrong with it. 🙂

  6. These are all such good tips. I get anxious just leaving the house at all sometimes and it can be so disheartening. Making sure my phone is as charged as possible is something I always try to do though, it’s a bit of a comfort thing for me now and I always feel better knowing if I need too I can use it to get in touch with someone or distract myself xx

    Tiffany x

  7. Hou ultimately need to find what works best for you. I have an anxiety essential oil blend that I put on a lava rock bracelet. The scent helps to calm me enough that I am able to handle most of my anxiety without medication. I haven’t tried CBD oil yet, though I have been looking into it. Great post!

  8. These are great – Especially love the comfort items idea. I keep a moomin keychain on my bag at all times with a plush moomin on. It really helps to have a comforting face even if it’s a moomin! <3

  9. I actually sent this post to a few of my friends who suffer from anxiety 🙂 These tips are really useful – especially charging your phone. I genuinely feel about 25 times more stressed if i wake up, forget to charge my phone and have to head out. what happens if i need directions? or if i need to check my bank account? or if something happens and i need help… probably not good to be so dependent on it but still! xxx

  10. Wonderful tips. I use CBD oil and I always have a bottle of water with rescue remedy drops in it. I agree that it definitely helps to research the venue, and to find out as much as possible about what is going to happen! x

      1. I used to just put up with the taste because I knew the drops would help me – but over time I’ve actually come to quite like the taste of the water with the drops in! Maybe it’s because I associate the taste with safety / comfort! x

  11. These are great tips to manage anxiety in social events. I know I need these tips, especially when I go to networking events. Breathing goes a long way. OOOOH, even though I try to be present, having my phone is a good distraction so that I don’t exactly feel alone. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Nancy ♥

  12. This is a great post! I have to admit that anxiety means I literally have no social life and the thought of trying to change that is very much a love/hate thing. I’m definitely going to look into herbal stuff more for sure, thank you!

  13. This is such a helpful post, Jenny! I like what you said about bringing things that comfort you. I like to wear a necklace that my fiancé bought me during any big event. It always makes me feel better and more comfortable. I never thought about bringing a cooling mist in my purse! I’ll do that next time I have an event, because my face tends to get really hot and red when I’m anxious!

  14. This is such a handy post! I always get anxious at social events so I’ll definitely keep these tips in mind next time.
    El x

  15. Totally agree with breathing and herbal remedies. I actually discuss this in my own anxiety post.

    I’d have to try and bring comfort items with me – that makes total sense but something I wouldn’t have thought about!

  16. Hiya Jenny,
    This is such a relatable post and I felt so comforted reading it! My favourite point is researching the venue prior to your visit! Familiarising myself with new surroundings makes me feel reassured hugely!
    Your blog is so beautiful lovely💜

    All my love,
    Casey x

  17. I hate, hate, hate social situations and find that my phone really helps. But then the anxiety of ‘am I being rude’ sets in and I don’t use it for longer than a few seconds.

    With a big social event coming up in my life soon (I’m not sure when, it’s a funeral and wake situation but I know it’s coming) I’ve already started going through scenarios in my head. How do I get out of a conversation? How do I maintain my dignity and not cry when serving tea? The lot.

    I plan on wearing my aromatherapy necklace with a nice lavender or orange scent and practising my 4-7-8 breathing throughout!

    Another wonderful post pet! Always love to read your post 😀

  18. I love these tips! I recently picked up some CBD oil (finally!), so I’m excited to see how that helps with my anxiety and other issues. When it comes to being out and about, though, I think my biggest saving grace is always a portable phone charger! My phone is rather old and doesn’t hold a charge well, so knowing I’ve got a back up on hand relieves a bit of my worries.

  19. So much of my social anxiety comes from having to chat with complete strangers and make small talk.

    It helps for me to research who’s going to be at an event and get a sense of the crowd’s vibe. That way I can pull out my autistic chameleon talents and at least pretend I know what I’m doing!

  20. I’ve always suffered with anxiety, social events particularly. It would be so bad I would actually cause an argument with my husband just so I could then say I wasn’t going. I never told him it was my anxiety. Not to be recommended IF I got forced into going, I’d have a couple of drinks, to relax me. It was the only way I knew of coping at the time. I don’t mean I got roaring drunk. I do mean 2 or 3 drinks, just enough to take the edge off. I definitely think you have much better tips lol 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

    1. Okay I definitely wouldn’t recommend fighting with your loved ones to get out of social events 😂 I totally know what you mean about the few drinks although drinking makes me more anxious so I don’t drink any more but a couple of drinks can really help some people 😌

  21. These are some really good tips! I definitely agree with researching the venue – such a small thing but it makes the world of difference for me knowing what to expect. I always keep mints in my bag to help with the anxiety related nausea I usually get as well, and a fully charged phone is a must! Great post 🙂

  22. Researching the venue… Why have I never thought to do that? I’m so excited by this tip, I’m medicated for GAD and Depression, life is more manageable now but this tip might be a gamechanger for the final push. New venues intimidate me, in my mind, way before I’ve ever seen them IRL. But seeing them beforehand is just a few clicks away. THANK YOU for this revelation.

  23. I suffer from social anxiety and agoraphobia. So I avoid social events if i can help it! One technique I learnt in CBT was “5, 4, 3, 2, 1”. It’s a form of grounding where you focus on 5 things you can see, 4 you can hear, 3 you can touch, 2 you can smell and 1 you can taste. For smell she recommended a tissue with your favourite essential oil and for taste gum or a warming drink. It’s been great for me so far.

  24. Until I quit, smoking was a huge crutch for me in social situations because it gave me an “out” for a few minutes whenever I found myself becoming overwhelmed by noises/lights/heat/people etc etc.

    I’ve not really found a good substitute to be honest (maybe because I avoid social events as much as possible)

  25. If I am not feeling good I take a little trip to the toilet for some deep breathing a mirror check to tell myself I am ok and then I can go back out and face the social event.

  26. I haven’t been to an event in a while but always get such severe social anxiety when I do!

    Before I became pregnant I used CBD oils and found that they did help me but unfortunately you’re advised not to use them throughout pregnancy which is annoying but hey ho!

    The 7/11 technique sounds really good! I’ll remember to try this next time! 😊

    Love Lozza xo

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