ad collaborative post // As long as there have been lotteries, people have used them in their writings. From biographies to fictional tales of intrigue, there is always ample material to choose from. Recently, Lottoland listed 20 Lottery-inspired books on their website. These books include multiple genres and authors.

Why does winning the lottery make its way into so many books?

Winning the lottery is one of those abstract dreams that can (and does) pop up in our minds in a thousand different ways. We dream of sudden wealth and the power that it brings. It may be the power to live our lives quietly. To design a life of solitude in a world that is overcrowded and under-valued.

Money can allow us to better position ourselves, so we can guide our future generations. So, it is not surprising to us that a writer would use the lottery as the fuel that powers the theories of their stories.

We know, in modern society some people will do some outrageous things for money. The schemes they will derive at and the lengths they will travel through to get money can take them

on some mysterious and exciting journeys. The millions or billions of a lottery purse becoming the target of a consortium of bad guys is maddening to the average person. When the reader realizes what their desires would entail to protect or recover their winnings, they are quickly and emotionally involved and the book is a hit.

Books on how to win the lottery

You will have no problem finding a library full of books claiming to have the “secrets” to winning the lottery. Many of them are written by former lottery winners and some have even won more than once.

Why the author of the books are selling books about winning the lottery to make money if they have discovered some hidden secret to winning confuses me. Nevertheless, they have turned to the world of publishing.

Before you invest in a lot of DIY books on winning, I would urge you to sign on to the Lottland site. The good thing about playing with an industry leader is they are transparent.

They want you to win. If no one ever won, no one would ever come to their casino! You will find real, professional, tips on how to improve your odds on the lottery you are playing.

They will give you accurate, factual data on which numbers come up the most and which come up the least. They will give you advice that is harvested from the actual results of the lotteries themselves. The data is gathered, studied, and recorded and it is listed for you to use. They are the experts.

The Books Of Winners!

Some of the books we love to read are written about or by the winners themselves. These are the books we cannot get enough of. These are our kinds of folks!

We imagine these winners are people just like us. They got up one day, grabbed a coffee and rushed off to work, and somehow managed to find time to play the lottery on their smartphone during lunch.

This is how they spend their pocket change. But this is where they are no longer us. Their numbers hit! By the next night, they were millionaires!

The second kind of winner we love is the one who helps people they love. We cry when we read of the ones who bought their elderly parents a home in the country, and hired them a full-time companion so they could live near the lake and trees they love. In our minds we start making lists of all the people we love who could use a helping hand.

We laugh out loud when we read of our next type of favorite. This is the flashy couple who dress up in full glam attire and take a jet plane around the world.

We are going right along with them when they buy their big trucks, boats, and houses. Some of us even cheer them on when they buy diamond-studded dog collars for their fur-baby. They are WINNERS!

Of course, we know, some chapters do not end well. We know some people make mistakes. We know some were too young, or immature to handle the money.

Some people were too trusting and were taken advantage of. Some just had an “easy come easy go” attitude and just spent it until the tax man came calling. We enjoy even their stories. We make a mental note that when it is our turn, we will learn from their mistakes.

The lottery is part of our culture. The dream of winning the lottery will always ignite the emotions within us. For that reason, it will always be a viable source of entertainment that our books will continue to reflect. As long as someone writes the stories, people will read them, and they will grow. Who knows? In the end, you could be featured in one of these books yourself, and you would be in good company.


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