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This year at Christmas it will be nice to (hopefully) be able to spend the day with loved ones. After the very strange year last year I think majority of us will be grateful to spend the day with family.

While it’s nice to be able to spend time with loved ones, it can also be a stressful time. Particularly when it comes to gifting. There’s always that added extra stress of what do I get for this person? Can I afford it? Will it arrive in time, or do I need to find something local? It might become a little overwhelming!

Why not try making a homemade gift this year? A homemade gift often feels more personal and can often save you a few pennies.
In this post I’ve listed a few ideas of homemade gifts you could make for your friends and family this year. Have a read below for some inspiration of what to create this year!


Are you good at baking or cooking? Or good at following recipe instructions? Why not make some food related gifts for the food lovers in your family! Here are a few ideas of foods to make for Christmas gifts:

Personalised Gifts

This would be great if you have a cricut, but you can also use online printing companies such as Printful or Printify. You can create name labels and have them printed out to stick on items to make it more personalised! Personalize the memory you love most on projection necklace! Engraved love never fade, and treasured memory will always be with you.

Knitting / Crochet

Do you have a child to gift for? Or someone who needs a scarf, hat or blanket? Why not knit some cosies for this person. You could also crochet a cute little teddy for a child to gift to! This would be perfect if you love to knit/ crochet or even a great starting opportunity.

Photograph Collage / Frame

Get your favourite photo with your family/ friends printed out to frame. You could decorate the frame and jazz it up, so it fits with the receiver’s décor! If you can’t pick just one photo, print out all your favourites to place on a large canvas or in a large photo frame.

Paint a Jar

Paint a big jar for someone who loves flowers to turn it into a vase. A big coffee jar would be perfect to paint and turn into either a vase or a biscuit jar! If you have smaller jars, you could decorate these and turn them into a specific money pot. Great for someone who is saving for a holiday, house, pet or anything!

Create a Hamper

Hampers make the gifts look Christmassy and you don’t have to use wrapping paper! Great if you hate wrapping presents. All you need is a wicker basket which can be found in several places online, a bow and cellophane. Place your personalised gifts in the hamper, wrap the cellophane around and top with the bow to make a nice-looking gift.

Scented Goodies

Know someone who loves the smelly goodies? Have a go at making some homemade bath bombs to gift! Not only will it feel personal, but they look relatively easy and fun to make. You could also make your own candles and turn it into a relaxing spa hamper!


Are you an arty person? Why not create some art to gift to your loved ones. Here are a few ideas of what you could do:

  • Digital portrait
  • Painting of their favourite place
  • Drawing of their pet
  • Artwork of their home
  • Create a letter for their room – great for kids!

There are so many possibilities on homemade gifts for your loved ones! The best thing about them is you don’t have to be perfect at them because it’s the thought that counts.

Do you give homemade gifts at Christmas? Let us know your favourite things to make!

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  1. Food related gifts are such a great idea – I’ve never thought of them 😆 knitting and crochet is also super sweet as it’s from the heart. Great ideas!

  2. I love the idea of homemade gifts and these are all great ideas! I especially like the idea of a gift basket of goodies (who doesn’t want to receive that!). Thanks for sharing.

  3. These ideas are fantastic! I like homemade gifts more to be honest cause they show me that someone put effort in creating something for a loved one. I remember one of the best gifts I was ever given was a photo album from my best friend and our almost 20 years of frienship. Nothing could beat it!

  4. Homemade gifts are always so thoughtful. One year, I made ornaments for everyone in my family and people loved them. And if anyone can knit or crochet, that’s such a good gift idea! Thanks for sharing these

  5. I’ve given crocheted items at Christmas 🙂 Not sure they were all 100% appreciated, but I know some were and it was nice to use my crocheting skills to make something for someone else.

  6. I used to really love making gifts for people when I was a little younger. I got away from it in my 20’s, but this year I’m doing it again because I find it to be really personal and sweet – plus it saves money! I’m putting my homemade spiced mocha mix into clear ornament balls and decorating them for some of my friends 🙂 Love your suggestions as well and I’ll have to remember them for next year!

  7. Before COVID, we received a hamper of home made chutneys, breads and small cheeses and honestly, it was the best gift ever. We kept all of the little jars and we talk about it now even years later. Can’t beat home made!

  8. Great tips. I love a homemade gift.

    Baking is always fab to give away to someone else and I like the idea of a picture collage.

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