ad collaborative post // We all crave the peace of mind that comes with having life insurance but would give anything to skip the purchase process. Finding the ideal life insurance policy is a daunting task. Settling for the perfect provider is even harder. There are way too many layers to sift through and too many options to look at when looking for a life insurance provider.

With these 7 tips, your search for the right life insurance provider just got easier:

Products offered

Life insurance may either be permanent or for a term. There are insurance providers that deal with the two categories of life insurance while there are others that have specialised in one category. According to Kim Wilhelm, you can be easily misled by insurance providers, so it’s worth being extra vigilant. 

Depending on what you are looking for, it is best to exercise caution when dealing with an insurance company that claims to know all there is about life insurance. Where possible, use providers that specialize in one category of life insurance – either term life insurance or permanent life insurance, or key man life insurance, for example. Be sure to get key man insurance quotes or a variety of quotes for whichever plan you require so that you can choose the best policy at the best price for you. Insurance companies that offer single-line life insurance products have a better understanding of that particular field and are more likely to offer better policies.

Financial Integrity

The main reason people purchase life insurance is to guarantee the financial status of their loved ones in case they pass on. Borrowing from this line, the insurance company you choose must have the financial muscle to pay all the benefits owed to their clients.

You can get information on a company’s financial soundness by verifying their legitimacy on the Financial Conduct Authority register or by checking out reviews from people who have used their services. If you are looking for one such provider, The Exeter is a good place to start. The company is well-known in the UK and boasts rave reviews from thousands of clients who continue to use it.

Company’s History

An insurance company may tick all the right boxes as far as financial wellness, product specialisation, prompt payment, and customer satisfaction is concerned but lack a solid history. Look at how long the company has been in operation and the regions they are present in.

Avoid companies that are just getting started irrespective of whether they have the financial muscle. Similarly, be wary of insurance companies that are only operational in a single locality. Chances of such companies failing to honour the insurance terms are high. Instead, prioritise insurance companies that have been operational for a long period and have branches on all corners of the country.

Price of Coverage

Many people prefer to spend less on life insurance and will instinctively choose a provider with low rates. While some companies offer worthy coverage for low prices, most do not.

Most insurance providers with questionably low-cost policies pay out so little in terms of benefits. Before you settle for that provider with below-market-rate pricing, ensure you are getting the best service. It is better to settle for an insurance company that has competitively-priced policies but also guarantees its holders a reasonable payout.

Company Ownership

Would you rather purchase your life insurance policy from a big corporation with dealings in the stock market or from a mutual life insurance company?

The allure of being associated with a big corporation may be overwhelming but such a decision is not beneficial to the policyholder. Such companies exist to primarily make a profit for their shareholders. Every decision they make is designed to benefit their shareholders and not the customer.

However, a mutual life insurance company is owned by policyholders and as such is client-oriented. By choosing a company run by policyholders you give yourself greater control over how you want your policy to serve you.

Customer Satisfaction

There is no better reference point than a client’s review. Customer satisfaction should have the greatest impact on the insurance provider selection process. Feedback on claims payment period and policy cancellations among other factors should provide concrete grounds for choosing a life insurance provider. Such information can easily be found in online communities and from close people that have had an experience with a particular insurance company.

Ease of Doing Business

We live in a digital world where almost everything can be done at the click of a button. The Covid-19 pandemic has also made people and companies alike opt for contactless operations. When choosing a life insurance provider, one that offers a seamless interaction should top your list.

The ideal insurance provider should be able to allow for online premium payments, online claims reporting, swift customer service, and have an active social media presence.


Finding the right life insurance provider can be a tedious process. However, with the help of a few tips, this process can be enjoyable and meaningful. Before you embark on your hunt for an insurance provider, take time to narrow down available options by using markers such as customer interactions, financial might, and products offered among others. Good luck!


  1. I had absolutely no clue about what you’d be looking at for a good life insurance policy, so this one was a very helpful post for me! Now I am off to find the perfect one for me, thank you for sharing this post Jenny x

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