If the last 2 years has taught us ANYTHING AT ALL, it’s that absolutely nothing is set in stone. Things can change on a personal level and a GLOBAL level in a very short space of time. Plans we had go out of the window, projects we started need to be pushed back, goals we had set are no longer feasible.

And whilst elements of the last 2 years have absolutely sucked, I think this blinding realization that everything can change so quickly is something we can certainly take forward with us and use to our advantage.

I’m a very goal oriented person, I always have been and whilst I will 100% be setting myself specific goals, both in my work and personal life for the next 12 months, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t have to nor is it compulsory to share those goals with others.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love reading everyone’s goals for the new year and seeing the multitude of things that people want to achieve but over the last 24 months, goals have taken a new meaning in my life and I’ve learned more about my own goal setting habits than ever before.

So this year, instead of an end of the year goal wrap up or a beginning of the year “goals I’d like to achieve” style post, I’m going to switch it up and talk about my HOPES for the year 2022. A hope and a goal are different things:

Hope: a feeling of expectation or desire for a particular thing to happen.

Goal: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

But they certainly have overlapping themes. This coming year, I’ll be keeping the majority of my goals to myself (just like I set myself monthly goals every month and don’t show a single person) but in this post, I’m going to share some of my hopes for the coming year – both personally and on a larger scale.

I feel like outlining my hopes for the new year gives them the chance to flow and evolve, should they need to. You can hope for something to happen and if it does, great. If not, then you assess why and move on. You’ve not failed, nor is there the sense of failure in not “achieving” a hope you’ve set yourself.

My personal hopes for 2022:

I hope I can continue my own personal journey of self discovery

These last two years have been monumental for my self growth. So much so, I can’t *really* put it into words. So of course, I hope that I can just continue on this trajectory of self discovery, self growth and self love and work with myself, to improve myself going forward.

I had a LOT of blocks that I worked through, especially throughout 2020. And now that I feel like I’m passed a lot of those things that were holding me back 2 years ago, it’s time to go even deeper. And I’m excited.

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I hope I can get clearer on my purpose within my personal life

I knew purpose would crop up in this post before I even started writing it. If you read my blog post titled, “Maybe I Don’t Have a Purpose” then you’ll see where I’m coming from with this one. Whether this means I *still* don’t feel like I have a purpose or whether that means finding something that is my purpose, I’d just like to be a bit clearer on that.

As I mentioned in that post, I’ve worked hard to try and be okay with the thought of not having a purpose in life – that big, monumental thing that’s bigger than you that you strive towards and live for. I don’t have that in my life right now and that’s okay. Maybe next year that’ll change. Maybe not. Either way, some clarity would be nice.

I hope I can continue to step out of my comfort zone

Stepping out of my comfort zone has been another HUGE thing for me over the last few years and I really hope I can continue to do so into 2022 and beyond. I’m thinking more travel, more new experiences, more putting myself out there. Just more.

Because every time I do step out of my comfort zone, I feel absolutely amazing. When I think back to myself in 2018 and the stuff I couldn’t do then which I can now, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come and I just want to keep going.

My professional hopes for 2022:

I hope I can get clearer on my purpose in my blog and business

Oh look, it’s that word again. Purpose. I think for me, feeling a lack of purpose in my blog and career is worse than it is in my personal life. I love my blog and I love my job and of course I want to continue into 2022 and hopefully grow and evolve and create and work with more amazing people. Buttttt, that bloody word “purpose” keeps creeping back into my subconscious. 

I don’t want my blog to just be a random place, a random thing. I want it to have a meaning. I want to provide something that has meaning to people in a more structured sense. I’m not too sure what I mean or where I’m going with this one but I think I’m just going to have to trust the Universe knows what’s she’s doing here.

I hope I can continue to increase my income

All thoughts on purpose aside, I hope I can continue to increase my blogging income into 2022. Thinking back to where I was at the start of 2020 (before I actually pursed life coaching and my self discovery journey) to now is insane. I literally cannot believe how far I’ve come.

I’ve learned so much about business, raising my prices, how to negotiate and how to work with brands for both our benefits. All the work I did on self love and self esteem helped MASSIVELY with this too. I never thought I’d earn as much as I do now, especially with something I started from scratch. So I’m very proud of myself and I hope I can continue to grow into 2022 and beyond!

I hope I can find the courage to publish my book

And finally. This one makes me shiver a bit. The complete and utter monumental fuck-up with my book, the “publisher” who was going to publish it back in 2020, as well as all the other poor souls who were caught up in this as well, it’s all just made me want to forget I ever started a book and never think about it again.

But I’ve kept it in my documents. And I must have kept it for a reason. I worked HARD on that book. I shared my WHOLE story and got real honest in that book. It seems a disservice to myself to throw it away. So I hope in the New Year, I can find the courage to put the past behind me and crack on with brushing it up and getting it out there. Watch this space.

My larger scale hopes for 2022:

I hope we can all get more comfortable talking about difficult topics

I have a blog post coming in the new year about some things we need to talk more about in 2022 and beyond. After reading We All Know How This Ends and getting real deep about death and dying, it’s made me realise how much we NEED these conversations in our society. In the meantime, read that book!

I hope we take climate change more seriously

I’m very much including myself in this because I’ll put my hands up and say I have not done enough. But in 2021, I think I was made more aware than ever of the impact we’re making and how urgently we need to change. I need to start doing my bit – however small – and I hope more people like me can do the same.

I hope we can all be just a bit kinder to each other

And finally, I hope we can all just start being a bit kinder to each other. Kindness is one of my main values in life. I always try and be as kind as I can, whether that’s baking a friend some brownies just because or making care packages for elderly neighbours during COVID. I’m not trying to paint myself as any sort of saint of course but these things are so easy to do – yet why don’t we do them more?

So there we go, something fairly simple to end the year on. It’s been a heck of a year, hasn’t it? I hope however the year went for you, you’re able to head into 2022 refreshed and at peace with the 12 months you’re leaving behind. And however you’re spending New Years Eve, have a safe one!

What are your hopes for 2022? Personal, professional or on a larger scale? I’d love to hear them!


  1. My small business did not survive COVID and I got a new job at a children’s library. I hope to share the love of reading and watch for innocence each day. I see it in the children. I also hope to get a book published. I wrote a historical fiction after closing my business. One step at a time, Jenny, you can get your book published also.

  2. I love this Jenny! Hopes rather than goals (even though you and I both know we do have goals too!) makes it sounds so much more nicer and achievable! I am going to have to set my hopes for 2022 too – thank you for the idea x

  3. This a great idea. I am the same way. I don’t make goals because they are harder to achieve and I lack the ability to try something because I feel forced into it. Hoping something happens does open more room for change and makes reaching a goal so much easier

  4. It sounds like you have a busy year ahead. I genuinely hope you are successful in your endeavours! I’m excited for you for your book, it’s a big step to take 🙂

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

  5. I love the idea of hopes and goals. I want to grow my blog, but without feeling guilty when I don’t publish something frequently. I have lost that balance of blogging and doing other hobbies and I want to find that balance again

  6. These are some wonderful hopes, thank you for sharing!
    I hope I find a way to take better care of myself in 2022. I feel like having my first child during a pandemic led to me putting myself way on the back burner and I know I will be a better mom, partner and all-around better human if I start taking care of my own needs as well.
    Also – do publish your book! I would love to read it 🙂
    Happy New Year! xx

  7. It is lovely to see you developing and loving yourself more. I’m setting myself a few goals for my blog and income in 2022, not sure how much detail I will go into about them in public though.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yeah I just don’t feel the need to share everything this year. I probably will as the year goes on, if/when I achieve these goals but right now, I’m keeping them close to my chest.

  8. It’s amazing following your journey and to see how far you’ve come. You’ve been a massive inspiration to me, Jenny! And I have every faith that you’ll smash 2022 both professionally and personally!

  9. These are some really lovely hopes for 2022. I hope all your hopes come true next year lovely, you deserve it! Your hard work never goes unnoticed and I’ve loved reading your blog through 2021. I hope you have a happy and healthy new year. Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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