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I believe feeling empowered can help you in all aspects of your life. When you’re confident and sure of yourself, you glow differently. We all deserve to feel empowered and confident. In our bodies, in our minds and in our relationships. I’ve been working on my confidence quite a lot lately, so it feels like a great time to be writing about empowerment!

Dating and relationships are certainly something that can have a huge impact on our confidence, well-being and feelings of empowerment. I can’t imagine I’m the only one here who has experienced a toxic relationship which has stripped you of everything that was “you”.

If you haven’t, lucky you. If that feels a bit too close to home, I’m sorry and I understand.

As the world opens back up and single people start dating again (and couples are allowed to actually GO on dates again!) then now would be a really good time to brush up on how you feel about your confidence and empowerment. After a year of lockdowns, it wouldn’t be surprising if you felt a little out of whack with it all!

As the world opens back up and single people start dating again (and couples are allowed to actually GO on dates again!), then now would be a really good time to brush up on how you feel about your confidence and empowerment. After a year of lockdowns, it wouldn’t be surprising if you felt a little out of whack with it all!

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How can feeling empowered help you whilst dating?

Embrace what you like

The best way to feel empowered and confident in your dating life is to embrace what you like and don’t feel embarrassed about it. I spoke about sexual empowerment earlier this month, which is a really important concept to understand when you’re dating and in a relationship.

So when you get back out there dating, you might want to consider more niche dating sites, like subsanddoms, if you’re into BDSM. There are a ton of niche dating sites which might help you find something more specific and I also think joining sites like subsanddoms and mybdsmbookups, is incredibly empowering as you’re going after what you like!

Indulge in self care and date yourself first!

I’ve had relationships or points in certain relationships where I’ve not felt like myself. I’ve been all consumed by the relationship and the other person that I completely lost any sense of identity and who I was. It would appear I’m quite a needy person in relationships and that’s okay – but you need to learn how to manage it and know that you can’t stop taking care of yourself.

This is where self care comes in super handy. Learning about the different areas of self care and even setting self care goals to ensure you stay on top of it. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone or where you are in your dating journey, I promise you that empowerment isn’t going to come from getting obsessed and losing your self of self.

Get Blogged kindly sent me some lovely self care goodies to include in this post, all of which play an important part in looking after yourself and your self care so you can feel more empowered! And all of these products are great ideas to include in your self care kit!

The pillow spray won’t only help you sleep (which is obviously an incredibly important part of self care!) but it can also be used to relax sexual nerves, due to the lavender in it! The candle I received was in a gorgeous clean cotton scent, perfect for a sexy night in either with your partner or alone. And the wellness journey is great for getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper. We don’t want anything bottled up!

Put your safety first (in all aspects!)

Safety is obviously one of the most important aspects of dating. Especially now that the world is opening back up post COVID. It would appear that daters have even MORE safety aspects to think about now! If you’re getting ready to go out on dates again and you’re concerned about safety, consider these following tips:

  • Have a virtual first date instead
  • Pick somewhere outside in the fresh air
  • Wear a mask and ensure the other person is wearing a mask too if appropriate
  • Don’t go anywhere you don’t yet feel comfortable going
  • Only go to an establishment which follows COVID safety procedures

Send them packing if they don’t respect you

And finally, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Respect is one of the most important things when it comes to relationships. And a lack of respect can seriously harm your confidence and empowerment. I know this point can be easier said than done. But if they don’t respect you, you need to show them the door.

Nobody is worth lowering your self esteem and empowerment for. You can feel empowered on your own, just as much as in a relationship. So that said, you don’t even NEED that other person in order to feel like your most confident self. If you feel like you deserve better, you probably do!

How do you stay empowered and confident in your relationships or whilst dating? Let me know!


  1. My first instinct after reading the title wasn’t good to be honest. I believe a relationship should be harmonious. You should not be even thinking of empowerment in a relationship. Both the individuals contribute to a healthy and happy relationship. But after I started reading I remember that I am too old school to think that poeple no longer get into a relationship for love. Therefore harmony and all that must feel complete crap to these poeple. I love that points you put forward and if you aren’t in love then you must keep these points in mind. I admire that your blog is written in a gender neutral way. We st wordskraft feel that empowerment should be gender neutral. We have a blog on that, I would be glad if you gave that a read and let us know your thoughts on that.

  2. I absolutely love the fact that you mentioned dating yourself first. Once you’re cemented in who you are and you’re empowered by your worthiness, you are less likely to date people that don’t make you feel good about yourself ! As a single 22 year old in the dating world, knowing my worth and knowing that I don’t NEED a partner, but rather want someone to share life has been very empowering.

    Amazing post!

  3. Loved reading this post so much, Jenny! I’m big on feeling empowered when dating! I have a strong personality and will never feel small around someone I’m dating! I fully agree with all your points especially the last one 😉 You bet, I’m sending them packing if they don’t respect me haha! Thank you for sharing x

    Lynn |

  4. I personally enjoy the world BDSM it helps me understand my want and needs and things that I thought that I like but actually don’t plus help me on communicate better.
    It important to break the taboo from the society we live in the majority of us are sexual so it’s good to embrace and explore our sexuality without putting us nor anyone in danger.
    This was seriously an amazing post!


  5. I love and enjoy reading this! It’s really important to know yourself before dating. I get easily nervous (which ended up with me talking so much) for the first meeting so virtual date is something I need to consider. Thanks Jen x

  6. Love this post. It’s so important to feel yourself before you go out there and date. Knowing your worth and how to care for yourself can make for better dating. Also, being confident to explore what you like – yes, yes yes!


  7. Love this post Jenny! I’m working on the same campaign actually 😊 so important that you feel empowered whilst dating these tips are fabulous for that so thank you! 💕 Xo

  8. This is such a great post for me to read. I have been contemplating getting back out into the dating world but it feels a little intimidating. I love hearing other people’s perspectives and lessons as it helps new experiences feel less intimidating.

  9. I love how you mentioned to choose safety first. I think this is so important. You can easily forget about that when you are nervous or talking to someone new.

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