I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing this amazing post with you today! You can get your hands on SO MANY amazing resources from some truly wonderful bloggers and business owners who SERIOUSLY know their stuff when it comes to marketing, social media, working with brands and more!

Although I’m not affiliated with the giveaway in any way, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up to not share it with you. I know so many of my readers are growing their blogs or want to be full-time bloggers or are online businesses owners, so I know the resources in this post are going to be SO useful!

This freebie giveaway was organized by Helen, a social media manager and digital marketing services provider at The Creatives Desk. Helen is an expert in her field in of herself, so I’d highly recommend checking out her website, posts and services for additional help, support and advice in this industry.

She’s collaborated with a group of experts in their own field to bring you these wonderful resources, for FREE. You can find advice on everything from launching your own product, creating an aligned brand, pricing, work/life balance and more. All vital elements you need to know when running a successful blog and business.

So, what are the resources?

  • 10 Social Media Canva Templates
  • Pre-Launch Product Guide
  • Content Marketing Plan Workbook
  • Creating An Aligned Brand Checklist
  • How To Deal With Overdue Invoices
  • Handmade Pricing Calculator
  • How To Find Your Passion Guide
  • Top Tips For Better Work Life Balance Guide

As you can see, there’s a lot of REALLY good stuff here. Head to THIS PAGE to read more about each resource, the wonderful businesswoman or blogger who’s offering it and to download them.

You need to download your freebies before 28th March, so carve out some time today to do that so you don’t miss out on all these amazing resources to help grow your blog and business and help you live a more thriving life!

Which of these resources are you most excited to read? What ones have you downloaded? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Hello Jenny, thank you very much. Although it said download before 28 March, I was still able to download them, which is great. Thank for your suggestions!

  2. I just love that you share this amazing round-up of punchy resources! I am always on the lookout for pretty templates, and I love content planners and workbooks too. Thanks a million for sharing!

  3. You can never have too many resources to help – as content creators we’re always learning (or should be) so this sounds like a brilliant opportunity to get some advice for free, thank you for sharing, Jenny! xx

  4. Wow thank you so much for this post! I’ve just downloaded a heap of them 🙂 Can’t wait to read them and apply what I learn. Looking forward to reading the branding and marketing plan one. Great post.

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