ad // Digital marketing is extremely important for businesses these days. With most businesses and consumers being online (and the pandemic highlighting the importance of online consumerism), unless you’re an already established and hugely known company (like Aston Martin or Rolex) then your best chance of being seen to the most about of people, is online!

Digital marketing refers to the marketing efforts that brands place online, through streams such as newsletters, websites, social media and more. One huge benefit of digital marketing is that there are so many marketing tools available, brands can get incredibly creative with their marketing techniques. 

I guarantee you’ll be able to think of a few brands off the top of your head who’s social media presence you love or who’s website you go back to time and time again. This is because the digital marketing team for that particular brand have really honed in on their customers (and prospective customers) needs.

Some brands like to do their digital marketing in-house, others prefer to hire a digital marketing agency to take care of it, so they can focus on different elements of their brand, like creating products or sustainability. Digital marketing is a BIG job and if you’re a smaller brand who doesn’t have the time to do it yourself, an agency is usually the best step to take.

But it’s like choosing a solicitor or a plastic surgeon, you need to find one that’s right for you and your business, that aligns with your needs and vision and who can work with you instead of against the grind. So here are some tips and things to consider when it comes to digital marketing recruitment for your business before you start contacting agencies for a quote about small business marketing.

5 things to consider when hiring a digital marketing agency:

Shop around for agencies 

You don’t have to go for the first agency you find. Like you don’t have to go for the first tattoo artist you find (something I should have known when I was getting my first tattoo). This is where research will be vital and although it can be a time-consuming task, it’s an important one that will pay off in the end. Venio Online Marketing Agentur might be a good place to start looking.

Have questions and considerations ready to go

There are going to be questions that you need to ask YOURSELF and questions that you need to ask the agency, in order to find one that suits your needs. There’s no point investing in an agency who’s guidelines don’t meet your businesses needs, regardless of how much you love them. You might want to think about:

  • What do I want to gain from hiring this digital marketing agency?
  • How much am I willing to spending on digital marketing for my business?
  • What priorities am I looking for in an agency?

The whole package or specific elements of digital marketing?

Like I mentioned earlier, digital marketing can refer to a wide range of things. So you might want to think about what aspects of digital marketing you need from this prospective agency. Do you want them to run a blog for you? Do you need help on social media? Or is it SEO you’re after?

Consider asking them to complete a task for you

There’s only so much we can learn from testimonials and reviews online. You might want to ask the agency to complete a task for your business to help you determine whether they’re a good fit, whether the work they produce is up to scratch and whether what they’re claiming is true. Are you seeing an increase in likes or comments or even sales?

Hold the beer test

The beer test is a test that’s common in recruitment and it’s to determine whether you’d take someone out for a beer or steer well clear of them. This can be a good option for hiring a digital marketing agency too and that’s meeting them in person – if it’s possible to do so. By doing this, you’ll easily see whether you get along with the people who are going to be helping your business.

So why should you consider hiring a digital marketing agency?

There are PLENTY of reasons why you might consider hiring a digital marketing agency for your brand instead of doing it in-house. A digital marketing agency can cover SO MUCH and help you on so many different levels to allow your blog the growth and visibility it needs to be successful. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • It leaves you space and time to focus on other areas of your business
  • Digital marketing is measurable – you can literally see in real time if it’s working
  • It’ll help you compete with bigger brands
  • It’s more cost effective in the long run
  • Two heads are better than one! You’ll open your business up to new and exciting ideas

If you have or have had a business, did you hire a digital marketing agency? Do you have any tips to add to this post? Let me know!


  1. This is a good insight into factors to consider when hiring a digital marketing agency. There is need to check the track record of the agency and the the performance of the brands they have work for.This is very important as it will determine your KPI in some areas if their impact is not effective.

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  3. These are good points! I remember when I was working in content marketing the business we used also hired an external digital marketing company for backend SEO stuff & socials – and I think the beer test is a great idea! You work so closely with an agency, you definitely want to get along with them 🙂 x

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