collaborative post// There are many ways you could define the term responsibility because the responsibility you have is often highly contextual and influenced by many factors. There’s the responsibility of the parent, the responsibility of the teacher, and also the responsibilities given to those who serve us in positions of authority. 

Responsibility, put simply, is the willingness and action involved in doing something not because it’s convenient or easy, but because it’s right, necessary, and essential for you to fulfill. It can also refer to the authority you have over someone, or the unique position you’re placed in, such as the parent duty before us.

But it’s also important to consider the responsibility of a platform you may have, and if you run a business, that’s a great opportunity to consider. Our prior article on hiring neurodiverse people for added diversity and accessibility, for instance, encourages tech firms to be responsible in their hiring decisions and consider how to affect positive change

Let’s consider how responsibility in business works, and how you, as an owner, may fulfill it:

Handling Fragile Materials

Businesses involved in manufacturing, as well as services that deliver unique and sensitive provisions to clients will need to handle fragile materials sooner or later. Making certain that the inventory is properly cared for, stored at the right temperature and secured will have a profound difference on the overall outcome presented to your customers, clients or even patients.

For instance, clinics that used the best COVID vaccine fridge were able to keep their supplies well-secured and calibrated through most of the pandemic, and this will remain relevant for years to come. Investment in the right logistics means everything.

Managing Sensitive Data

Responsibility comes from the practices and protocols you use to ensure you can be trusted with the data given to you by your customers or clients. From financial dada to user profile data, all of this must be encrypted and your privacy policy clearly listed to make sure that those who use your services feel safe and secure in your handling of their personal information.

This becomes even more important when saved card information, medication data, and preferences come into play. Essential cybersecurity and robust data handling systems are an essential part of this.

Clear Communication, Always

Communication should always be affable, clear, and direct. We must always intend to solve a problem that our user might be having, or notify them of news so our intentions and meaning will never be in doubt. On top of that, using inclusive language is a responsibility to get right, as is being proactive about when your firm has made a mistake and how you’re going to resolve and make up for that.

Clarity and consistency in communication really can help your firm take on its own brand voice in the most coherent manner; so be sure to do that carefully and reliably.

With this advice, you’re certain to manage responsibility in business and how it manifests. This will reflect on your brand in the best possible way.

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