collaborative post // Driving is something that a lot of people take for granted because they have been doing it for so long. It’s something that they don’t even think about and they don’t worry about the ramifications of their actions. When you are first learning to drive, you think about every single eventuality because it’s an entirely new part of your life.

As soon as you become more comfortable, things begin to worry you less.

The majority of people, however, will still think about ways to remain safe. This is, obviously, the right approach to take because you never really know what can happen out there.

So many naïve or complacent people out there get into so many problems due to their lack of care. If you’re somebody who always has that worry in the back of their mind regarding safety on the road, here are a few things you can do to make yourself a million more protected.

Don’t Do Anything Stupid

As a society, we are always told about how to be safe on the road and what not to do. Obviously we have to take steps to stay away from danger and to avoid fatal damage to ourselves and those around us. For a lot of people, doing something stupid comes quite naturally – this is down to the fact that they want to show off and prove all kinds of nonsensical things. Don’t fall into this kind of track because nobody is impressed.

Make Sure The Car Is Fully Functioning 

If you are driving a car that is flawed and has all kinds of potential issues, you’re going to be in a much worse place when behind the wheel. You don’t have to have the greatest car in the world, but make sure you have something that will not be akin to a death trap. Whether you need a new windscreen or to sort out the wheel alignment, make sure you figure something else sooner rather than later.

Treat Everyone On The Road Like A Hazard

Every single person on the road could be a serious health hazard at some point. If you want to be a good driver then you have to make sure you treat them as such. You never know if they might spin off or just lose concentration for a few seconds. Complacency can really cause problems.

Practice A Little More 

Even though you have passed your test already, you could still practice driving and perfect your skills. You can always practice in your own car or get extra lessons once you have passed your test. There is no shame or negativity in doing something like this.

Don’t Drive If You’re Not Comfortable Enough To 

If somebody in your family, or a friend of yours, pressures you into driving somewhere, don’t do it if you don’t feel mentally and physically comfortable. It can lead to all sorts of problems, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. They may feel a little aggrieved, but it’s the right thing to do and everyone knows it. 


  1. Agree with assuming everyone out there is a potential hazard. I see people running red lights and making dangerous left turns in front of other cars every time I’m on the road.

  2. Can’t stress this enough: I had people bothering me as of why I hadn’t gotten my licence yet, as I did got it pretty late- but I was way too anxious and wasn’t ready. Now that I am, i’m amazed at how calm I feel.

    My anxiety in general also help me, as I always look for the worst case scenario of a car cutting me or etc- so I feel im quicker to react than most drivers.

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