I can’t believe we’re at the business end of March already. I hope this month has been good to you and you’ve achieved some cool stuff! I’m looking back over my March goals today to see how I did and I can safely say I did much better than I did in February, so that’s a bonus!

1. Don’t pick my nails for a week: Did. Not. Do. Not a brilliantly start but I genuinely think my nail picking problem is much deeper and going to be much harder to budge than just sticking it on some goals post. To me, it’s kinda like a form of self destruction. So it’s possibly something I’ll need to talk to someone professional about to get to the underlying cause of why I do it so excessively before I can think about tackling it. Which is fine.

2. Don’t go on Facebook for a week: I started this one in the evening of the 1st March and successfully completed my week. To be honest, I don’t have an awful lot of feelings about this one. It wasn’t difficult. I didn’t miss it. I still used messenger because you know, I like talking to my friends. But the proper Facebook app, I didn’t use and I don’t feel much towards it. Complete!

3. Hit 9k on Twitter: Yay! I finally hit this (after it being on my goals list for 2 months) on 4th March. Inevitably, people un-followed me afterwards so it dropped again but whatever! I’m back up to 9k now.

4. Re-read a book I love: Did! I re-read Looking for Alaska by John Green. One of my absolute favourites and I have a gorgeous, gold 10th anniversary edition too. I forget how much I love my favourite books until I re-read them and fall in love with them all over again.

5. Read 5 books: I’ve read 4 full books this month (some of which were bloody amazing and will have reviews up soon for!) and I’m currently on my 5th as we speak. So I’ll consider this one done!

6. Go out for afternoon tea / tea and cake with my Mum: We didn’t manage to do this however, my parents did join my boyfriend and I for a day and night whilst we were away in Shropshire and we had a lovely meal with them so I’m not too down about not completing this as we still got to spend some time with both my parents!

7. Watch Moana: I finally, at long last, watched Moana and I gotta say… I wasn’t disappointed. At first I was like hmmmm, this is going to be over-hyped but by the end, the story-line was just so beautiful. I absolutely loved Moana as a character – what a damn fierce role model and I loved that it was a Disney film which didn’t have any romance elements to it. It was nice to see a young woman as a lead, doing what she needed to do, to save a freaking island. It was also nice to see a friendship develop between two people who shouldn’t really be friends. Loved it.

8. Hit 5,000 blog followers: I am absolutely thrilled to pieces that I achieved this one! I hit this goal on 3rd March, so early on in the month too so that’s wonderful. Thank you so much to everyone that follows me!

Did you set any goals for March? Or achieve anything cool? Any blogging milestones? Let me know!


  1. Check you out smashing goals all through March! Aside from the nail picking but – eh, whatever, your achievements on the rest totally outshine that anyway! I also watched Moana for the first Tim with my nieces and nephew and I absolutely *loved* it – so cute!
    Well done on all your accomplishment for March!
    Kate x

  2. what a successful month!! congrats on the followers you deserve it, you are an extremely active and fun blogger! also I’m very impressed with no facebook for a week! that’s huge, personally I deactivated mine because I never went on, I’m way more of a twitter girl lol

  3. Congrats on reaching all those goals! I’m so happy you’ve watch Moana AND that you liked it because it’s one of my faves! I’m thinking about setting my own goals for this month but I’m scared if I don’t achieve them.

    Em ~ http://thisisemsworld.com

  4. I only made 3 goals for March and failed to hit any of them. *sad face*. I really need to kick myself up the proverbial in April. I’m back to blogging, which has helped, and I’m looking to other bloggers, like you, for inspiration.
    Congrats, on the following growth, and also on watching Moana, it’s one of my new favourite Disney movies.

  5. wow that was quite a goal achievement. 5000 blog followers is massive. Congratulations dear. So good to read your post. Even I fulfilled some of my goals. Thanks

  6. Huge congrats on reaching 9k followers on twitter and 5k blog followers! That’s a huge achievement! I know how hard it is building a follower base up, but you’re smashing it! Happy Easter. Claire x x x

  7. You’ve done so well!! I absolutely loved Moana too and only watched it this week! I even watched it a second time last night with my parents ☺️ Xx

  8. I can’t believe we’re already at the end of march! Even though you did pick your nails, at least you know about the habit. Good job on not going on Facebook! For some reason, I am throttled on that website @__@. 4 books is still a lot! Moana is a great movie! I watched it on the way back from Hawaii and loved its vibes. Congrats on hitting 5k followers!


  9. Congratulations! This is brilliant idea for a blog post and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I feel inspired to set some goals for April now. Thanks for sharing 😁

  10. Congrats for 9k! And the other goals you completed 🙂 picking my nails, or the skin around it, is something I need to stop doing too, but it’s so damn hard! I hope you manage to complete that goal “soon” though 🙂


  11. Well done on hitting your goals, 5k blog followers, wow! I haven’t set any goals since Feb but I’m planning on making a list for April. x

  12. Wow! 9k on twitter and 5k on your blog, that’s amazing! Go Jenny! 💖 I love reading your posts and tweets so I can see why you are so popular 😍. Well done for such a successful month, hope April is just as awesome for you! xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  13. Looking for Alaska is my favorite John Green book also (also Turtles came very close to claiming that spot)! Moana is also one of my favorite Disney movies, I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! It was great to see a Disney movie that is 100% devoid of romance; it signals a shift in not only how we portray young women in the media, but also a better sense of the amazing writers that are working in Hollywood currently. As for the nail picking, I have struggled with self-harm in the past, specifically scratching, and it can be super hard to kick the habit. If you feel that you must talk to someone professional about it, absolutely go for it! There’s no shame whatsoever in reaching out 🙂

    1. I finished Looking for Alaska for the 3rd time yesterday and I think I love it more and more each time I read it! I bloody loved Moana, I’m not a romantic person so it was a perfect film for me. It’s nice to see them focusing on other stuff… like literally saving an island haha! Yeah I’ve had therapy before so I’m never scared to go back. I may do for this otherwise I don’t think it’s ever going to get any better xxx

  14. I love reading your goal posts. It seems like they’ve really helped you stay on track and celebrate your achievements at the same time. I love how successful your month has been; it looks like you’ve achieved some great personal AND professional goals this month. I hope next month is as successful for you!

  15. Wow 5000 followers! That’s amazing, well done on achieving your goals! I can’t believe you have only just watched Moana 🤦🏽‍♀️ haha it is so good!! Xx

      1. I hope it works out then, maybe a daily goal instead of a monthly thing? Perhaps put it on a list and tick it off every night? Good luck with it!

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