collaborative post // Businesses should take pride in their workplace and that involves all areas of the building. From the interior decor to the exterior landscape, every inch of the business will be judged by those who visit the premises for the first time.

How the business is presented is something any business owner should be aware of when it comes to dressing their premises accordingly. Here are some top tips that help provide business premises that look the part and will surely impress both clients and employees alike.

Consider landscaping the exterior

Landscaping the exterior is an important part of the business premises because it’s the first thing that guests will see when visiting the business for the first time. First impressions count, which is why the exterior matters just as much, if not more than the interior itself.

With that in mind, focus on landscaping the exterior if it could do with a revamp. It might be that the existing layout is something that has changed for some time and could do with updating. This exterior space is not just for show either. It can be a breakout area for staff to eat their lunches and for clients to enjoy a coffee outside the building while in between meetings.

Consider what landscaping can be done to elevate the space. Whether that’s adding a few benches in, to adding an abundance of new plants and flower arrangements. It may be that you want to get a bus shelter manufacturer that can help out with employee travel routes to and from the building.

Get rid of any clutter

Clutter can easily make a space look messy, which is why it’s important to get rid of it as soon as it starts to build up. It’s incredible just how much clutter can build up over a short amount of time. For the average household, the home can feel overrun with clutter after just a few weeks.

For the workplace, you’ve got many staff coming in and out of the building. That means a lot of clutter is likely coming in and not really going out. From empty boxes to broken desk accessories that have been lying about in the odds and sodds pile of the floor.

Get rid of clutter that is taking up any space it shouldn’t and especially when it’s lying around on the floor. There’s nothing worse than having potential tripping hazards around the place.

Replace any worn or tired furniture

For anyone coming in and out of the building regularly, the use of furniture is likely going to show after a few years. If invested properly, some furniture might even withstand up to a decade. However, even by that point, furniture is often hanging on by a thread.

Consider the type of furniture that’s currently sitting on the business premises. Is any of it worn or tired-looking? Perhaps the fabric has frayed on some of the couches? 

This can make a space feel very dated and unkept, even if that’s not the case in general. With that in mind, consider replacing any worn or tired furniture that has seen better days. Chances are you’re well overdue for some new furniture to liven up the space again.

Repaint the walls

To help give the space in general an uplift, a bit of fresh paint on the walls might not go amiss. It\’s something that’s relatively simple and easy to do but can make a huge difference to the space.

It’s useful to think about color when it comes to decorating the space because color often influences the human mood. When it comes to the workplace, you want a productive, happy, and engaging space. 

Consider what colors are the best for those emotions and repaint the walls with these new colors. Of course, it’s good to make sure the brand image and palette have been considered too.

Upgrade the facilities

The facilities within the building are also an important place to focus on when it comes to the company looking the part. That includes the general bathrooms and the communal kitchens!

There may e some upgrades that can be made in these areas to help with employee satisfaction, rather than simply appeasing guests. After all, this is a space that is used all day by staff and becomes a bit like home in its surroundings.

Therefore, it’s a good thing to upgrade any facilities that might be looking a little sorry for themselves. Whether that’s the toilet seats replacing or a hot water tap being installed for instant coffee and hot drinks.

Pressure wash the pavements

To help keep the premises looking pristine, pressure wash the pavements. It’s a simple task that can be done once every month or every three months depending on how dirty the pavements around the exterior become.

The difference between before and after is incredible and can add a bit of brightness to the entirety of the property. Who doesn’t want to have glistening pathways for clients and employees to walk in and out of?

Get a regular window cleaner in

To help ensure the building looks pristine from far away as clients approach, a window cleaner is necessary. Some buildings will have a mammoth amount of windows, which perhaps wasn’t thought out when it came to cleaning them. However, regardless of how many windows are outside the building, regular window cleaners will help keep the building clean.

It’s something that should be factored into the business operation costs but it’s a worthwhile investment that will be appreciated by both employees and guests.

Make sure the staff are well-dressed

Staff are an extension of the building and how they’re dressed can alter client and guest perceptions as they wander through the building. Make sure that all employees are appropriately dressed for the workplace whether there’s a dress code or uniform in place. Everyone should appear present and correct to showcase their best selves.

Providing a business premises that look the part is important so use these tips to make that happen.

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